Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tommy Bolton Episode

Ok, so we now know that Julia still has pretty low self-esteem to be getting involved with Quentin. Also, we now know that Quentin uses cocaine recreationally.... just adding to my theory that he is the Carver. Sean is still making the same mistakes trusting people he shouldnt and getting himself deeper while trying to make his life more normal. It seem that the more he tries, the worse it gets.

I thought Matt's appearance was hilarious! He shows up just in time to see his Julia with Quentin... and Quentin tries to get all high and mighty .... part of his seduction and attempt to gain trust with Julia. Then, Matt bumps into his dad trying to incorporate a brand new family into his life... Too Funny!!

What's up with Christian's mom... how can Christian be any more of a reminder about her past than he already is. What a b*tch! Christian is better off leaving her out of his life and trying to reconnect with Sean. Well, that is if Sean doesnt join the witness protection program!

The line of the night had to be Christian talking about the recovery spa owned by the Dyke, the Whore, and the Housewife! Did he just say that on tv???!!! Nice!

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楊曼妮 mani yang said...

i only saw one or two episodes while i was in la, it seems, this episode tries to do as "hilarious" as they could...but it's quite funny lo