Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Abby Mays" - November 29, 2005 Recap

OH MY GOD.... Kimber....I can't believe they did this to you. I want the Carver to go down worse (and for that matter quicker) than Quentin goes down. What a scumbag! I was hoping that I wouldnt be right about last week but unfortunately I was. Man, I just cant believe the Carver got Kimber. I'm shell-shocked!

Then, you have Quentin taking it from behind and loving every minute of it. I think that was the most graphic homosexual scene I've seen portrayed on cable!! Man... talk about stepping over the line. You can't help but be addicted to the show! Then how in the world does Quentin take down our war hero with one swift move? Cmon, the Corporal just killed another guy in combat with his bare hands and then gets taken down by Quentin so embarrassingly!!???

All signs are pointing to Quentin being the Carver but he just can't be. It just doesnt make sense. It can't be Liz because the body types just dont match. I'm starting to believe that it truly is a tandem of people after reading some of the feedback posted on this blog.

Why couldnt they take down the whiney slut, Julia. At least the previews have Julia's mother dying.... Let her suffer! I'm just not a fan of Julia's. She is sooooo detached from reality and I think I am just sick of her falling for Quentin's BS lines. Instead, they attacked my innocent little Kimber. (Innocent.. she's only a pornstar.. LOL). She better live!!

Christian makes Abby wear the bag over her head and then she's willing to do it not just once but any time Chrisitan wants!!! Then Abby puts her number on the bag... what a sick, twisted individual she is.

You have the confrontation between Sean and Quentin... Quentin tells him he's going to go bang his ex-wife... Man... If looks could kill!

Sean looks like he's lost Matt permanently and there's no way he'll end up with Julia. Sean is going to end up alone just like Christian. They need each other.

Hey, now that Quentin is going to be working for Julia at the spa... I wonder if he'll be donating a "sample" as the special ingredient in their new found facial cream! ;o)

PS: I added a new poll to the site... Who do you think the Carver is?

Great writeup on the episode at tvsquad.com

Another nice Episode Writeup by Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy

Christian Troy: "First, Put the Paper Bag over your Head!"

Tonight's episode should be a CLASSIC! I am sooooooo looking forward to it. With that said, here's a little picture that should get a giggle! Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) will be getting back to his old self that we all appreciate! How can he do this to this poor girl....?? The best part has to be end where in true Nip/Tuck fashion, the girl writes her phone number on the same paper bag and tells Christian Troy to call her anytime!

Put the paper bag over your head

Monday, November 28, 2005

Nip/Tuck Season Finale No Longer Untitled?

According to tv.com, it does. If you take a look at tv.com's Nip/Tuck Episode Guide... you'll see that the last episode is entitled Quentin Costa. All of the episodes are named after the individuals who have surgery so why would this one be titled this way unless Quentin got attacked? Verrrrrrry interesting....

Nip/Tuck: Kit McGraw (Rhona Mitra)

Am I the only one wondering where Kit (played by Rhona Mitra) is lately? We last saw her after she was attacked by the Carver and about to have what could only be described as an "interesting" conversation with Christian after she booked up on charges of murder and the prime suspect in the Carver attacks.

I cant imagine that she was taken off the Carver case... Hmmmm....

I would hope I am not the only one who misses her character. I think she brought an interesting dynamic to the show as a good girl/bad girl and hero/villain.

Rhona Mitra is listed in the wikipedia and also featured on AskMen.com.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Madison Berg - November 22, 2005

WOW what an episode! I am glad I am a Nip/Tuck Fanatic! Matt's new girlfriend Ariel (played by Brittany Snow) is going to be a great storyline. She is vicious!! I cant believe some of the stuff she and her family said! Just wrong! I had to turn away from the ear piercing scene and I can watch most of the surgeries....

Am I the only who thought the Carver was going to pop in when there was a knock at the door for Kimber?? I swear that's what I thought. Then in the previews for next week, you see Kimber on the floor in something that looked like a cell writing to Christian. Maybe she was kidnapped?? Just a thought.

Where was Liz??? She wasnt at the wedding???? that didnt make any sense!! Carver possibility? They left Quentin out of the wedding so it opens he and Liz as possibilities to kidnap Kimber if that was actually what happened.

Quentin's smile is driving me nuts... he is sooo phony. What is Julia thinking?? She's falling for this guy!!! She's a slut worse than Gina the b*tch... So now Julia has slept Quentin, Sean, Christian, Jude, some other guy/boyfriend..

