Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Episode 2 - Enigma

We didnt really expect Sean to kill himself on the second episode. That couldnt happen! Kudos to Christian for keeping Sean in check!

Sean continued his downward spiral partly due to the stress and insomnia that he is enduring. I can't believe he actually started any sort of relationship with that other insomniac. She was as strange as they come. Sean was sinking to new lows until he realized what he was getting himself into.

Looks like Teddy is in it for the money after all realizing that Sean is spiraling out of control and has a $5M life insurance policy. Maybe she'll try to kill him like all the others.

Liz has finally decided to drop the divorce. I am glad too because mean Liz just doesnt work for the show. I think Kimber does a better job at playing a lot of different types of roles for the same character.

Christian is really starting to show a complex with Mario (Michael). Weren't they both in the shower together already not long ago? I am not sure why it became a sudden surprise all of a sudden to compare manhoods. Apparently the new doc has the goods to satisfy Kimber.

No sign of Matt in this episode but much like Sean, he will sink further into the abyss.

As for the main patient of the episode, Enigma.... what a strange dude! His parents were trying to get him cleaned up and while it may have helped on the outside, it surely didnt help his inner demons. Enigma ends up killing his parents and himself leaving Christian and Liz in shock with the outcome.

I didnt get a chance to see the promo for next week but it should continue to be a rollercoaster ride for the boys of McNamara/Troy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Promo

In case you've missed the promos, here is the link:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nip/Tuck Premiere Oct 14, 2009 - Welcome back!

Well, the first episode is in the books. What did you all think of it?

I think the idea of relating the state of the business to the state of the economy is quite brilliant! Mario returns and brings the competition and jealousy that really drives both Sean and Christian.

The best scene of the night had to be that commercial! That was classic and has to be on of my favorite scenes all time for Nip/Tuck! It was perfect! If you havent seen the episode, that scene alone is worth it.

Matt.... poor Matt. This guy is just a tortured soul. I can't believe what he is resorting to now. You really have to laugh. I thought he made the perfect mime though!

Sean's girlfriend doesnt seem to fit as well as the actress from last year. Curious to see how that plays out. Kimber was back and I was happy she was.

No sign of the kids this year in the premiere which is not all that surprising. I am just waiting for Annie to show up as a 16yr old mid-season! Wilbur was there and the kid is huge!!

It looks like Liz is going to make life very difficult for Christian. Good for her and her aspirations of the LezBoat! :)

The blind divorce lawyer was another funny scene with Christian. I thought it was going to get even raunchier than it did but thankfully it did not.

I am looking forward to this season and more things to come. There was a lot of cheesy humor in this one which made it worth while. It ended on a bit of a dramatic cliff-hanger but we all know what will happen next week anyway.

Drop me a line. It's good to be writing about Nip/Tuck again!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All New Nip/Tuck Tomorrow Night! Season Premiere!

The previews are over and we're ready to go. Tomorrow night Nip/Tuck returns after a long wait. I can only imagine the trouble that Sean and Christian will get into this year. The previews look pretty good so I am anxious for the return.

I have to admit I thought the finale last year was a complete disaster with Christian being misdiagnosed. Now I guess we'll deal with the fallout. I havent read into the previews for this year. I honestly wanted a nice surprise (cast, storylines, and all).

Welcome back gang!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Melanie Griffith To Guest Star In "Nip/Tuck"


Melanie Griffith is set to appear on the final season of Nip/Tuck.

Griffith will be playing Brandie, Kimber Henry's mother who visits her former adult film star daughter from Wisconsin, as per TV Guide's source.

In the episodes, Brandie will be joined by her on-and-off boyfriend, Les, who attracts an instant hatred by Christian Troy, played by Julian McMahon. Les' treatment of Brandie reminds Christian of his own abuse of women.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Did you catch the Burn Notice Finale?

This is way off topic for my blog but drop me a line if you caught the season finale (Lesser Evil) of Burn Notice on USA. It's become one of my favorite shows. They really do their homework on the details and the clips on the website are great from both the creator and the actors.

The finale was intense from start to finish and kept the story moving. The Victor storyline was fantastic! "The enemy of my enemy may be my friend." There's a show I cant wait to see next year. Maybe, it's time to come up with a Burn Notice blog?

