Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episode 13: Reefer (aka Santa Claus)

I really got a laugh out of this episode! I cant give Dylan Walsh enough credit in this one. He was absolutely amazing playing Sean McNamara in last night's episode. I was very happy to see Wilbur back and Michelle almost seemed human for a moment there.

Sean had so many great moments, you'd have to watch them to fully appreciate them. I cant give it justice! I will, however, provide a pic!

In a typical Nip/Tuck twist, we see Reefer... the man Sean tries to help in the end by giving a warm meal and literally the suit off his back.... get chopped into little pieces by James.

I cant even describe my emotions after seeing next week's preview as it appears James wants to get in the black market for child organs.... specifically Wilbur's!!!

Incredible show and I can't wait for next week's episode!

Episode Recap:

This was the Christmas episode and Sean was shopping for gifts and expecting to have Annie in for the holidays. Julia (via phone) told Sean Annie was sick.... Matt was there and said that he couldnt make it either. He was going to be with Kimber for the holidays.

Sean got a bottle of wine from Dianne Lubbey (week prior who did the ashes in her implants)... He ends up drinking a glass or two. Christian tells Sean that he has a present of a patient for Sean... a woman who wants a clitoris enhancement so can achieve the ultimate orgasm.

Sean appears pretty drunk as he's doing the surgery but does the job. Later, he's working on another patient... a Santa who's ex-wife burned him as he came down the chimney for his children. It was a friend of Poppy's so she was there in the operating room. During their chat she suggests that Sean be Santa at the mall since this one would be out of commission. It would give him some love from the kids. Initially Sean says no but changes his mind.

Christian gets a surprise! Wilbur comes back.. his bilogical father has passed and left Wilbur to Christian. Wilbur's brother is there to tell Christian. Initially Christian thinks no, but then changes his mind after thinking about it. He misses his "son."

Meanwhile, Sean is at the Mall drunk as a skunk getting ready to sit with the kids. One of the elves, a female midget comes over to get him. Sean, drunkenly asks... "do you know Marlow?" LOL... He says that he "thought they (midgets) all knew each other." They get a little flirty and the little elf talks about needed a stiff south pole every now and then. Sean calls her a Ho Ho ho! LOL... Sean makes an appearance with the kids being pretty snooty like Bad Santa telling one kid he's crazy for asking for something he could get hurt with. He tells another that his mom has nice tits. Christian comes to the mall with Wilbur and is greeted by Liz and Poppy who are helping Santa. They tell Christian that Sean is in Santa's workshop taking a break. Well a picture is worth a 1,000 words so you have the picture above (courtesy of the Nip/Tuck Fanatic!).

Sean meets a homeless guy named Reefer during the episode who gives him a hard time for being an asshole (only giving $1 and ridiculing him for not trying). Sean, down in the dumps and drunk meets the guy on the beach. Sean is really depressed and wants to be like the bum and be forgotten. Reefer convinces Sean otherwise and Sean offers to stitch him up as he noticed some cuts on his face. Reefer had made some money by bum-fighting for cash.

Sean and Reefer go back to the office and Sean cleans him up and offers him the chance to stay the night and have a warm shower in the morning. He even offers him his old brown suits if he swings by in the morning. The only one there in the evening is James who is recovering from her beating the episode before.
She gets a call saying that she has a midnight deadline. Well, Reefer is the only one in the place... and she goes on the attack. After drugging him and taking his organs, she calls Michelle to come clean up. Apparently, there are FBI agents outside the office because Escobar had sent a ham to the guys for the holidays ;) Michelle cuts the body up and they leave with the parts in Santa bags as Michelle is dressed up saying they are heading to the hospital.

Michelle had gotten the call and left Christian with Wilbur there on xmas night by himself. She lied and said that there was a leak at one of the sites she owned. This was after sorta warming up to Wilbur because she now found out he was black. At first she didnt like the idea stating that she had already been changing diapers for the past few years. Christian convinces her by stating they could try it out... much like the marriage.

