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Carver Good to "Nip/Tuck" via E!Online

E!Online: Carver Good to "Nip/Tuck"
by Joal Ryan
Dec 28, 2005, 3:45 PM PT

The Carver is sick, sadistic--and popular.

The two-hour season finale of Nip/Tuck, in which the serial disfigurer known as the Carver was revealed to be Dr. Quentin Costa, was braved by 5.7 million, a record for an FX original series.

The show easily outdrew broadcast network competition on UPN and the WB, and lured a season-high number of desirable 18- to 49-year-olds to cable. Overall, it was the fourth-most watched program on all of cable in 2005, Variety reported.

Nip/Tuck's Carver storyline dates back to season two--or around the time the bad Dr. Costa checked in to Miami.

Played by former Jesse nice guy Bruno Campos, Costa cut up models and defiled Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) in cahoots with his secret sister--the finale's final twist--police detective Kit McGraw (Rhona Mitra). It was explained that Costa and Kit had troubled upbringings. Also, Costa was vexed by his lack of a penis.

Nip/Tuck is due back for a fourth season.


"Nip/Tuck" also drew 3.9 million in the 18-49 demographic; no other cable series has generated that large an audience this year. The haul also enabled "Nip/Tuck" to rank as the No. 1 original cable series in the demo.

The episode also repeated strongly at midnight, bringing in a cumulative audience of 7.3 million on the night.

Despite switching its scheduled run from the summer -- where it spent the past two seasons -- to the more competitive fall period, "Nip/Tuck" managed to best its season averages in total viewers (3.9 million) and 18-49 (2.7 million) by 100,000 viewers in both categories over last year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Season 3a (written by the fans)

Ok, another crazy idea on my part... bare with me. I needed a way to fill in the void of not having Nip/Tuck so I was thinking of a Nip/Tuck Season written by the :) I'll start by writing the an opening paragraph storyline and then anyone can reply and continue the story with their own ideas. The next person replies and keeps it going.... Hopefully we dont have any spoil sports killing characters off too quickly :o)

Well, hopefully you guys get a kick out of the idea... if not, I guess I'll be alone writing.. LOL ;o)~~

Nip/Tuck Blog Article - Season 3a (written by the fans)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Nip/Tuck Season Finale - Episode Summary

Christian and Sean received a bloody package containing breast implants... they checked the serial numbers and found that it was Kimber's. They also found a small object in one of the implants that was a container holding a message "beauty is a curse."

Christian then contacted Kit to have them investigate and Christian asked the Quentin be questioned.

The interrogation between Kit and Quentin was priceless... more one-liners that you can count. Then, Quentin was let go due to lack of efficient evidence.. .we found out he didnt have a penis. Birth deficiency. You'll have to watch the episode replay to hear his explanation of his relationship with Julia and the night he, Kit, Kimber and Christian were in the bedroom.

Kimber was found... Alive! She was seriously messed up. The breast implants were the least of her problems. All of her surgeries done by Christian were undone. Her nose, her lips, she was injected with Chicken fat... sun spots were replaced by burning her, her face of course was carved.. it was SICK hearing it.

Christian finally sees her and promises to fix what the Carver had done to her. She decides to have all of the surgeries at once and following the surgery tells Christian that she doesnt want to be with him.... that the Carver really did free her from a life of plastic and vain beauty. She doesnt want to be around mirrors and just wanted the surgeries to not be gawked at for her ugliness.

Cherry Peck, the transgender that Matt beat up shows up and threatens to go to the police if Sean and Christian dont fix her up. Cherry had cheap plastic surgery and wasnt looking too good. Sean doesnt take it well and tells her to get out and that he wont be threatened. Matt, then begs Sean to do the surgery to fix the mistake that Matt had made to begin with... so that they could move on with their lives.

Sean does the surgery for Cherry and Matt shows up to talk with Cherry.... They seem to have patched things up and it almost looks like they start flirting! LOL... Matt goes to the cosmetic section of the Mall with Cherry as friends when Ariel sees them and starts an uproar. Ariel's dad is also there. Just before that, the sales lady had given Cherry a hard time when Matt stood up for her and said that Cherry was more of a woman than she would ever be.