I died laughing when they showed the previews for next week and Christian wants the ugly chick to put a bag on her head before he nails her! LOL.... Speaking of funny parts... the cake eating scene was hilarious!!! Sean and Christian do make a good couple. And what about Christian's line to Sean and Matt about being more high-maintenance than his wife. HILARIOUS!

At least Sean is coming back to his senses and rejoining the practice. Hope he lays Quentin out next week! Hopefully, right after he beats Matt's @ss for ruining the practice by breaking confidentiality of their patients! What is he thinking? As my friend and I say... doing anything for a piece of @ss. Hate to be that blunt but its the truth!

Check out TVSquad's Show Recap

Searching Nip/Tuck Fanatic Blog...

I gave up on the embedded Google search for this blog. It wasnt returning reliable results and the Blogger search (in the blogger navbar) was really impressive. So, please feel free to use that when searching for particular info ;o)

"Carver" Copycat Caught in NY!

Ok, this guy needs to be locked up and the key needs to be thrown away! Check out the story on this freak who is a Carver wannabe! The entire article can be found by clicking the Source link below.

"The Carver" is a sexual predator who stalks beautiful people and drugs them, rapes them, then disfugures them with a knife. The villian in the TV series "Nip-Tuck" on the Fox cable network.

And Eyewitness News has learned that in the final days before the Chelsea Halloween attack, Peter Braunstein purchased a voice-altering device that would allow Braunstein to sound exactly like "the carver."

It was purchased on Ebay under Braunstein's screen name five days before the attack -- along with the show's entire first season on DVD.

The revelations are all the more disturbing because Braunstein apparently purchased chloroform on Ebay in four separate transactions, as well as enough potassium nitrate to destroy a small building and a used police officer's shield.

.... "Tonight, Braunstein's father insisted that his son is not a threat to the general public."



Monday, November 21, 2005

Thoughts on Tomorrow's Nip/Tuck Episode: Madison Berg

As a true Nip/Tuck fanatic am looking forward toward tomorrow's episode of Nip/Tuck: Madison Berg. According to the news articles, tomorrow should be the first of five episodes featuring Brittany Snow, Matt's new racist girlfriend. Should be interesting..... I read in a recent article that her character name is Ariel and that apparently she is not a fan of plastic surgery. This should make for an interesting conversation when Matt is asked what his parents do for a living. LOL! I see some ugly lies coming in the near future.

Maybe with the new girlfriend, Matt will be a bit happier while continuring his emotional free-fall. It will also be interesting to see what happens to Sean. Now that his fake family has left, where does he go? I dont think the FBI will want him doing surgeries after he immediately got involved with the first patients in the witness protection program. He already questioned his boss and almost joined the witness protection program! C'mon Sean, wake up! I'd be shocked if we see him doing any more surgeries there so let's assume he comes back to Christian as he should. This should "shtir" it up nicely with Quentin. I wouldnt be surprised if we see an argument or two as the relationship triangle becomes more complex.

I am not looking forward to Gina ruining Christian's wedding. I'm not sure why she always has to throw her nose where it doesnt belong but her character is definitely a pest. I would love to see Kimber clock her! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What Exactly is the PTC's Issue with Nip/Tuck?

My last post in regards to Toyota pulling ads based on the persistence of the PTC really got under my skin. I wanted to do some digging and find out what the purpose of the PTC. Note the bold/ital line extracted right from the group's frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Via PTC's FAQ:

Isn't the PTC acting as a self-appointed moral guardian by trying to make viewing decisions for adults?

The PTC does not seek to prevent those adults who wish to view "edgy" programming from doing so. Our concern relates to the time and the venue in which such programming is broadcast. A show permeated with continuous acts of savage assault with deadly weapons, explicit sexual scenes and themes, or punctuated with obscene or profane language, whether the characters are scripted or not, may be suitable for pay-per-view, but it does not have a place on prime time broadcast television, particularly during the family hour. Because broadcast television and expanded basic cable are so widely available, they are supposed to maintain standards that make them suitable for all ages.

Definition of Prime Time:
With the addition of newer networks such as the FOX Network, The WB, and UPN, there now is considered a common prime separate from traditional prime. Common prime is 8:00pm to 10:00pm Eastern and Pacific and 7:00pm to 9:00pm Central and Mountain Monday–Saturday with the same hour extension on Sundays.

Nip/Tuck airs new episodes each Tues at 10PM EST and re-airs Fridays and Sundays at 10PM EST as well. So what exactly is the PTC's issue with the show and why have they started a campaign against them? I've emailed the editors of the PTC to get an answer and will keep everyone posted.

