Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Nip/Tuck' warms up to Scientology (

Maria Elena Fernandez from
writes a great article providing insight on how Nip/Tuck creator
Ryan Murphy and his writers approached the topic of Scientology. Also included in some insight from the actors (Carlson and Hensley) portray their characters (Kimber and Matt) approach this sensitive topic. Check it out: 'Nip/Tuck' warms up to Scientology

Joey Slotnick (as Meril Bobolit) Returning to Nip/Tuck!

According to IMDB, Joey Slotnick will be returning to Nip/Tuck this season (Season 4, Episode 10).... Nip/Tuck fans will remember him as Meril Bobolit from Season 1.

His character in Season 1 was definitely one to remember! I can still visualize him giving mouth to mouth to a dog after a hair transplant went bad!! ;)

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Episode 4: Shari Noble - Recap and my thoughts...

Wow! What an episode!! I hope it doesnt seem like I am rambling because I am soooo excited after this one :)

Welcome back Nip/Tuck!!! That's the episode that is totally back to the old writing style. I loved the shock and awe of every scene! How can any episode this year top this one?

Christian and Liz going chick hunting at the lesbian bar... Liz picks up a chick after Christian first strikes out! Wow, and what about the lines Christian used on her!! OMG!! "I can munch, dive, and go fishing with any girl in this place and I have a life-like dildo in case you get freaky!" OMG!! Liz then goes back with the girl, sips some martinis and gets her first one-nighter on the show.... only it costs her a kidney!! WTF!!! I didnt see that one coming!

Our favorite babysitter pops in and begs Sean to come visit her. Sean finds some anti-depressants in Julia's purse and out of anger goes out to take the babysitter up on her offer... only first she feeds him some hash brownies!! Sean is tripping out envisioning who esle but... ESCOBAR!! SWEET! Welcome back Escobar!! I loved seeing Sean trip out as Escobar does everything to bait him into what he really wants.

Then we have Christian uncovering his boss's little secret. Only first we see the old lady striking poor Shari Noble dead in the face with a rock to make sure her jaw line needed realignment! See if she gets questioned again!! Then Christian goes to the old man's house, sweet talks him, blackmails his wife, then tells her she'll have to sleep with him before dinner!.... Man!!

The sergeant!! OMG!! I didnt see the peanut butter thing coming... I thought the guy was just just a wife beater... but the wife sleeping with the dog!! Cmon!!! Then he opens the duffell bag and pulls the dog/lover out dead as a doorknob!

Julia back to her old self... miserable. You know we're going to see the babysitter some more. How are Sean and Julia going to make out after this one.... Sean almost fires the midget but decides he needs to keep the little guy around to keep Julia off his ass and in line. I guess the midget kinda grew on me in this episode but what was up with the mural????? I didnt get that at all....

Now the previews.... Christian sleeping with Rosie, Christian getting blackmailed by the old lady, Kimber and Matt getting it on, Julia questioning Sean for having an affair... it goes on and on!! Can't wait.

Hope none of you missed this one!! Tell me what you thought or what you thought was the best part! I gotta watch this one again! :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Episode 3: Monica Wilder - My thoughts

Several more male ass shots in this one... I guess this is a theme this year for the ladies.

The most shocking thing for me came in the previews for next week... it looked like Julia was banging the midget???!!!

I think the baby storyline is kinda boring to be honest but we'll see how it plays out. Did anyone think the lines the actors were using were unnatural this week... example: Christian talking about the lack of choices comsumers have to eat... just thought it was out of character.

Overall a decent episode but nothing to write home about in my opinion. I really liked last weeks episode. I guess FX was going for the shock effect with the Christian home made porn movies on utube but it wasnt too far-fetched for me.... I just love how he was more concerned about how he looked than the movie itself ;)

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Episode 2: Blu Mondae

Now that's Nip/Tuck back to its old self! Christian back in rare form, Sean and Julia stressing over family matters, Sean emptying his frustration by helping others (the coffee guy), Matt...oh Matt.... being as confused as ever... and KIMBER! Yes, my girl was back! :)~

I am sure the ladies are enjoying all of the ass shots of Christian... he must have a new contract or something and get paid extra! LOL... They had to do something for him with the Christian wondering if he's gay theme behind the show this year ;)

I loved the confrontation between Kimber and Christian... as well as the stripjoint backdrop... Even the McNamara/Troy business issues were a nice touch (resolved quickly).

