Saturday, November 18, 2006

Episode 11: Conor McNamara 2026

Ok, yes I know I am late... long story but I had to catch the Fri night replay...

I wasnt sure what to expect and I read the mixed reviews and I already knew what the episode was about. As a fan who has watched from the beginning, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the episode. I thought it was heart-felt and accurate to the paths that these characters are heading down to.

We all have seen the self-destruction that these characters continuously endure and with this episode, we actually got a glimpse into their future. I dont think I was shocked by any of it actually. I really was impressed at how they all ended up back together as well. I thought it was very touching to see Conor bring everyone back together so that he could feel "complete" as well.

As many readers know, I havent been a fan of Julia's character but for some reason tonight (whether its because I know she's leaving the show or not) I really will miss her character. Much like this episode depicts, the show wouldnt be complete without all of the characters together.

I got a kick out of Christian being well... Christian ;) You have love the line he says about his two new girlfriends from Dubai... "they dont stop until the super viagra wears off!"

It was really good to see Matt get his act together and be someone that everyone could be proud of. It was definitely an interesting dinner table with Annie craving attention.... I could have done without all of the references to her characters current appearances. She's only been in a couple of episodes, did we have to relive each of them through her lines? LOL...

I thought Sean looked a bit old at first but it was the same old Sean and it was nice to see Conor and him act so similar as Conor spoke with Julia and Sean with Matt regarding the surgery. I also felt for Sean as he was trying to board the house up... keeping the one thing in his life left from falling down. It was also really nice to see one last embrace by Julia and Sean at the airport... Julia will definitely be missed and I will look forward to her return next year.

I give the writers a lot of credit in this episode as they really did put the pieces together. Definitely an episode for the Nip/Tuck lifers but will probably be lost on the occasional viewer.

Line of the night.... came in the previews for next week when Sean says "so interesting when the hooker becomes the pimp..."


Anonymous said...

HI!!I had a similar sensation as you with Jules.I have never liked this character, but maybe we´re very shocked about the reason for leaving. It´s a quite ironic her problems and Julia´s problem are almost equall.

I´m loving your blog more each day!!



Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Awwwww...shucks :) That made me smile!