I have a few favorite episodes from Burn Notice this year: The Bank Robbery episode, the car thieves, the forged painting, and the Haitian father who was trying to prove who killed his daughter.... those were just some of the highlights.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nip/Tuck Music

Fellow Nip/Tuck Fanatics, I've created a one stop shot for the various songs throughout Nip/Tuck. Feel free to give it a look and let me know what you think. Right now it is mostly Season 4 and Season 5 songs. It's not the complete list but it's not too shabby either.

Nip/Tuck Music

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Finale - My Review

Well we waited all this time for the worst finale in the history of Nip/Tuck. I couldnt be more disappointed. This episode was slow moving and just flat out boring. We start out with two vampire-like patients biting each other due to addiction. Of course the guys fix them up only to see them continue their actions. Christian decides he wants to live forever by being frozen but after checking out the cryo process with Sean and realizing he may have an eternal roommate, he decides against it. Kimber gets kicked out of the bed (and the house) of her porn star threesome. Matt makes a weak attempt at getting back together with Kimber only to be shot down. Kimber makes a weaker attempt at trying to get Christian back. Teddy is a psycho and Sean doesnt know it, playing the fool. Christian and Liz go ahead and get married with minor disruption from Kimber.

....drumroll.... and my favorite part of this disaster episode was the complete copout by the writers..... Christian is not going to die. The doctors screwed up (the writers screwed us).

This was worse than a soap opera and as a longtime fan, I am TOTALLY disappointed.

Season 6 will be the last and we're given 2 parts to drool over... wow... I can't wait now.

The same show that left us with so many cliff hangers from season to season totally dropped the ball on this one. Ryan Murphy, I can only hope that this wasnt your writing. Total disaster....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Music

Courtesy of

Season 5 Episode 22: Season Finale!
"Flashing Lights" Kanye West
"On the Run" Tina Dico
"My Vampire" Soho Dolls
"The Very Thought of You" Cassandra Wilson

Season 5 Episode 21: Allegra Caldarello

"Stranger In The Night" Sergi Vicente
"Time Can Never Erase" Hatfield Jazz Quartet
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" Dean Martin
"Kiss They Sky" Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
"Strangers In The Night" Knights Bridge
"Theme from Come September" Bobby Darin
"Strangers In The Night" Beegie Adair Trio

Season 5 Episode 20: Budi Sabri

"Desert Mantra" David Hudson
"Heartbeat 2" Yomano
"Human" Human League
"Digeridoo" Aphex Twin
"The Curlew" Craicmoe
"Resonate The Head" Charley McMahon
"F Minor Op55-1 Andante (Nocturn No 15 in F Minor Op 55-No.1)" Idil Biret

Season 5 Episode 19 Manny Skerritt
"Happy Afternoon" APM
"Oh Yeah" Yello
"Suspicious Character" The Blood Arm
"Gymnopedie" Margaret Lang Tan

Season 5 Episode 18 Ricky Wells
"Dreamsville" Henry Mancini
"Superman" REM
"Hercules Theme" Hercules and Love Affair
"Steppin Out" Joe Jackson

Season 5 Episode 17 Roxy St. James
"Save A Prayer" Duran Duran
"40 Days" Billy Brooks
"Piece Of My Heart" The Move
"One" Tao Of Groove

Season 5 Episode 16 Gene Shelly
"Fine Young Cannibals" I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
"The Bird And The Bee" How Deep Is Your Love
"On Camera" Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu

Season 5 Episode 15 Ronnie Chase
"Back Stabbers" The O'Jay's
"Stop Me" Mark Ronson
"You Keep Me Hanging On" Mark Ronson
"DiGue Ding Ding" Michel LeGrand
"Barabajagal" Donovan RE-RECORD
"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" Beck

Season 5 Episode 14 Candy Richards
"Fame" Irene Cara
"Take A Picture" Swizz Beats
"Fame" God Lives Underwater
"Fame" David Bowie

Season 5 Episode 13 August Walden
"Godzilla" Blue Oyster Cult
"So Weit" Urbs
"Ugly Duckling" Danny Kaye
"El Capitalizmo Foraneo" Gotan Project