Julia is having nightmares about the baby... You'll have to see for yourself in the replay... Julia tells Sean that she still doesnt want him in her life just because she is having the baby. This was even after Sean gave her the deed to the house. After the first exam, she goes by herself and apparently finds out some news about the baby... we arent told. Shortly after, she decides to reconcile with Sean and move back into the house and amending the deed with both of their names.

The 2nd half starts with the Carver attacking a sorority house… picking the victims off one at a time. Sean and Christian were called by one of the victims' parents and realize they'll be pulling an "all-nighter" to fix the girls up. One of the girls says that she walked in on the Carver and saw "it". They ask if it was the Carver's penis and she says "No, it was like a strap-on."

The police also visit Quentin again and find candles all over his apartment and then him tied to the bed posts, face carved, with the words "I cant stop" painted above his head on the wall in blood.

The next morning Quentin comes in to McNamara / Troy to ask them to fix his face. They laugh and refer him to another surgeon indicating that fixing him would put them at risk with the Carver. He comes up with a whole story about fitting in and how that's all he ever wanted to do… be one of the guys. Quentin says that he paid a girl to pretend like she was giving him a blowjob during the scene with Sean at the party. He also says that he had to grab Christian's ass during the 3-some scene because things were progressing too fast with Kit and she would have found out that he was without a penis. Everyone feels sorry for him… including the viewers and they agree to do the surgery.

The police storm McNamara / Troy during one of the surgeries and put Liz under arrest. Kit interrogates her and brings up some of her past about an aggressive relationship she once had, her prior arrest at a protest rally, and the strap-on they found in her home. She swears up and down that she didn’t do it and would rape her bosses.

Sean goes in to check on Quentin when they find Quentin isnt there… it’s the body of a woman… The Carver then pops up form nowhere and injects Sean with the paralyzing fluid. The Carver takes off the mask and we see Quentin smiling.

Ariel and Matt are at the high school in Ariel's car talking about what happened between them. All of a sudden, Ariel's dad comes and asks Matt to scoot in and that they are going for a ride. Ariel says "I did what you asked daddy." Matt doesn’t put up a fight for some strange reason and they end up in what appears to be the basement/garage of Ariel's house. Matt is tied up and then Cherry Peck is brought in as well. They are both tied up and Ariel leaves the room. Ariel's dad threatens them and wants them to decide who will get cut… by this meaning having their penis cut. Matt is threatened first and then is told that he will have to cut Cherry Peck's off.

At about the same time, we head back to McNamara / Troy where the Carver (now known to be Quentin) is unmasked and has tied up both Sean and Christian. He rants a bit and even cuts the tip of one of Sean's fingers… the pinky. Quentin goes on explaining himself and comes up with the idea of cutting off a hand. He wants them to choose… He was about to cut Sean when Christian yells no and to do him instead. Quentin is about to cut Christian when he tells him "I cant do this… we've made love… you do it!" Quentin says that if Christian gets any ideas, he'll cut Sean's throat. We then see Christian about to cut his own hand off.

Matt goes through with cutting Cherry Peck and we see Cherry Peck in a hold dug out by Matt as he is forced by Ariel's dad. Matt loses it, throws the shovel, and basically says to go ahead and shoot him while putting his head against the gun. While the conversation is happening, Cherry gets out of the hole, grabs the shovel and whacks Ariel's dad knocking him out. Cherry Peck picks up the gun, points it at Ariel's dad when Matt says "do it"… and we see the shot fired from above.

Just as Christian is about to cut his own hand a bullet is fired. Kit shoots Quentin through a window of glass. She says that it’s a good thing she got a 911 call from Gina! We then go to check on Gina when we find that she has been carved by the Carver. They are in surgery with her when she and Christian are talking.

Kit talks with Sean and Christian and tells them that she found a diary of Quentin's and that explains how he was brought up… teased as a victim. She tells them that he had a sister with a clef that needed to be repaired… Quentin had gone to school and become a doctor when the sister had died.

We then see the body on the autopsy table. Kit had asked them not to start until she got there (after the shooting). We then see the black blanket removed and Quentin's eyes open. He asks what took so long? Kit was Quentin's sister!

