Friday, December 07, 2007

My thoughts on the Nip/Tuck Season 5...

I know I have been quiet the past couple of weeks. Outside of Matt almost getting into gay porn, I havent been impressed with the episodes. Plastic Fantastic was a joke. There's a reason why we watch Nip/Tuck, we're sick and tired of reality TV and then the writer's go ahead and do it... What are they thinking?!?

I'm tired of Julia. Why is she still on the west coast? Why isnt she going back to NY? Why doesnt she care about Connor? Where the heck has Wilbur been and what happened to Annie? What happened to the Matt and Kimber's baby? I am starting to think this show is a tribute to child neglect.

The show used to be about the patients and the connection that Sean and Christian had with them. There hasnt been any connection with the patients coming in and out this year outside of Rosie who they already had a storyline for. I was expecting the last episode to feature a confrontation regarding the male escort service that Christian has gotten himself into. I guess he dropped it after the woman almost died but again, we're left with nothing. Poor writing....

This season is all over the map and while it is funnier, I am not watching the show for humor. These guys arent comedians. I want to see them get in and out of trouble... drama. In previous seasons we would have seen Sean go to town on Eden, not just a little kiss. Why would he risk it for that??? Go all the way or dont do anything. Sean almost put Kate in contraction imagining her as Eden, the schoolgirl. Then when he gets his chance, he gives a peck? Doesnt make sense to me.

The previews for next week look great. I am looking forward to Julia and Ollie's attack. I hope for the worst as bad as that sounds. Julia's way too emotional and even says in the preview to "kill us already." Who says that when you're friend/lover/companion is standing next to you? I would have said "speak for yourself..." Tell me what you think should happen with Julia's character. I've added a poll to the site. Do you think she should get back together with Sean? Maybe Christian? Should she stay with Ollie? Are you wishing Ollie breaks her heart? What about just seeing her return to the west coast? Vote on the site and leave me some comments or chat about it in the forum here. Nip/Tuck Season 5 Chat

-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!