After Michelle leaves, Christian heads over to Sean's for xmas with Wilbur and they have a nice moment together as the show concludes. :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's next for Sean McNamara?

This past week we saw a heartfelt goodbye to Julia. I definitely think her character will be missed. This left me thinking... what will happen with Sean's character next? We saw a glimpse of him in the future but didnt get a lot of details.

Will Sean become a bit more like Christian... trading in the hybrid for a luxury sports car? Will he start to date again? I think that the Michelle/Christian relationship will ultimately wear on him as well as Julia's departure. We've heard the rumors about Nicole Kidman wanting to get in the script... maybe a new girlfriend? Will we Sandra Bullock next year after her recent movies with Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon? Maybe Sean will revisit an old relationship (i.e. Nikki Morretti played by Anne Heche)....? Maybe Sean is content being alone and accepts everything happy to possibly become a grandfather to a Kimber/Matt child even if he isnt the biological grandfather (LOL...).

Where do you think Sean's character will end up? Drop me a line at the Sean McNamara Discussion Topic...

Episode 11: Conor McNamara 2026

Ok, yes I know I am late... long story but I had to catch the Fri night replay...

I wasnt sure what to expect and I read the mixed reviews and I already knew what the episode was about. As a fan who has watched from the beginning, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the episode. I thought it was heart-felt and accurate to the paths that these characters are heading down to.

We all have seen the self-destruction that these characters continuously endure and with this episode, we actually got a glimpse into their future. I dont think I was shocked by any of it actually. I really was impressed at how they all ended up back together as well. I thought it was very touching to see Conor bring everyone back together so that he could feel "complete" as well.

As many readers know, I havent been a fan of Julia's character but for some reason tonight (whether its because I know she's leaving the show or not) I really will miss her character. Much like this episode depicts, the show wouldnt be complete without all of the characters together.

I got a kick out of Christian being well... Christian ;) You have love the line he says about his two new girlfriends from Dubai... "they dont stop until the super viagra wears off!"

It was really good to see Matt get his act together and be someone that everyone could be proud of. It was definitely an interesting dinner table with Annie craving attention.... I could have done without all of the references to her characters current appearances. She's only been in a couple of episodes, did we have to relive each of them through her lines? LOL...

I thought Sean looked a bit old at first but it was the same old Sean and it was nice to see Conor and him act so similar as Conor spoke with Julia and Sean with Matt regarding the surgery. I also felt for Sean as he was trying to board the house up... keeping the one thing in his life left from falling down. It was also really nice to see one last embrace by Julia and Sean at the airport... Julia will definitely be missed and I will look forward to her return next year.

I give the writers a lot of credit in this episode as they really did put the pieces together. Definitely an episode for the Nip/Tuck lifers but will probably be lost on the occasional viewer.

Line of the night.... came in the previews for next week when Sean says "so interesting when the hooker becomes the pimp..."

Friday, November 17, 2006

Michelle will be in for next season!

Source: toptensources

The new issue of People magazine reports that Sanaa Lathan has signed on for 12 more episode of Nip/Tuck. So she'll be around for another season. That's great news. She's one of my favorite actresses and she's truly a gem on this show. I guess the producers needed a female character to replace the departing Joely Richardson (Julia).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Premonition (2007) starring Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon

This may be old news for some but Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon are starring a new film called Premonition. Sandra Bullock seems to be making the rounds with the characters of the show. Earlier this year, Dylan Walsh starred along with her and Keanu Reeves in Lake House.

Check out the movie trailer: Premonition

Monday, November 13, 2006

Offtopic: Saw III and Borat

Hey gang, I know this is waaaaay off topic but I saw a couple of movies the last couple of weeks. Both we high in the box office... Saw III and Borat.