Sean and Christian go to the school where Quentin had been to find out more about him when they talk to one of the head nun. The nun was surprised upon hearing of Quentin's death. She was also surprised to hear the story that his sister had died. She then shows them a picture of Quentin and his sister…. Kit.

The finale ends with Quentin and Kit sitting poolside sipping drinks talking about everything somewhere in Paris. Quentin says he needed more time but Kit says she had only walked in when they had agreed… he had taken too long. They discuss beauty when a woman (obviously enhanced) walks by… Quentin decides that he might have to "work" late and that his job is never done. We see him walk up to the woman now lying poolside.

The End.

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Nip/Tuck: Carver Blog - "True Beauty"

Via the Carver Blog
9:33 AM - True Beauty
Current mood: Reflective

Hola from Spain, or is it bom dia from Lisbon, or is it ni hao from Beijing, or is it guten tag from Berlin, or is it bon jour from Paris, or shalom from Tel Aviv? We really could be anywhere couldn’t we? And that’s the point, isn’t it? Not the messenger or the language he speaks or the city he lives in or if there are two or three or a thousand of us – it’s the message. True beauty is not a curse on the world. True beauty radiates from a leper’s hope or a victim’s resistance. True beauty does not exist in the symmetry of a face or the flatness of a belly. True beauty lives in the musk of sweat that forms after a good hard screw. True beauty is raw, ugly, human. True beauty throws up on your shoes. True beauty’s eyes are bloodshot from being up all night fighting. True Beauty leaves a scar. True beauty hurts to look at – because it reminds us how ugly we all are. It holds a mirror up to our mediocrity; our need to blend in, to conform, to believe in the craven imagery sold to us at the checkout line in the supermarket. We hunger for True Beauty because we are feeding ourselves with dust to fill our need. We are gorging ourselves at the buffet table of illusion and wondering why we never feel full, never feel satisfied, never feel beautiful. Turn away from the mirage and feed with me. Put down your Us Weekly and turn off your “E!” -- they are the Devil’s banquet. Yes, my methods are extreme, but my message is not. How I communicate what I believe isn’t for everyone – in fact it isn’t for anyone but me – but what I am saying is universal.

For those that see my true identity as some kind of disappointment, a let down, I ask – who did you think I was? I am the Carver, I have always been the Carver, I was never anything but the Carver. You knew that. Who I was behind the mask was never important. It was what I did when the mask was on that mattered. Like a great knight, it was what I stood for when I donned my armor that made the difference. Yes, it was important to me that everyone knew that I wasn’t some lunatic, some uneducated psychotic with nothing but rage and revenge as my guides -- that I wasn’t being controlled by the neighbor’s dog or compelled by the Devil. But at the end of the day, it was never about who was doing it, it was about what was being done. I am simply the one that was chosen to be given the gift of enlightenment -- just as Siddhartha, Mohammed, Abraham and Jesus were all just men, chosen for reasons unknown to them to deliver the word of God. Do not focus on the “who”, focus on the “why.” The “who” is a distraction. The “who” helps us forget the lie that the “why” is trying to destroy. It makes us think that because someone has pretty eyes what they say is important and because someone has no teeth they are a rambling idiot – even if both are saying the exact same thing.

Kit and I will always be out here, somewhere, maybe on the other side of the world, maybe hiding in your closet. Where ever we go, though, we will be bringing our message of True Beauty and confronting those that resist it. I might even pop in here every now and then to give my good friends a personal hello, maybe explain a few things. It has been a pleasure “educating” all of you. Let’s do it again sometime soon. Just leave your back doors open for sis and me. We’ll be over as soon as we can…

Until we meet again, my beauties…

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Poor Matt McNamara...

By season 5... Matt will be in a straight jacket!!

Cmon... hasnt the kid been through enough?