Season 5 Episode 12 Lulu Grandiron
"Memories" Waldeck
"Jazz Devil" Barry Adamson
"The Edge" David McCallum
"Cutie Pie" One Way
"Cat Scratch Fever" Ted Nugent
"Take From Me" Kissing Cousins
"What's New Pussycat" Tom Jones
"Maneater" Hall & Oates

Season 5 Episode 11 Kyle Ainge
"Prelude No. 22 in B Flat" Johann Sebastian Bach
"I Eat Cannibals" Total Coleo
"These Boots Are Made For Walking" Nancy Sinatra
"Sonata For Oboe" George Frideric Handel
"Me And My Teddy Bear" CRS Players
"For Fantasy" Billy Idol

Season 5 Episode 10 Magda & Jeff
"The Devil" Tears For Fears
"Tubular Bells" Book Of Love
"Tango Que Misterio" Palermo Nuevo
"Lovin' You" Minnie Ripperton

Season 5 Episode 9 Rachel Ben Natan
"La Serena" Azam Ali
"Dunya" Niyaz
"Destination Calabra" Alex Guadino
"Forgiveness Hymn" Yoel Ben-Simhon

Season 5 Episode 8 Duke Collins
"Midnight Swinger" The Spirits Of Christmas
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Carol of the Bells" Durbin Elf
"O Christmas Tree" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Jingle Bells" DJ Rob E
"Fruitcake" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Santa Baby" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Deck The Halls" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Frosty The Snowman" The Spirits Of Christmas
"Silent Night" The Spirits Of Christmas

Season 5 Episode 7 Dr. Joshua Lee
"Lipgloss" Lil Momma
"I'm Not A Pretty Girl" Ani DiFranco
"Palermo Nuevo" Palermo Nuevo
"I'm Dying A Sinner's Death" Roy Acuff
"Rabbit Fur Coat" Jenny Lewis
"Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" Jenny Lewis
"The Money Make" Rilo Kiley
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Bonnie Tyler

Season 5 Episode 6 Damien Sands
"Midnight Swinger" Mel Torme

Season 5 Episode 5 Chaz Darling
"Do It Again" Chemical Brothers
"The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" Queens Of The Stone Age
"Feel Like Making Love" D'Angelo
"That's The Way I Like It" KC & The Sunshine Band
"Fire" Coco De Mer
"Makeda" Les Nubiennes

Season 5 Episode 4 Dawn Budge II
"Young Folks" Peter, Bjorn & John
"Come Fly With Me" Frank Sinatra
"Gnossienne No. 4" Erik Satie
"Dream Weaver" Gary Wright

Season 5 Episode 3 Everett Poe
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Devo
"I Know What Boys Like" The Waitresses
"California" Rogue Wave
"Rehab" Amy Winehouse

Season 5 Episode 2 Sharon Monroe
"Blues for Mothers" Henry Mancini
"I Wanna Be Loved By You" Marilyn Monroe
"Blue Satin" Henry Mancini
"Don't You Want Me" Human League
"Can't Stand Losing You" The Police
"Beast Of Burden" Rolling Stones
"Perpetuate The Cycle" Jed and Lucia

Season 5 Episode 1 Carly Summers
"The Best Is Yet To Come" Michale Buble
"Keep The Drums Out" Voom Voom
"Tango" Down (aka Kilo)
"Let's Elope" Koop
"Love Hurts" Nazareth
"Atlas" Battles
"New Kid in Town " The Wynners
"Space Maker" Air

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nip/Tuck: Allegra Caldarello Chat

Well, here we are closing in on the end of Season 5 (Part 2). It's nice to see Liz have an episode dedicated to her. I thought she was great. It was also a nice touch to have Lizzie's surgery be Christian's last.

I am starting to see how this is going to hurt Sean (and now Liz) and it has to make you feel bad as a fan of the show. I know a lot of the feedback is that Christian won't die and that there is a plot or foulup causing a huge mixup. I honestly do think that his character will die as we close in on the end of the show. My gut feeling is that this is drawn out into Season 6, Part 1 and ultimately ends with Part 2 showing how Sean is able to cope. I could easily see Sean having visions of Christian or using Christian in a ghost-like manner like they did with Escobar.