Man, the daughter telling Julia she's responsible for the baby was viscous!!! Again, we feel sorry for Julia... then what she do, go behind Sean's back again and gives Matt money. Sean is such a pushover...

All of the storylines tonight were great and I just cant believe I missed the Tues showing... damn hotels without FX!!! Im glad I was able to catch the rerun tonight.

I am checking into some new software that allows me to watch the show streaming so I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. I'll be in that same hotel each Tues so I have to figure something out.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My thoughts on Julia - Yes, I am being cruel!

For everyone that says I am being harsh on Julia's character.... doesnt anyone remember that Julia slept with Christian, had Christian's baby, lied to Sean for 18 years about the entire thing, lied to Christian, her son, her daughter....then expected everything to be perfect when she spilled the beans...

Sorry, Julia is sick, twisted, and cruel. Let's recap off the top of my head:

She thought she killed her mother after the plane crash because she couldnt accept the fact that she might have survived (instead killing someone else's family member)... she flushed her child's hamster down the toilet (alive!), was jealous of Sean so decided to start her own business and came up with her own product line of facial cream, sperm. (another lie to everyone)... She was even a hypocrite about Gina's tactics of sleeping with men to get what she wants.. Julia even went after Quentin, fully knowing he was Sean's partner.... Great choice there Julia, having a romantic interlude with a killer!! LOL... oh and she slept with the model (Jude) that she forced Sean to take on as an intern... She had another brief encounter with some other guy... If you think about it, she's giving Gina a run for her money in partners and Gina had a sex party a few season's ago! Oh and forget about her motherly skills... she had no problems letting Matt go out with a white supremecist and sleep with her in the bedroom next door. She also had no problem with Matt's restraining order against Sean or the fact that child services came and took Annie away from Sean.

I guess I'm kinda fed up with her character and hope the worst happens to her ;)

I am glad Sean cheats on her... I just wish he'd stop crawling back to her. He definitely needed the kiwi sized implants because apparently Julia has them.

PS: The thing with Julia is that she speaks so kindly and softly and she plays the victim sooooo well. Can anyone really think of an example where Julia has shown to be caring?

The difference between Matt's character and Julia's is that Matt, despite all the trouble he gets in, has shown to be caring. He wanted to help the girl who was involved in the hit and run. It may have been out of guilt but he stayed by her side and worked to get her medical help. He also helped Cherry when he didnt have to. He's cared for Ava as well and showed that he can understand right from wrong. Matt is a lot like Sean in that he manages to get himself in trouble often, and is treated like a doormat most times...but he has a good heart down in there. I cant say the same for Julia.

Nip/Tuck Season 4 Spoilers!!

Source: spoilerfix

Nip/Tuck (FX) Updated on September 1

>Airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. This season will have 15 episodes.

04/20 - General Season 4 spoilers: The McNamara/Troy firm is now the property of Michelle Latham and her wealthy 70-year-old husband. Michelle, who is set to appear in a 12-episode arc, is a powerful and sexy woman in her 30s who will now run the company. How will she deal with the company and business when Christian steals her heart?

05/29 - Episode 4.01 - Cindy Plumb [Airing September 5]: We meet Burt Landau (Larry Hagman), the new owner (together with his younger wife, played by Sanaa Lathan) of McNamara/Troy. He goes in for surgery on his testicles. Christian gets in a threeway with a mother and daughter. Cindy Plumb (Kathleen Turner) is a 50-year-old phone sex operator who is losing her trademark voice and wants something done about it. Christian sees a therapist (Brooke Shields). He also wants his apartment redone.

06/12 - Episode 4.02 - Blue Mondae: An older man (Richard Chamberlain) brings in his boytoy (Thad Luckinbill from The Young and The Restless) for a bit of cosmetic surgery. Christian meets an all-natural stripper who is willing to do a lot to get Christian to give her a breast-reduction surgery. Matt gets a gym membership from his parents. Sean meets a barista whose face is deformed.