He's about to be stalked by the KKK, have to live with a real murder after living with the hit and run (Cara Fitzgerald)... He's slept with one transgender (Ava) and then had to deal with her son who happened to be murdered. Matt found the body and was questioned by police where he found out the best blowjob he ever got was from a man.... Matt then attacks another transgender that he'll probably end up dating but not before he had to cut his penis off (after his own was threatened) and then witness the shooting of their attacker in self defense... the attacker only happened to be his Nazi ex-girlfriend's father!! This was the same guy Matt did a favor for by breaking his father's client confidentiality by stealing all the client files. Matt then closed out the evening in Hannibal Lecter style by sitting down for a nice family dinner... LOL!!!

Matt also found out that Sean wasnt actually his biological father and that his uncle Christian is. I guess he just assumes his mother is a slut at this point as well. Matt tried to perform his own circumcision after his first girlfriend turned him down and went lesbo on him! At least he was invited to a three-way before he was rudely interrupted by his mother.

Matt has taken bong hits with his grandmother and wasnt even told (didnt appear in the episode) where his grandmother apparently went down in a plane crash!!

Matt's been punched by his non-biological father and had to file a restraining order against him. Matt has also been beat up by a gang of transgenders and pissed on. He was also arrested for indecent exposure... whacking off to Ava's window... a crime he had to admit to Christian. LOL...

Matt... Matt.. I feel sorry for ya buddy... It's only going to get worse before it gets better!

Nip/Tuck: Season Finale Thoughts - Carver Unmasked

I loved the one liners all over the place... lots of twists and turns... and they didnt go and pick someone that wasnt a main character. I had a pretty good read on who I thought the Carver was and my theory came down to the wire.

I cant believe Matt was that dumb to stay in the car without putting up a fight! I guess that's the major cliffhanger for next year as the KKK hunt him down. I guess we'll also find out what happened to Julia's baby... there was definitely some news there that we didnt hear.

I guess the Carver will be back next year in some fashion. I would love to see those characters again next year. Quentin and Kit were great! The writing was well done even though it might not have been the major surprise everyone was looking for. I am not sure why some people were disappointed. I for one, was not. I appreciate the fact that the writers did not bring back a small character. This year was about Quentin and Kit and there they were!! Very clever.

I thought the twists and turns were great and what they did to Kimber was SICK!!!! I didn't see all that coming but I was so glad to see she was at least ALIVE!!! THANK YOU WRITERS!!! I hope she ends up with Christian after it is all said and done. People change... Christian should have told Kimber that she'd always be a 10 in his eyes... instead he tells her he'll make her a 10 again. What's up with that?!! Bad move Christian... not a way to win the woman's heart back.

Annie made her brief appearance which I initially overlooked... LOL.. I wish her character would just disappear!

Did anyone else think Matt was going to end up falling for the transexual!! LOL !!! And why doesnt Matt ever come clean with anything... The drama will be back for next season. I just posted a new blog entry about Matt. Boy that kid has been through a lot in the show...

I agree with some of the feedback that I received. It was suggested that it might have been more powerful if the Carver would have remained masked during the intense scene with Sean and Christian. I agree... I would have loved to see them trying to figure out who was behind the mask and then find out after the shooting.

You have to love how Christian was willing to sacrifice his own hand for Sean... they do make a good couple ;o) I just pictured the wedding cake tasting scene during that moment! LOL...

Scenes of the night in my opinion:
Sean and Christian receiving the bloody package
Quentin's Interrogation by Kit
Kit telling Christian about what happened to Kimber
Matt stands up to the makeup lady
Matt and Cherry being tied up and threatened
Christian and Sean being tied up and threatened (at the same time, but in separate scenes as Matt and Cherry)
Quentin and Kit sitting poolside

**Julia's Dream... only because of Quentin's comment that "it almost looks human" LOL...

Quotes (as close as I can get them)!!!!

Quentin to Kit.... you spread your legs like a romanian gymnist

Quentin to Kit... You really ought to expand your pool of suspects to people who dont know if you are trimmed, shaved or waxed... LOL

Quentin to Christian... I can't do it... We've slept together... LOL

Matt to the makeup lady (regarding Cherry Pack).... she's more of a woman than you'll ever be!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Ultimate Carver Spoiler?

These just got circulated to me via emails from several people. Be warned that this COULD BE the ultimate spoiler so be warned before you click.