While there was a lot of doom and gloom in this episode, you have got to love the nutty doctor, Logan Taper! I have no idea what sexual disorder he had but it was hysterical!!! You had this weird feeling that he admired Christian's taste in furniture a bit too much but I had no idea it was leading to that! I am still getting a laugh at how he spread the couch pillows apart and left the slightest crack between them.... OMFG!!! Of course, it can't just end there... Christian is getting his furniture professionally cleaned when Logan comes back because he forgot some of his things. The real reason of course is to have a repeat performance with surgery table! For those that haven't seen the episode, this alone is worth the laugh!

Liz finally stood up to her mom and Christian made her feel like a million bucks by getting her a brand new dress to wear on her wedding day. I think this was the first episode ever where Christian wasnt a smart ass! ;) Liz tells her mom that she is not invited to the wedding.

All of this chaos was going on at the same time an old friend came back to the show. Allegra Caldarello returned... you remember her right? "Put pussylips back on the schedule!" That had to be one of the classic lines of all time in Nip/Tuck. Allegra was in for some additional surgery. In turns out her husband is terminal as well and wants to make sure she is able to find a new man to take care of her and provide for her. He doesnt go about it in the best way, much like the way Christian forced Logan on Sean but it works out in the end.... much like it will for Sean.

The show closes with Sean looking at old movie clips of himself along with Christian and Julia when Teddy comes in. Sean admits to feeling as though he is losing everyone when Teddy promises Sean that he wont lose her.

Feel free to comment back or join the Nip/Tuck Fanatic's Season 5 Chat

Music from this episode:

"Stranger In The Night" Sergi Vicente
"Time Can Never Erase" Hatfield Jazz Quartet
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" Dean Martin
"Kiss They Sky" Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Ending of the Allegra Caldarello episode)
"Strangers In The Night" Knights Bridge
"Theme from Come September" Bobby Darin
"Strangers In The Night" Beegie Adair Trio

Updated 2/26. I went off an incorrect list of titles. Thank you anonymous for pointing it out. I apologize for the error.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nip/Tuck: Budi Sabri Chat

Is Christian really going to die in 6 months??? I think everyone in the world thought it would have just been a quick follow-up. Nice twist by the writers. As many of you read in my last post, I think Nip/Tuck is heading toward a very dark ending. I think it is pretty refreshing actually and really the premise of the show. No matter how much you cover up the ugliness, the true color is still there.

You have to love everytime Sean gets to let loose. It's so unexpected each and every time! He basically becomes Christian for a short time until he basically looks himself in the mirror and says "what am I doing?"

I thought Christian and Liz's moment was pretty genuine. While I dont think they're a match made in heaven, I think the writers did a great job in laying the ground work by using Budi Sabri's chat with Christian to say that he just wants a woman who accepts him for who he is with all his flaws.

Sean will always be by Christian's side. I just wonder what will happen to Sean if Christian does die. I think they both need each other more than anyone.

Music from this episode:
"Desert Mantra" David Hudson
"Heartbeat 2" Yomano
"Human" Human League
"Digeridoo" Aphex Twin
"The Curlew" Craicmoe
"Resonate The Head" Charley McMahon
"F Minor Op55-1 Andante (Nocturn No 15 in F Minor Op 55-No.1)" Idil Biret

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nip/Tuck Getting Darker - Happy Ending Doubtful...

I thought the last two episodes were pretty good. Nip/Tuck has always been dark and ugly. It's never been a feel good story except knowing that Sean and Christian will always be friends and never let anything between them.

I think it's interesting how every character is just going down a darker and darker path. Each character is spiraling downward in their own way.

Kimber is as obsessed and self-motivated as she's ever been.
Christian is as reckless as ever and really has no future other than to live in the present.
Liz is still confused about her own sexuality.
Matt hasnt figured out what he wants to do when he grows up.
Julia is suffering.... as always but this time over Olivia's death.
Sean still is looking to let loose one way or another but feel as confined as ever. Can't wait to see him let loose next week!

I cant say I ever expected this crazy group of characters to have a happy ending... ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nip/Tuck Episode 16 - Gene Shelly

I was getting read to write this post at the end of last night's episode when all of a sudden I see that the next new episode is in two weeks! What gives??? We're two episodes in and we have to wait two weeks for the next episode. That is ridiculous!

