Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last two episodes have been weak...

The last two episodes have been pretty weak... I don't know why they are getting away from some of the better storylines...

I am interested in Matt's saga as well the carver story. Both were left hanging for the twisted psycho who wanted to sleep with his sister. I am also tired of seeing Julia.. No one gives a crap about Julia and Gina and they're little shop... They even made their signature product "semen" and I still have no interest.

Christian's character has gone soft other than the three-way where I thought he was back to his old self... I guess not. Maybe when his mother resurfaces, he'll be back to normal. He has gone through a lot so I'll let it slide.

Sean is getting as whiney and emotional as Julia was last season.

What happened to the good patients??!!! I miss the true characters of the show. Escobar, Bobolit, Michael Jackson Look Alike (aka Matt), Mrs. Grubman, and some of the hot female patients!

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