I caught Saw III opening night and was really looking forward to it. I'm not so much of a horror addict but I really love how the movie makes you think. I always tell people it is much more like Seven than Chainsaw Massacre. I think that's a fair assessment. I loved Saw III and actually thought it was the best of the trio except for the fact that the first one was so unique and original.

Ok, the next movie I saw was Borat... I was in the mood for a laugh and heard it was hilarious. Actually the quote was that you miss a good portion of the movie because people are laughing so much. I thought it was ok but lacked any real thought requirements. To me Borat was a combination of Jackass and Dumb & Dumber. There are parts you cant help but laugh but it got old fast and ended just in time for my taste. It's not a movie I would see a second time, that's for sure but I guess it is what it is.

Well, I'm totally hooked on Dexter these days which airs on Showtime. It's another thought provoking show with a very dark angle to it. I even find a lot of humor in it as we hear what goes on in the mind of a serial killer who just so happens to go after the bad guys. Well, drop me a line and let me know what you've seen lately or what you thought of these.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Joely Richardson's Departure from Nip/Tuck

TV Guide article on cast member departure

Family Leave: Joely Richardson reveals the real-life medical crisis behind her dramatic Nip/Tuck departure

In a show filled with shockers, the biggest one is not the departure of Joely Richardson's character on Nip/Tuck - it's the departure of Joely Richardson herself. "What the future holds nobody can say," says Richardson, sitting in her trailer next to a vase of roses, a farewell gift from the cast. "It's all up in the air. And I don't know if I will ever be here again."

The English actress, who plays Julia McNamara, has kept quiet until now about the family crisis that led to her decision to leave the series. Her only child is facing multiple surgeries on her leg due to a circulation problem with her veins. Daisy, 15, was diagnosed with the rare condition shortly after her first birthday.

"Surgeons and hospitals have been a big part of our lives," explains Richardson, 40, who is divorced from Daisy's father, producer Tim Bevan ("Notting Hill"). "We were always told that she would have to have more surgeries when she got older. The time has come."

Richardson, who mostly lives stateside while sharing custody with her ex back in London (where Daisy goes to school), found herself facing every single mom's nightmare. "I love my work," she says. "But I had to be in two places at once. And I thought 'If it were all over tomorrow, what would I regret?' It would be not being there for her."

Richardson first called Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy back in January to alert him to the problem. "It had to be done, but it was scary," she recalls. "You think, 'Oh, my God, are they going to sue me?'"

Instead, Murphy planned the season around her dilemma. "I was sad, but Joely came before her character," Murphy says. "The dynamic of the show changed with the difficulty of what she was going through [personally], plus what she is going through on the show this season playing the mother of a deformed baby. And Joely knocked it out of the park. This is the best she has ever been."

In Richardson's last episode, which airs November 14, fans will be able to see the characters 20 years into the future. (The actress looks a lot like her mother, Vanessa Redgrave.) "It explains where Julia has gone," Richardson says. "Dylan [Walsh] and I cried when we read the script."

But we may not have seen the last of Julia. Hoping Daisy has a fast recuperation, Murphy is writing a version of the December 12 finale that includes Richardson. And he's praying that she'll make it back next season: "I don't want to do the show without her."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Episode 10: Merrill Bobolit

The return of Escobar!!!

Well the show started off with a bang... Matt and Kimber come in for a consultation and tell Sean and Christian that they got married three days earlier... not only that but Kimber is pregnant! Matt believe he is the father but Christian is convinced that it's him! He'll go to great lengths to prove it. Kimber's consultation is about getting her silicon implants removed so she can breastfeed. Christian later agrees with alterior motives. While Kimber is under, Christian does a very dangerous procedure obtaining a DNA sample from the fetus to prove what he believes is already true. After the surgery, he confront Matt calling him nieve and a loser. He tells him that he should dump the bitch because she only slept with Matt to get even with him.