This episode was full of surprises!!! Sean decides to sleep with his student, only to have her first shave him, and then try to diaper him! WOW! I didnt see that coming...

Julia returns and is looking pretty good this year. She was way too skinny last year. Julia catches Sean walking.... Matt is also pissed after he truly believed Sean was struggling in the wheel chair.

Christian is going through hard times in his battle against cancer and with Sean so preoccupied, he turns to Liz. After calling an escort and having her wig out on him, he calls Liz for some comfort. What do you know, Christian finally gets with Liz.... I cant say that was a surprise. What was a surprise was Liz's reaction. She's actually questioning her lesbianism. That is an interesting storyline going forward.

This episode involved patients as well even though I havent mentioned it yet. It was hilarious too! I'll save the write-up for those who have missed it. Let met just say that Sean puts his student to work with Christian and this time it isnt Christian who gets lucky....err....unlucky?! LOL... That has to be one of the funnier scenes we'll probably see this year.

Even Kimber returns this episode laying the groundwork for being as mean as can be! She was ruthless tonight! Enjoy it if you missed it tonight. We have two weeks to wait until the next episode. Share your comments and thoughts in the Nip/Tuck Season 6 chat room.

Thursday, January 08, 2009 DVD Review: Fifth Installment of ‘Nip/Tuck’ an Imperfect Season, DVD

A pretty rough critique of the new DVD. I havent seen the DVD but it doesnt sound all that impressive. The criticisms of the show aren't wildly off-base either, even though I am an avid fan (yet to miss an episode).

DVD Review

Note there is a follow-up regarding this season's premiere:
Mid-Season Premiere of ‘Nip/Tuck’ Hints At Series Facelift

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season Premiere - Ronnie Chase

It's good to have Nip/Tuck back on... it's been way too long. All in all it was a pretty good premiere. Nip/Tuck is full of it's usual surprises, some better than others. The one thing I have learned about the show is to be patient because sometimes the pieces don't fit together for several episodes.

Nip/Tuck used to be the show I couldnt wait to call a friend about and say "did you see that???" It's still a good show but it's lost a little of its magic from earlier seasons in my opinion. It showed some flashes in this episode.

Liz and Christian had some comical moments and it really was nice to see Liz have some more airtime. Sean's daughter made a brief appearance lying on the table as they picked up from last season. Matt popped in briefly but no real story there other than he's trying to get back on his feet and make his father(s) proud. Christian did take some pot shots about Matt's incestual relationship from last year.

Wilbur is getting big.... not sure if it is the same kid.

No signs of Julia... hip hip hooooray! Those of my regular readers will note that I am not much of a fan of her whiney character. I'm sure she's back next week but I am not complaining. She gives the show some contrast at times and she's part of the trio. ;)

The second half of the show really picked up in true Nip/Tuck fashion. It was only a matter of time before Christian got back to his usual tricks but Sean was the real surprise! It's great when Sean opens up and lets loose...

I wont give away any details of what happened last night as everyone gets back in their routine of watching the show.

If you missed it, go watch it. If you saw it, let's chat about it here:

Welcome back Nip/Tuck!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tonight is the night!

Tonight is the night. Although there isnt as much hype as there was in previous seasons, I'll be ready to watch. I havent looked for any preview information and I am assuming things will pick up where they left with Sean a bloody mess and the Julia poisoning still on the burner. I believe the Eden storyline will get wrapped up pretty quick so they can move on to new things.

While the move to LA was nice, I dont think it came with as much substance. I am still wondering what happened to the ass bandit!

Sorry but I am hoping Rosey does not make an appearance this year. I'll be back tonight with a write-up.

It's been a while gang.... Happy New Year!

Nip/Tuck Episode Guide


Episode list
With the exception of the pilot, each episode is named after the character(s) that will undergo plastic surgery in that particular episode.