Just remember that these were added to the FXnetworks website so the chances of being legit are high but there could be the misdirection factor... I am not even going to hyperlink them so you actually have to copy and paste them if you want to see. Read into them as much as possible. You can reply to this thread but be vague as I do not want the comments to provide any more information than I am giving now.

UPDATE: The links were removed by FXNetworks this afternoon...


UPDATE: I wouldnt normally put these up but FX seemed to have dropped the ball already so here are the pics that were removed...


For those that have MySpace accounts, feel free to message me there:

As of this morning, 12/20 these pictures are circulating faster than Pamela and Tommy Lee's sex tape!! I really hope it is just the ultimate redirect. I am still looking forward to tonight's episode as if it were Christmas!

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Nip/Tuck: Carver Blog Post - "My Mask"

Via The Carver's Blog
Saturday, December 17, 2005
1:15 PM - My Mask
Current mood: generous

I am on a holy quest. A quest for true equality. A quest for the expression of godliness in every person regardless of their race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. We are instinctively drawn to those that look like us, or worse yet, those that look like we wish to look. Both are lies. Neither is a true expression of who any of us are. I wear a mask not to hide my identity – but to make sure that I am seen. See my face and you know nothing of me. See my face and you see what you want to see – you compare, contrast – “Is she prettier than I am? Is his jawline more defined?” See my face and you see my mask. See my mask and you see me, see my message, see what I stand for, see my story. My life is pain, hate, fear. My mask speaks to that life. My mask is a gift to the world. My mask is an act of grand generosity. It does not hide as the face does. What face tells the truth anymore? What face filled with botox and collagen, covered in self-tanner and anti-wrinkle cream is anything but the manifestation of the selfishness of the modern world? The masses cry out – “Give me Jennifer Garner’s nose! Give me Jennifer Lopez’ ass! Do not make me “as” beautiful as they are – simply make me “as” they are – for those I worship are nothing save for how they look and I am nothing if I do not look as they do. Perhaps if we appear to be the same I will feel as they feel, I will consume what they consume, I will become what they have become. Anything to lose who I truly am. Anything to not have to look into the face that was gifted to me. Lie to me, cheat me, tell me what I need to hear, just don’t look at me.” All I want is for people to look as they feel. To be the same inside and out. I wear my mask because even I, an enlightened one have lost the use of my face. It is just like the rest, a façade, an eminence front, a put on. I give people masks of their own, gift their cheeks with honesty. I must admit, sometimes when I see them in their humility, in their humanity, I am overcome and I must join with them, but even great ones cannot help but be drawn into the holy light of an illuminated soul. Why do we elevate as heroes the cowards who claim to be champions of equality, yet do nothing to demonstrate what true equality looks like? I am the only one who can destroy society’s masks. I am the only one with the courage, insight and strength to tear off the masks and expose the raw, pink, unsoiled flesh within. Do not ask me to remove my mask – I already have.

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Nip/Tuck: "Tookiesam."

If you read the spoiler/gossip column from E! Online which I blogged about here, you'll know that one of the clues about the Carver identity was "Tookiesam."

Well, if you've kept up with the news you'll know that Stanley Tookie Williams was a man on Death Row pleading for recently pleading for clemency on his execution. He was the co-founder of the Crips. He was held in San Quentin State Prison, where he put to death by lethal injection mid-Dec.

The clues... Quentin/Execution/Death/Lethal Injection... Hmmm...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Season Finale and Carver Thoughts

Hey gang, the season finale promo looked awesome and I have no doubt that the show will live up to the hype and leave us wanting more for next year. 
I keep reading a lot about theories based on the promo clip!  The preview for next week's episode says that Julia is having nightmares.

The promos are always cut in a way that gives us the impression of one things and sways us another… Remember the chick in season 1 who pulled a gun on Grace Santiago? Remember the Naomi Gaines episode where we thought we were seeing the Carver's face but were really seeing one of the guys in Gina's gang bang?

With this said, I still stick to my Carver theory about Quentin/Gina.

The Carver has made comments about Brutus and Cassius who I correlate to Sean and Christian.

