Friday, December 23, 2005

Nip/Tuck Season Finale - Episode Summary

Christian and Sean received a bloody package containing breast implants... they checked the serial numbers and found that it was Kimber's. They also found a small object in one of the implants that was a container holding a message "beauty is a curse."

Christian then contacted Kit to have them investigate and Christian asked the Quentin be questioned.

The interrogation between Kit and Quentin was priceless... more one-liners that you can count. Then, Quentin was let go due to lack of efficient evidence.. .we found out he didnt have a penis. Birth deficiency. You'll have to watch the episode replay to hear his explanation of his relationship with Julia and the night he, Kit, Kimber and Christian were in the bedroom.

Kimber was found... Alive! She was seriously messed up. The breast implants were the least of her problems. All of her surgeries done by Christian were undone. Her nose, her lips, she was injected with Chicken fat... sun spots were replaced by burning her, her face of course was carved.. it was SICK hearing it.

Christian finally sees her and promises to fix what the Carver had done to her. She decides to have all of the surgeries at once and following the surgery tells Christian that she doesnt want to be with him.... that the Carver really did free her from a life of plastic and vain beauty. She doesnt want to be around mirrors and just wanted the surgeries to not be gawked at for her ugliness.

Cherry Peck, the transgender that Matt beat up shows up and threatens to go to the police if Sean and Christian dont fix her up. Cherry had cheap plastic surgery and wasnt looking too good. Sean doesnt take it well and tells her to get out and that he wont be threatened. Matt, then begs Sean to do the surgery to fix the mistake that Matt had made to begin with... so that they could move on with their lives.

Sean does the surgery for Cherry and Matt shows up to talk with Cherry.... They seem to have patched things up and it almost looks like they start flirting! LOL... Matt goes to the cosmetic section of the Mall with Cherry as friends when Ariel sees them and starts an uproar. Ariel's dad is also there. Just before that, the sales lady had given Cherry a hard time when Matt stood up for her and said that Cherry was more of a woman than she would ever be.

Julia is having nightmares about the baby... You'll have to see for yourself in the replay... Julia tells Sean that she still doesnt want him in her life just because she is having the baby. This was even after Sean gave her the deed to the house. After the first exam, she goes by herself and apparently finds out some news about the baby... we arent told. Shortly after, she decides to reconcile with Sean and move back into the house and amending the deed with both of their names.

The 2nd half starts with the Carver attacking a sorority house… picking the victims off one at a time. Sean and Christian were called by one of the victims' parents and realize they'll be pulling an "all-nighter" to fix the girls up. One of the girls says that she walked in on the Carver and saw "it". They ask if it was the Carver's penis and she says "No, it was like a strap-on."

The police also visit Quentin again and find candles all over his apartment and then him tied to the bed posts, face carved, with the words "I cant stop" painted above his head on the wall in blood.

The next morning Quentin comes in to McNamara / Troy to ask them to fix his face. They laugh and refer him to another surgeon indicating that fixing him would put them at risk with the Carver. He comes up with a whole story about fitting in and how that's all he ever wanted to do… be one of the guys. Quentin says that he paid a girl to pretend like she was giving him a blowjob during the scene with Sean at the party. He also says that he had to grab Christian's ass during the 3-some scene because things were progressing too fast with Kit and she would have found out that he was without a penis. Everyone feels sorry for him… including the viewers and they agree to do the surgery.

The police storm McNamara / Troy during one of the surgeries and put Liz under arrest. Kit interrogates her and brings up some of her past about an aggressive relationship she once had, her prior arrest at a protest rally, and the strap-on they found in her home. She swears up and down that she didn’t do it and would rape her bosses.

Sean goes in to check on Quentin when they find Quentin isnt there… it’s the body of a woman… The Carver then pops up form nowhere and injects Sean with the paralyzing fluid. The Carver takes off the mask and we see Quentin smiling.

Ariel and Matt are at the high school in Ariel's car talking about what happened between them. All of a sudden, Ariel's dad comes and asks Matt to scoot in and that they are going for a ride. Ariel says "I did what you asked daddy." Matt doesn’t put up a fight for some strange reason and they end up in what appears to be the basement/garage of Ariel's house. Matt is tied up and then Cherry Peck is brought in as well. They are both tied up and Ariel leaves the room. Ariel's dad threatens them and wants them to decide who will get cut… by this meaning having their penis cut. Matt is threatened first and then is told that he will have to cut Cherry Peck's off.

At about the same time, we head back to McNamara / Troy where the Carver (now known to be Quentin) is unmasked and has tied up both Sean and Christian. He rants a bit and even cuts the tip of one of Sean's fingers… the pinky. Quentin goes on explaining himself and comes up with the idea of cutting off a hand. He wants them to choose… He was about to cut Sean when Christian yells no and to do him instead. Quentin is about to cut Christian when he tells him "I cant do this… we've made love… you do it!" Quentin says that if Christian gets any ideas, he'll cut Sean's throat. We then see Christian about to cut his own hand off.

Matt goes through with cutting Cherry Peck and we see Cherry Peck in a hold dug out by Matt as he is forced by Ariel's dad. Matt loses it, throws the shovel, and basically says to go ahead and shoot him while putting his head against the gun. While the conversation is happening, Cherry gets out of the hole, grabs the shovel and whacks Ariel's dad knocking him out. Cherry Peck picks up the gun, points it at Ariel's dad when Matt says "do it"… and we see the shot fired from above.

Just as Christian is about to cut his own hand a bullet is fired. Kit shoots Quentin through a window of glass. She says that it’s a good thing she got a 911 call from Gina! We then go to check on Gina when we find that she has been carved by the Carver. They are in surgery with her when she and Christian are talking.

Kit talks with Sean and Christian and tells them that she found a diary of Quentin's and that explains how he was brought up… teased as a victim. She tells them that he had a sister with a clef that needed to be repaired… Quentin had gone to school and become a doctor when the sister had died.

We then see the body on the autopsy table. Kit had asked them not to start until she got there (after the shooting). We then see the black blanket removed and Quentin's eyes open. He asks what took so long? Kit was Quentin's sister!

Sean and Christian go to the school where Quentin had been to find out more about him when they talk to one of the head nun. The nun was surprised upon hearing of Quentin's death. She was also surprised to hear the story that his sister had died. She then shows them a picture of Quentin and his sister…. Kit.

The finale ends with Quentin and Kit sitting poolside sipping drinks talking about everything somewhere in Paris. Quentin says he needed more time but Kit says she had only walked in when they had agreed… he had taken too long. They discuss beauty when a woman (obviously enhanced) walks by… Quentin decides that he might have to "work" late and that his job is never done. We see him walk up to the woman now lying poolside.

The End.

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