Friday, October 21, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Who is the Carver? My humble opinion...

I've had this discussion with several Nip/Tuck fans and I have my own opinion. At this point in time I have to believe it is the new doctor, Dr. Quentin Costa. I believe he fits the profile of a serial attacker.... male, mid 30's, bi-sexual... and even has the looks as a Ted Bundy had. Dr. Costa has the skill to make the precise "carvings" because he is a surgeon as well. We haven't heard much about his past but remember that the carver always says that "Beauty is a curse on the world".... Well, a plastic surgeon could have a lot of experience with that and could have reason to make that statement.

Dr. Quentin was one of the only people to meet the last victim and know that she was a fraud about being a victim o the carver. We also saw that there was DNA evidence of Christian at the scene of the crime and Dr. Quentin was in the home of the Christian in a previous episode.

Wouldn't it be ironic to know that the Carver attacked Sean, attacked Christian, and then worked on Matt after he was beaten up pretty good. With all of Matt's psychological issues, that certainly would be another thing Matt can hold over on Sean.

It would also be pretty bad for business to know that Christian and Sean went partners with "The Carver" and were the ones doing the pro bono work for his victims.... hmmmm....

I also found it interesting that he was pretty willing to believe that Christian was innocent while Sean was actually the one that started to have doubts as well as Liz. Why would Dr. Costa be so confident unless he actually knew for sure???

More to come....

Decided to create a bulleted list of qualities that quantify Quentin being the Carver:
  • Age - Early to Late 30's
  • Looks - One of People's Mags Most Beautiful (Ted Bundy? hmmm....)
  • Behavior - Seductive, Charming, Pursuasive, Helpful
  • Sexuality - Bi-Sexuality opens the door to attacking men and women
  • Profession - Plastic Surgeon obsessed with his own looks as well as constantly hearing patients' obsessions
  • History - We know he came from Atlanta but that's about it...
  • Habits - Recreational Cocaine User?
  • Demeanor - Did anyone see how he treated the kid with Down Syndrome?
  • Knowledge - Very handy with a blade, only one of a few who knew about the last patient lying about being a carver victim...
  • Romantically involved with the detective (last carver victim)