"They are the Brutus and Cassius of my play; they are the great traitors to my religion. Listen close, both believer and non-believer alike – those two will suffer more deeply and more completely than any others. Those two will see my face and beg it for mercy – of which there will be none. "

Now, we know that Christian is going to suffer when it comes to finding out about Kimber and receiving the bloody package containing the breast implants. I really believe it will hit him hard and that's why he'll go directly to Kit and start questioning EVERYONE!

Now, Sean really hasn’t had anything come up yet other than his attack early on. He was warned already not to interfere but yet continues. This is why I think Julia will be the next victim. I believe that the images in the video might be Julia and I still believe that the last image found was a picture of a baby… It doesn’t matter if it is or isn't really because this is all theory.

What could make Sean suffer more than going after Julia and trying to attack the unborn that really is Sean's baby!

Now, back to reality…

Bobolit...Why is everyone all on Bobolit? In my opinion, he's sort of a goof… kinda clumsy… The only people he attacked were with his Bobotox which he really didn’t even acknowledge his victims. It was the chinese chick that was the vicious one. Bobolit couldn’t even go through with attacking Christian and I really don’t see him having a grudge against Sean. Maybe Christian…. The guy (IMHO) isn't capable of carving people up like that.

Liz...Liz has always been touted as the voice of reason and hasn’t shown a mean bone in her body. Her relationship with Christian is one of small jabs and comments. I really don’t believe there is any hate there at all or else why would she have come back to them after getting shot by Escobar. The only reason she left to go to Julia was to get away from the bickering and the practice that wasn’t making any money. She even said that they couldn’t afford her. The only grudge/motive she might have is not being asked to be a partner.

Escobar...The latest theory in the community is Escobar! I removed him from my polls early on because he wasn’t getting any votes. I might have to put him back on because that's all I hear about these days. He definitely has motive against Christian and Sean but the Carver started out by attacking models. Escobar wanted money and power. He had women everywhere too by the way so why would he all of a sudden want to bang Christian??? I don’t think so!

Ava… will she make an appearance..?? I don't know. She left Adrian for dead so it might be possible. We've seen her in some images and clips but have yet to see her this year so it wouldn’t surprise me if she pops up. Is she a Carver possibility? I guess so. There's no reason to think she might not be… She could be holding a grudge against real women… She could be holding a grudge against men too… We will soon find out.

Ariel...I don’t think Ariel is the Carver either but I do think we will see her again and there will be fireworks. I don’t have any idea what they will do with her so it should be interesting. She very well could play a part in this whole thing.

Ariel's Dad… He's a bit character… That's all I have to say. Unless Ariel is really tied to this whole thing… Forget about it.

Kimber… That one is hard for me to swallow after I am sitting here wishing she were not harmed. It would be a complete 180 to find out she is really the Carver this whole time. I really don’t even want to theorize that it might be her.

Sean… I've read about Sean being delusional and I can kinda see it. I like the creative thinking but I don’t think it will be him because that kinda puts a damper on next season.
Same goes for Julia especially when I think she will still be a victim ;o)

Matt… He's too involved with HS and being a puppy dog to any girl that pays attention to him. I don’t see him as the Carver either… he doesn’t have the sophistication that the Carver has shown. He practically crumbled under the pressure of running Cara over!!

Christian's Dad... We don't even know the guy's name. We don't know if he's dead or alive. The only way the guy would even know Christian is if Kit McGraw tracked him down like she tracked Christian's mom down. If she did track him down, why isn't he in jail for rape. Sorry... Too much of a reach for me.

Julia's Mom... Ok, I believe she is a doctor and we have to assume that wasnt an illusion of her on the couch since everyone seemed to be happy in the last episode. I don't think she would be out on a killing spree at her age. Just putting her on the list so people don't say... hey, what about Julia's mom?! LOL...

Jude... He did appear in the season premiere and he may go both ways. We're not really sure. He did go to the swinger party. However, I dont believe he even knew Julia at the time of Sean's attack. I blogged about the boyfriend she had at the time. It would be pretty ironic if the Carver actually decided to go to college and attend the same class as Julia. He could have potentially picked out victims at the swinger's club. I wouldnt rule Jude out completely. He did seem to want a relationship with Julia that he wasnt able to get.