One last mod to this post....

Via the FCC.GOV website: Consumer Facts
  • "Consistent with a federal statute and federal court decisions interpreting the indecency statute, the Commission adopted a rule pursuant to which broadcasts -- both on television and radio -- that fit within the indecency definition and that are aired between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. are subject to indecency enforcement action. "
  • "Like indecency, profane speech is prohibited on broadcast radio and television between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. "
  • "Indecent or profane speech that is broadcast between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is not actionable. "

Note the FCC has hired a Conservative Indecency Critic, Penny Nance who sentout the News release regarding this above cited FCC website on Oct 7, 2005

FCC Obscenity, Indecency, and Profanity Home Page

American Dreams' Brittany Snow to Appear on Nip/Tuck

Talk about role-reversal: Brittany Snow, last seen starring as girl-next-door Meg Pryor on NBC's "American Dreams," returns to prime-time in a five-episode appearance on FX's "Nip/Tuck" scheduled to kick off this Tuesday.

She'll play Ariel Alderman, Matt's (John Hensley) new racist girlfriend — definitely not what Matt needs with his recent troubles (including a restraining order against his dad). Snow's story runs through Dec. 20.


Check out Brittany Snow's Interview with TVGuide.com

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Episode 9: Hannah Tedesco - Last Night's Recap

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments. I didnt realize they weren't showing but now they are! I hope the look and feel of the site is a bit more appealing these days as well.

Last night's episode was entertaining. Quentin is living up to his reputation of being a slime ball. Doesn't it seem like he gets worse every episode. I know I have said all along that I felt Quentin is the carver but now I feel like I am being steered in that direction. Knowing the curveballs the writers of the show like to provide, I am thinking that it actually won't be Quentin in the long run. I know it sounds weird but wouldn't it lose a lot of shock value if it turned out to be Quentin at this point?

I'm glad the Kimber Doll was referenced... that still cracks me up. The poor woman was being neglected while her husband found the doll more interesting. Sad...

I knew Sean was going to back down from the Witness Protection Program as soon as his livelihood/hands were threatened.... he'll be back with Christian in no time. How did he think the witness protection program worked anyway? DUH! Not a moment too soon because it was soooooo good seeing him back in surgery. The face transplant was a bit rough to watch but I love it! It was a great idea for a patient too... I wish they would have shown the photo in the opening scenes. I felt a little cheated not knowing what the "before" look was but I guess that it left to the imagination.

I hate to say it but I am actually missing Matt's character the last few episodes. I wasnt a huge fan of him last year but I loved how he went off on Quentin! Priceless!

It looks like Gina will be back stirring things up next week... trying to end the Christian/Kimber relationship. You know Gina has a hidden agenda... especially if Christian was giving her money every now and then. Should be interesting....

Meanwhile, where's Kit (the detective who was attacked)? You would think she'd be able to she some light on the Carver story. I was also looking forward to Christian getting some revenge. Did she get her face corrected? Did Christian do the surgery? Also made me wonder where Bobolit is..... Hmmmm.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nip/Tuck Episode 9: Hannah Tedesco

Tonight's episode should be an interesting one. Christian and Quentin appear to be having serious differences of opinion and Sean is off in fantasy land thinking that he should get into the witness protection program. I'm curious to see how the feud between Quentin and Christian plays out... Quentin is showing a pretty dark side.

It also appears that the Christian/Kimber will be off when Christian throws the ultimatum/pre-nup at Kimber to give up the adult entertainment world. We really havent even heard about Kimber in that way for a while now. Hmmmm.... should be interesting to see how the relationships are affected after that. I would hate to see Kimber's role drop off...

Did anyone notice that Liz is referred to as a doctor on the FX website? I must have missed that because I think it was just assumed that she was a nurse. I know she's not a plastic surgeon but why wouldnt she be asked if she wanted to become a partner in McNamara/Troy? Hmmm... opens up a motive for Liz being the Carver doesn't it. I dont think she is though. She doesnt have a mean bone in her body but the writers are very creative.

Looking forward to comments and feedback. Tonight's episode should be a great one!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nip/Tuck Podcast Featured on SmallScreenBuzz!

Very Sweet!


Fri, 11 November 2005
03 Small Screen Buzz

Duration/File Size: 44:18/15.4 MB

Welcome to Show #3 of Small Screen Buzz with Kelli & Rod!