Just when things cant seem to get crazier, we see the return of Bobolit! That's right, Bobolit returns from prison with a message for Christian and Sean. However, first he details his experiences in prison as he became the prison bitch while he was there in an effort for survival! He talks about how he was passed around and used and abused! He finally got married while in prison and his spouse's name is tattoo'ed on his @ss! He drops his drawers to Christian and we see "Escobar" written across the cheek! Bobolit says that he needs an anal cavity repair and that he doesnt have insurance but he does have information! Information about the body that Christian and Sean left out in the Everglades. Bobolit tells them that Escobar told him the information and if they want them to keep the info quiet, they'll do Bobolit's rectal cavity and do some work for Escobar.

It seems that Escobar had his face burned off. Escobar wants Christian and Sean to fix his face back to the old face. Christian mentions that it will only make things worse, and end up even more time in prison. Escobar would rather go back to prison looking as he used to rather than going and living another day as a pervert behind the prison walls. This episode was about perception. Escobar forces Christian and Sean to rework his face that was severely burned by blackmailing them with the murder of Alejandro's brother (season 1) whom they fed to the alligators in the Everglades.

We later see Kimber and a Scientology coach teaching Kimber techniques to have a silent birth with no meds (better for the baby). Throughout the scene, Matt backs down to Kimbers every command fetching Kimber's water and basically taking a back seat like Sean usually does to getting treated like a peon. The funny part is Julia sees this and tries to warn Matt of what he is getting into. It doesnt help. Julia goes back home and confesses to Sean about her affair with Marlo only after finding out from Marlo that Sean confronted him.

Sean's confrontation with Marlo had to be one of the funniest as we end up seeing Marlo climb a ladder to get eye to eye with Sean asking him if it would make him feel better to hit him. Sean just ends it by saying that he painted over the mural. I had to laugh!!!

Sean, initially pissed at Julia ends up making out with her right after he finds out the news that Julia cheated on him. Weird but typical Sean! You have to love Sean asking Julia questions about how he was in bed, how big he was, did he make her orgasm.. etc.! He was pretty pissed for someone who did the exact same thing (Monica)!!

Christian and Sean begin the rework Escobar but Bobolit loses his marbles during the surgery grabbing a scalpel, turning up the oxygen and waking Escobar up during the surgery!!! The cops can't shoot because of the oxygen in the room (and fear of blowing up).. Bobolit babbles that he wants to kill the man that violated him over and over and shared him with the "entire penal system" as Christian so elegantly put it. Escobar would rather go back to prison as the man who killed Escobar and be treated like a king than stay on the outside like a piece of trash! Remember, this episode is about perception and image ;) Sean catches Bobolit with a punch and saves Escobar's life.

Escobar is in the recovery room when Sylvio's brother appears as a night nurse to change the bandages. He slips Escobar a gun and later make their escape. Christian finds dead cops everywhere and Sean, now at home, comes face to face with Escobar again (with a semi-old face because of the stitches). Initially Sean disregards as another hallucination but realizes he is face to face again. Escobar keeps his word and returns the evidence to Sean of the killing in the Everglades... Alejandro, Sylvio's brother, dead on the couch with a bullet in his forehead.

Sean calls the police to report the murder, Escobar walks free... Bobolit is back in prison. Christian finds out that while the DNA shows he has some similarity, he is not the father! Sean confesses to Julia that he slept with Monica!

Too many lines in this one for the quote of the night but the one that stuck out to me was while Bobolit was on the operating table getting his rectal cavity repaired and talking to Christian.... "she (Kimber) may have never had you from behind but she had you by the balls!"

Next week... we flash forward to 2026!! Can't wait as we enjoy the ride!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who do you think is the father of Kimber's baby??

Hmmmm??? I personally think that it is Christian's. I think Matt would have been bumbling his whole experience with Kimber. I can envision him bringing up the fact that they need a condom.

Christian, well... he was drunk and angry and deep down we know he belongs with Kimber and deep down we know he wants a kid after the whole Wilbur thing. It just makes sense to me. Watch it be some unknown stranger! ;)

Check out the new poll on the site and cast your vote!