Another Great Episode Guide Reference with More Details

Season Six
81. Andy Hoberman
82. Unknown
83. Briggite Reinhart
84. Jenny Juggs
85. Abigail Sullivan
86. Alexis Stone
87. Alexis Stone II
88. Lola Wagner

Season Five Continued
73. Ronnie Chase - January 6, 2009
74. Gene Shelly
75. Remy St. James
76. Ricky Wells
77. Manny Skerrit
78. Budi Sabri
79. Allegra Calderetta
80. Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler

Season Five
60. Carly Summers (Song List) - October 30, 2007
61. Joyce & Sharon Monroe (w/ Music List) - November 6, 2007
62. Everett Poe (w/ Music List) - November 13, 2007
63. Dawn Budge II - November 20, 2007
64. Chaz Darling - November 27, 2007
65. Damien Sands - December 4, 2007
66. Dr. Joshua Lee - December 11, 2007
67. Duke Collins (Christmas Episode) - December 18, 2007
69. Rachel Ben Nattan
68. Magda and Jeff - January 22, 2008
69. (RIP...) Kyle Ainge - January 29, 2008
70. Lulu Grandiron - February 5, 2008
71. August Walden - February 12, 2008
72. Candy Richards - February 19, 2008

Season four
45. "Cindy Plumb" - September 5, 2006
46. "Blu Mondae" - September 12, 2006
47. "Monica Wilder" - September 19, 2006
48. "Shari Noble" - September 26, 2006
49. Dawn Budge - October 3, 2006
50. Faith Wolper, PhD - October 10, 2006
51. Burt Landau - October 17, 2006
52. Connor McNamara - October 24, 2006
53. Liz Cruz - October 31, 2006
54. Merrill Bobolit - November 9, 2006
55. Conor McNamara, 2026 - November 16, 2006
56. Corrine Lubey
57. Reefer (aka Santa Claus) - November 28, 2006
58. Willy Ward - December 5, 2006
59. Gala Gallardo (Finale)

To be continued... Check out the latest Nip/Tuck News, Rumors, and Gossip

Season three
30. "Momma Boone" - September 20, 2005
31. "Kiki" - September 27, 2005
32. "Derek, Alex, and Gary" - October 4, 2005
33. "Rhea Reynolds" - October 11, 2005
34. "Granville Trapp" - October 18, 2005
35. "Frankenlaura" - October 25, 2005
36. "Ben White" - November 1, 2005
37. "Tommy Bolton" - November 8, 2005
38. "Hannah Tedesco" - November 15, 2005
39. "Madison Berg" - November 22, 2005
40. "Abby Mays" - November 29, 2005
41. "Sal Perri" - December 6, 2005
42. "Joy Kringle" - December 13, 2005
43. "Cherry Peck" - December 20, 2005
44. "Quentin Costa" - December 20, 2005

Season two
14. "Erica Noughton" - June 22, 2004
15. "Christian Troy" - June 29, 2004
16. "Manya Mabika" - July 6, 2004
17. "Mrs. Grubman" - July 13, 2004
18. "Joel Gideon" - July 20, 2004
19. "Bobbi Broderick" - July 27, 2004
20. "Naomi Gaines" - August 3, 2004
21. "Agatha Ripp" - August 10, 2004
22. "Rose and Raven Rosenberg" - August 17, 2004
23. "Kimber Henry" - August 24, 2004
24. "Natasha Charles" - August 31, 2004
25. "Julia McNamara" - September 7, 2004
26. "Oona Wentworth" - September 14, 2004
27. "Trudy Nye" - September 21, 2004
28. "Sean McNamara" - September 28, 2004
29. "Joan Rivers" - October 5, 2004

Season one
1. "Pilot" - July 22, 2003
2. "Mandi/Randi" - July 29, 2003
3. "Nanette Babcock" - August 5, 2003
4. "Sofia Lopez" - August 12, 2003
5. "Kurt Dempsey" - August 19, 2003
6. "Megan O'Hara" - September 2, 2003
7. "Cliff Mantegna" - September 9, 2003
8. "Cara Fitzgerald" - September 16, 2003
9. "Sofia Lopez Part II" - September 23, 2003
10. "Adelle Coffin" - September 30, 2003
11. "Montana/Sassy/Justice" - October 7, 2003
12. "Antonia Ramos" - October 14, 2003
13. "Escobar Gallardo" - October 21, 2003