Show Topics
  • Arrested Development (FOX), "Notapusy" and "Mr. F", Airdate 11/7/20052.
  • The Adam Carolla Project (TLC), "Send In the Troops", Airdate 11/8/20053.
  • Nip/Tuck (FX), "Tommy Bolton", Airdate 11/8/20054.
  • Finales and Debuts for November 14 - 20, 20055.
  • TV Obituary: Boone Carlyle6.
  • Preview for next week's show

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nip/Tuck Creator Drops a Clue to Carver Identity


The big mystery this season is the identity of "The Carver" -- the kabuki clown-faced crazy and blade-wielding psychopath who believes "beauty is a curse on the world." The Carver has been slashing and terrorizing the two plastic surgeons and others around town for two seasons. The show's creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy already has gone on record saying viewers won't learn who The Carver is until the season finale and it will be someone viewers know. When taping started, the actors knew it could be any one of them, except, maybe, Hensley jokes, 10-year-old actress Kelsey Batelaan, who plays his little sister, Annie McNamara, on the show.

Nip/Tuck: Darker Story on the Horizon for Matt

I was reading an article about John Hensley's "Nip/Tuck" character Matt McNamara. Many of you probably won't realize he is 28 playing the teen character.

Here's an interesting snippit about what's to come for Matt McNamara:

Things undoubtedly will get worse for Matt before they get better. One of the writers told Hensley, "If you thought episode two was dark, you wait."

Before the season is done, Matt will find "himself flirting, literally and figuratively, with the Aryan Nation" via a relationship he has with a young, beautiful white supremacist, Hensley says.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kelly Carlson Refuses To Release Love Doll (Kimber Doll)


Kelly Clarlson Refuses To Release 'Love Doll'
October 15, 2005, 10:05:33

NIP/TUCK actress KELLY CARLSON refuses to sell the love doll modelled on her which featured in an episode of the hit TV series - because she won't allow her lookalike to be violated.

The sexy 29-year-old, who plays former porn star KIMBER HENRY alongside JULIAN McMAHON in the cosmetic surgery drama, prefers to keep the life-size sex toy in her lounge - and it made Carlson's cleaner think she was dead.

She says, "I became very protective of that sex doll, because it looks like me and I didn't want anyone violating it. So instead of putting it on eBay, I keep her at home.

"In fact, she's sitting in a chair in my living room reading a book. That certainly startles visitors! When I first brought the doll home, I forgot to tell my cleaner. When she let herself in and saw it all stiff and still, she thought I'd died. She ran out of the house crying and called the police!"

Kelly Carlson featured on Askmen.com

Julian McMahon resurrected in 'Premonition'


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Nip/Tuck" star Julian McMahon has signed to join Sandra Bullock in the thriller "Premonition."

The Sony Pictures project centers on a housewife (Bullock) whose husband dies in a car crash but appears alive the next day. Australian-born McMahon was recently in theaters with "Fantastic Four."

Shooting is set to begin in January in Louisiana. It will be directed by German filmmaker Mennan Yapo.

Interesting to note that Dylan Walsh is appearing in Il Mare also with Sandra Bullock. Pretty coincidental that all of a sudden Julian McMahon will be appearing with her as well ;)

The Hollywood Reporter says Walsh will play a character called Morgan in the movie, which also stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

The movie is a remake of the Korean film "Siworae", and is a romantic drama following a lonely doctor (Bullock) who begins exchanging love letters with a frustrated architect (Reeves), but they then discover they are separated in time by two years.


Toyota severs ‘Nip/Tuck’ ties


After reading this article I just had to laugh. I am also VERY glad I don't own a Toyota. The show airs each week at 10pm Tues nights. Are parents really that worried about their teens watching the show that it might negatively impact an advertiser of cars? I guess Toyota wants to appeal to old farts now. The Parents Television Council needs to get a hobby. Go work with local police to setup a speed trap or something. Parents should be responsible for what their kids watch not some council! Put limits on the TV, use blocking on programming, but stop whining about it with some petition.

Here's a sample of what the PTC has to say about Nip/Tuck if you want to get a good laugh:
"....one of the most sexually explicit, profane, and violent television programs in the history of American television" ...."we must warn you - the content is extremely graphic".... "utter disregard for TV decency standards" ..... "horrific content" .....

