Monday, July 16, 2007

More Gossip for Nip/Tuck Season 5

Need a fix... Guest stars including: Portia de Rossi, Oliver Platt, Lauren Hutton, Paula Marshall, Bradley Cooper and of course... Rosie (Ugh...)

More scoop...

** When "Nip/Tuck" returns for its fifth season in October, the show's locale will switch to Hollywood, where Sean and Christian will open a new practice and even have a small career going elsewhere on the side.

** Despite rumors to the contrary, Joely Richardson will return. She's doing 15 episodes in the new season.

** "Nip/Tuck" is in production now for 22 new episodes, although it's unclear whether the 22 will be two seasons or considered one long, expanded season. Regardless, the 22 will not run consecutively.

** New sets have been constructed for the season. The set for Sean's and Christian's practice is almost the size of a football field.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joely will be back!

eonline has a great article about the upcoming season... check it out!! Sounds like we'll have our favorite characters heading west one way or another and did I just read that we can now envision Sean and Christian switching roles!!! WOW!

eonline Nip/Tuck Preview