Will Alanis Morissette and Nip/Tuck's Liz Make Beautiful Music Together?

Source: TvGuide by Mary Murphy


TV Guide: How did you get the role?
Morissette: [Nip/Tuck creator] Ryan Murphy was speaking with my agent, and said that when he had written the role of Poppy, he thought of me.

TV Guide: Why you?
Morissette: I had a lesbian role on Sex and the City where I ended up kissing Sarah Jessica Parker. This, though, feels like a more fleshed-out relationship, more than that cameo.

TV Guide: You kiss Liz, right? [Maffia described it as "just a playful one, no tongue."]
Morissette: The kiss felt so natural; there was nothing uncomfortable about it. We live in a homophobic culture — if it were two men they would be judged to the nth degree, but with women it is "hot." What I love about this is this seems real.

TV Guide: Have you ever had plastic surgery?
Morissette: No, I haven't. I am 32. I think it can be a slippery slope.

TV Guide: What is it like working with Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon?
Morissette: Dylan's character is haunting and present and vulnerable, but macho at the same time. Julian... he just cracks me up. He is somehow attractive underneath that despicable character.

View more at

Episode 9: Liz Cruz

Julia... Julia... Julia... Well, Ms. McNamara did what everyone thought she would. She slept with Marlo and managed to give him a complex over his..uh... short-comings? All of a sudden, Marlo (Mr. Confident) is interested in lengthening his legs, an extremely painful procedure and all for Julia! Wow, the girl has power! Marlo even went so far as to ask Sean to do the procedure!!!! It's been an interesting ride with the babysitters at the McNamara household. Julia sorta confesses near the end of the episode but doesnt give all the details other than calling Marlo a friend that she was visiting.

Well, we finally got to see Alanis Morissette! She plays Liz's new girlfriend named Poppy. We find out that she's kinda cruel too. After convincing Liz to go in for a little Nip/Tuck of her own, we find her critiquing Liz while she's under. Poppy happens to be an anesthesiologist (like Liz) and was in the operating room with Sean and Christian while they were performing the procedures. I think Poppy's comments even managed to creep Christian out as she was asking them to do more work on her. Lipo wasnt quite enough!! Oh and you had to love Christian's comment to Liz at the "Tell me what you don't like about yourself" consult. Liz tells Christian and Sean about her new girlfriend and Christian says something to the effect of "I must have missed the news, I didnt realize hell froze over." Classic Christian!

Poor Liz... She always has it the hardest but at least she has a cute girlfriend!

Oh, and one the other side stories was Christian almost losing his kidney... yes, seriously!! How does Christian keep getting involved with James. She ends up drugging him after first seducing him into having/wanting to have sex with her. You see, a few not too friendly assassins visited James earlier and they want a kidney in 24 hours. They poured gasoline on James and brought out the ciggy!! James happened to be at a gas station pumping gas by chance. Well, she got her 24 hours.... called Christian up and drugged him. Little did she know that Michelle wouldnt follow through on her part.

Michelle isnt all that kind... she had a little scene with Burt and left him crawling for mercy on the steps!!! He just wanted some pills man! Michelle apparently has a lot of feelings for Christian that the money apparently cant hide.

Well Christian got back to business and got even with James by putting some "waste" in her 100K car. Christian commented that a lottery winner had paid him 4X that to ride him and that James still owed him 300 more. With that, James offered Christian a truce... a female with long legs and seductive eyes. Of course Christian took James up on the offer. He commented that god gave him an organ and he wants to play the music! (Something to that effect) ;) I'll update when I watch the replay.

I cant wait for next week. It's the return of Escobar coming in with a really, really torn up face!!! .....and.... The return of Bobolit !!! We also find out that Kimber is pregnant!! Wow, didnt see that coming. We'll have to wait to find out if it's Christian's or Matt's.