Read how the PTC describes a few of the scenes: https://www.parentstv.org/ptc/action/niptuck2/content.htm

Hey PTC, here's TWO MIDDLE FINGERS UP for your opinion and your "big brother" efforts! Have a nice day! :)

Other Sources:
"Nip/Tuck" Losing Ads TV Fodder
Toyota Pulls Ads From FX's Nip/Tuck MEDIAWEEK (subscription)
Toyota severs ‘Nip/Tuck’ ties Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terrible teen: John Hensley’s Matt redefines rebellion on ’Nip/Tuck’

Source Article

Interesting article about Matt's character this year which I like as he's getting himself into all sorts of interesting issues. I also appreciated the comments about Annie whom we never see in the show and his thoughts about the Carver since even the cast doesnt know the truth. Ryan Murphy has done an outstanding job of keeping the character under wraps.

The article also reveals this little tidbit: As the third season winds down, look for Matt’s story line to become even more alarming. Next he’ll date a girl whose father is a white supremacist.

Anne Heche to begin stint on 'Nip/Tuck'

Well... actually already began but I just found the article at azcentral.com and philly.com.

Anne Heche is playing Sean McNamara's latest love interest as the Mafia Princess who Sean has helped with a new face... Check out the article!

Tommy Bolton Episode

Ok, so we now know that Julia still has pretty low self-esteem to be getting involved with Quentin. Also, we now know that Quentin uses cocaine recreationally.... just adding to my theory that he is the Carver. Sean is still making the same mistakes trusting people he shouldnt and getting himself deeper while trying to make his life more normal. It seem that the more he tries, the worse it gets.

I thought Matt's appearance was hilarious! He shows up just in time to see his Julia with Quentin... and Quentin tries to get all high and mighty .... part of his seduction and attempt to gain trust with Julia. Then, Matt bumps into his dad trying to incorporate a brand new family into his life... Too Funny!!

What's up with Christian's mom... how can Christian be any more of a reminder about her past than he already is. What a b*tch! Christian is better off leaving her out of his life and trying to reconnect with Sean. Well, that is if Sean doesnt join the witness protection program!

The line of the night had to be Christian talking about the recovery spa owned by the Dyke, the Whore, and the Housewife! Did he just say that on tv???!!! Nice!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Frankenlaura Episode

I read these comments on the niptuckfans.com site: http://niptuckfans.com/epguide/3x06.php

I really thought the episode was slow and think that the storyline of Gina and Julia takes too much away from the Christian/Sean combination. It's almost as if I am watching two shows when I only prefer to watch the one.

Although I do agree that the show needs to focus on the business needs, let's get some real characters on the show as patients again! There use to be a boob or butt job in every episode!

I am hoping the show gets back to the more superficial lifestyles of plastic surgery in Miami... where we see models and movie stars. I loved the fact that Sean and Christian kept finding themselves mixed with the wrong crowd and the internal struggles they have with each other.

Let's get back to Matt and see if he can get back on the right path and let's get Sean with the Kimber doll again!! That is one of my favorite episodes!

The next Carver victim?

Who do you think the next Carver victim will be?

  • Julia (my choice)
  • Gina
  • Joan Rivers
  • Liz
  • Quentin (not my choice since I think he is the carver but an interesting twist)
  • Matt
  • Ava
  • Other

So close on the Julia pick... I thought the Carver was going to be in her apartment when she came home from the plane tragedy (Episode 12 - Sal Perri Recap)! Kimber has already been attacked which is why I am updating this post. You can also vote for who you think the Carver is on the right hand side of the site.

Have you all seen the Carver video clips?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Julia is becoming quite the slut...

What a hyprocrite!! Julia criticizes Gina in the show as being the whore-monger but now we see from the upcoming previews that she's the real one! After this coming episode, Julia will have slept with all three doctors and her college classmate!! Cmon Julia! With a young daughter (that we never see in the show.. LOL) and Matt who is already screwed up, you can hardly criticize others when you're out whoring up the neighborhood! Get real.

I guess we need a villain in the show... it's just an interesting choice :)

Did You Know
Joely Richardson and John Hensley are currently dating... Things that make you go hmmmm...

Last two episodes have been weak...

The last two episodes have been pretty weak... I don't know why they are getting away from some of the better storylines...

I am interested in Matt's saga as well the carver story. Both were left hanging for the twisted psycho who wanted to sleep with his sister. I am also tired of seeing Julia.. No one gives a crap about Julia and Gina and they're little shop... They even made their signature product "semen" and I still have no interest.

Christian's character has gone soft other than the three-way where I thought he was back to his old self... I guess not. Maybe when his mother resurfaces, he'll be back to normal. He has gone through a lot so I'll let it slide.

Sean is getting as whiney and emotional as Julia was last season.

What happened to the good patients??!!! I miss the true characters of the show. Escobar, Bobolit, Michael Jackson Look Alike (aka Matt), Mrs. Grubman, and some of the hot female patients!