06/19 - Episode 4.03 - Monica Wilder: Sean and Julia interview a possible nanny. They both like her a lot. Sean got a hybrid car. Christian goes to the gym and is envious of another plastic surgeon there who's in much better shape than he is. Christian encounters a changed Matt in the gym. [Note: The plastic surgeon Christian meets at the gym will be played by Saved By the Bell's Mario Lopez.]
07/09 - Episode 4.04 - Shari Noble: Shari Noble (Melissa Gilbert) comes in with one of her nipples bitten off, apparently by her dog. She wants it reconstructed before her husband returns from Iraq. Christian goes to a lesbian bar with Liz, where he tries to attract the attention of a woman but she's attracted to Liz instead. Sean and Christian meet with a kidney specialist for a patient of theirs. Julia talks with a breast-feeding expert.

07/29 - Episode 4.05 - Dawn Budge: Rosie O'Donnell guest stars as Dawn Budge. She's accompanied by her white trash husband.

08/06 - Episode 4.06 - Faith Wolper, PhD: A bus driver is involved in a fatal accident.

08/17 - Episode 4.07 - Burt Landau: We meet a man who is a double amputee, and he's is a lot of pain. Dawn Budge (Rosie O'Donnell) visits a weird genetics physiologist, to ask for his help. We also meet female social worker, of which we can't really tell if she is gay or straight.

08/25 - Episode 4.08 - Conor McNamara: The episode, who more than likely is named after Julia and Sean's new baby boy, will feature Dr. Mogabbi, a young and glamorous Asian surgeon who'll meet with concerned patients to explain a tricky procedure.

09/01 - Episode 4.09 - Liz Cruz: Liz's new girlfriend is Poppy, an athletic and perky woman who is into health and fitness. The episode will also feature Chiyo, a French-speaking Asian assassin, as well as another very threatning man named Hanae.

Episode 4.12 - Corrine Lubey (aka Diana Lubey): This episode features Beatrice Mason a wife and mother in her 60s as well as stunningly beautiful Tatiana. Someone meets with a lawyer. A realtor is also consulted. Christian has his libido put in jeopardy when he is "haunted" by memories of former love interests. This episode will also feature flash forwards. Catherine Deneuve plays Corrine Lubey (previously named Diana) and is said to wear wonderful clothes. [Note: The Christian storyline may appear earlier or at a later date.]

Episode 4.13 - Reefer (fka Santa Claus): This is a Christmas episode and it is said no one will ever see Santa the same way after watching this episode.

Episode 4.14 - Willy Ward: It seems that we will see Kimber do one of her adult films in this episode. Gina is set to appear and may be somehow involved in the making of the film.

Episode 4.15 - Gala Gallardo (Season finale): Gala is a raven-haired woman with an inviting vulnerability and an undeniable strength. However, Gala has one major flaw: she is married to Escobar Gallardo. Third-year surgical intern Bart is impossibly nervous. A happy couple, similar to Julia and Sean, is also featured. Someone will die; will it be to the hand of the hot European assassin featured in the episode?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nip/Tuck Clips on

Some Nip/Tuck Clips to get everyone in the spirits for tonight!!

20 Hours to go... Here's what we know about this season

Lots of new faces... Sean and Julia are back together but have to learn to deal with some serious news about the baby. The fx website says its a handicap of some sort.

We know that McNamara/Troy gets bought out and the guys apparently have a new boss to report to. Ms. Lathan joins the cast married to a very old, very rich, white guy who she is deeply in love with (Hagman). We know Christian will be on the prowl but first he deals with his shrink played by Brooke Shields.... Hmmmmm... Christian will definitely be back to his old self.

I have to say that I am most surprised about what I read about Kimber!! She apparently finds God and then... finds Matt??!?!??! Yes, Kimber and Matt begin a relationship of some sort.... Matt is still exploring his sexual side after the Ava mis-adventures... as well as Cherry... LOL... and now he apparently is finding the real deal! Go Matt!!! :)

We also know that Liz is about to have her first Lesbian experience... tons of guest appearances including Mario Lopez, Kathleen Turner, Richard Hamilton, Rosie O'Donnell.... and I am guessing that Sandra Bullock might make a brief appearance just knowing that Dylan Walsh was filming a movie with her recently.... if she's a Nip/Tuck fan, I'm sure they will find room for her :)

I'm just happy the gang is all back... including Kimber! I do have some dark side wishing that we hear from Dr. Costa (AKA The Carver) as well as Kit ;)

Drop me a line and let me know what you're hoping to see, think you will see, or where you'll be watching the premiere tonight 9/5 at 10PM EST!

-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!