Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Season Finale Thoughts - Carver Unmasked

I loved the one liners all over the place... lots of twists and turns... and they didnt go and pick someone that wasnt a main character. I had a pretty good read on who I thought the Carver was and my theory came down to the wire.

I cant believe Matt was that dumb to stay in the car without putting up a fight! I guess that's the major cliffhanger for next year as the KKK hunt him down. I guess we'll also find out what happened to Julia's baby... there was definitely some news there that we didnt hear.

I guess the Carver will be back next year in some fashion. I would love to see those characters again next year. Quentin and Kit were great! The writing was well done even though it might not have been the major surprise everyone was looking for. I am not sure why some people were disappointed. I for one, was not. I appreciate the fact that the writers did not bring back a small character. This year was about Quentin and Kit and there they were!! Very clever.

I thought the twists and turns were great and what they did to Kimber was SICK!!!! I didn't see all that coming but I was so glad to see she was at least ALIVE!!! THANK YOU WRITERS!!! I hope she ends up with Christian after it is all said and done. People change... Christian should have told Kimber that she'd always be a 10 in his eyes... instead he tells her he'll make her a 10 again. What's up with that?!! Bad move Christian... not a way to win the woman's heart back.

Annie made her brief appearance which I initially overlooked... LOL.. I wish her character would just disappear!

Did anyone else think Matt was going to end up falling for the transexual!! LOL !!! And why doesnt Matt ever come clean with anything... The drama will be back for next season. I just posted a new blog entry about Matt. Boy that kid has been through a lot in the show...

I agree with some of the feedback that I received. It was suggested that it might have been more powerful if the Carver would have remained masked during the intense scene with Sean and Christian. I agree... I would have loved to see them trying to figure out who was behind the mask and then find out after the shooting.

You have to love how Christian was willing to sacrifice his own hand for Sean... they do make a good couple ;o) I just pictured the wedding cake tasting scene during that moment! LOL...

Scenes of the night in my opinion:
Sean and Christian receiving the bloody package
Quentin's Interrogation by Kit
Kit telling Christian about what happened to Kimber
Matt stands up to the makeup lady
Matt and Cherry being tied up and threatened
Christian and Sean being tied up and threatened (at the same time, but in separate scenes as Matt and Cherry)
Quentin and Kit sitting poolside

**Julia's Dream... only because of Quentin's comment that "it almost looks human" LOL...

Quotes (as close as I can get them)!!!!

Quentin to Kit.... you spread your legs like a romanian gymnist

Quentin to Kit... You really ought to expand your pool of suspects to people who dont know if you are trimmed, shaved or waxed... LOL

Quentin to Christian... I can't do it... We've slept together... LOL

Matt to the makeup lady (regarding Cherry Pack).... she's more of a woman than you'll ever be!


Lauren said...

wait, the daughter was there at family night. But I have noticed that she is rarely on the show anymore. I'm guessing this is because of the drifting family ties. But thanx to the amazing writers, I don't think that is going to be a problem in season 4.

a_member said...

I think everyone really knew the carver was Quentin-no surprises there. Kit's role, on the other hand, surprised everyone I bet.

Did Matt and Cherry really kill Ariel's dad, or do the writers just want us to think that?

The key to Julia's and Sean's baby has something to do with the dream Julia had. Too bad we have to wait so long to find out.

Anonymous said...

a weak season finale for an overall subpar season.

here's hoping that next year brings a return to form for the show.

Anonymous said...

a weak season finale for an overall subpar season.

here's hoping that next year brings a return to form for the show.

andrew said...

agree with everything you said.
except - the daughter, annie, was there at the dinner at the end. she kind of just smiles and does nothing, but she's there...

Rita said...

OMG!!! I thought The Carver was Liz right up until they were fixing Quentin's face and Chrisitan commented on the sloppiness of the cut, then I thought he did it himself, just couldn't figure out how he tied himself to the bed, well brilliantly as the finale from season 1 they threw a twist that I did not even expect. FREAKING KIT!!!! SHUT UP!!

I love Kimber and hope she heals well. I WANT THE CHRISITAN FROM THE FIRST SEASON BACK!!

I will be in Nip/Tuck withdrawl now.

The real carver said...

The unmasking of the carver made no sense whatsoever. What was the point of it. Did he try to kill sean or chris? No. Did he try to frame them? No. Did he try to destroy their business? NO. If Kit was in charge of the investigation, she had the power to frame anyone but Quentin. Why try to implicate all these people when she choose to unmask the carver in the end. Makes no sense. Why tell their childhood story. How did she fool the authorities into making them believe she was an investigator? Makes no sense. The carver could have killed and mamed without being unmasked since Kit had the power to do so....if kit was the hero and the carver was really killed, story would have been better. Last years final episode was 10 out of 10.....this one 4 out of 10..

Anonymous said...

I felt the finale was excellent. Better than the last week's "Christmas" Episode. I've always has a suspicion that Quentin was the Carver, and had an idea that Kit was involved, but not like it played out. This whole season I've hoped for death for Matt with the way he's been with everyone. I didn't like the whole throwing Gina in the last minute thing. It felt rushed, they should of had liz come back after being released by the cops be the one. Annie is to Nip/Tuck as Tiger is to The Brady Bunch. All in all can't wait till the season comes out on DVD and the new season airs.

Jovial said...

Does anyone know the name of the song playing while Christian was about to cut-off his hand?

Anonymous said...

can i see a picture of the wedding dress kimberly was wearing????