Nip/Tuck Podcasts

Check it out: The Goddess Cast Station

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Nip/Tuck: New Carver Blog Post - "Hate"

Via Carver Blog
1:24 PM - Hate
Current mood: alive

Oysters? Diamonds? Conch Chowder? Spanish fly? Amateurs. Poetry? Flowers? Lingerie? Perfume? Pretenders. The truest, most powerful aphrodisiac isn’t any of these – it is hate. Sex does not live in our heads or our hearts, sex lives in our bowels, in the dark spaces within and below. Sex resides in our loins where hate festers, masticating us from within until we explode in a rage of passion. I am hate. I was not born of God’s heart or spirit, but emerged from his mighty taint to expose the power of hate, to show that it is the envy of love. To love someone is to think of them three times, five times, ten times a day. To hate them is to never have them out of your thoughts. To hate someone is to be smothered by them, overwhelmed by feeling, made alive by their very existence. Love can be cured by a slight, by gossip, by rumor, by a pair of socks left unhampered or a slip of the tongue at a dinner party. Love is fragile. Love is the lie we tell ourselves to make all the other lies manageable. Hate is pure, though. Hate endures against all logic, against all argument, against any attempted reconciliation. Send me chocolates, I still hate you. Say you’re sorry, I still hate you. Fix what you have broken, I still hate you. And what is a more powerful, complete and devastating expression of hate than sex? Is there a better way to focus hate than to purify it in the places where it is most comfortable? Have sex with someone you love, then have sex with someone you hate and then tell me which is more satisfying. Tell me who you would rather see vulnerable, empty, weakened to their most base and animalistic – a lover or an enemy? I pity those that love me more than those that hate me because the haters feel what I feel. The haters see me as I see them. I am bound to the haters by experience. To hate me is to understand me, to understand me is to love me – and to be loved by me. My experience of what you call love is limited, and that love is poisoned by pain. Hate, though? I’m lousy with hate. Hate is where I live. Those that claim to not hate might as well claim to not breathe or eat or think. To exist is to hate. To be alive is to understand that “you” is the truest word and that the only way to join with another is to connect with their hate of you – and your hate of them. I carve because I hate. I hate because I seek connection with the world. I seek understanding, a shared experience, a brotherhood with man. I yearn to be hated, so please, hate me my lovers. Hate me with all that you are. Climax with hate at the very thought of me and together we will see the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Episode 13 - "Joy Kringle" - December 13, 2005

Well, we've seen the characters come full circle. Tonight's episode featured vanity like never seen before... Santa and Mrs. Claus wanting to be thin! All was fine and dandy until Christian hits something during the liposuction. What is it? A calcified fetus or stone baby. Santa wasnt pleased and walked out on his beloved Mrs. Claus for a younger model whom he wanted to give the gift of Double D's.

Matt was up to his old tricks playing puppy dog to his racist girlfriend, Ariel's every demand. This time it was painting an african nativity scene, white. Ariel finds out later during a research project for school that she's 1/16 black and is worried what her father might do. Matt steals some whitening cream from the spa and of course, it all backfires. Ariel ends up with minor burns to her face, denies the whole 1/16th part of herself being black and leaves Matt when her father questions what happened.

Julia finds out she's pregnant and in true Nip/Tuck style, the viewer is kept guessing until the very end as to who the father might be. When Quentin comes to pick up his last pay check, he and Christian have a small discussion about the Julia/Quentin romance when Quentin admits that he never had sex with her. Julia plans for her abortion when Sean offers to take her to the appointment. Their romance kicks in and they decide to keep the baby and possibly bring their marriage back together.

Matt stops by to thank Christian at his home on Christmas eve... both of them looking pretty lonely when they have a nice father/son, uncle/nephew, friend/friend moment. All seems to be well in Nip/Tuck land.

And then... we see the previews for next week! The season finale should be INCREDIBLE! The Carver strikes again! This time in grand fashion as he attacks an entire sorority house picking off the girls one by one. Kit McGraw is back investigating the case, Liz is brought in for questioning, and chaos is everywhere. Christian and Sean receive a bloody package which contain the apparent breast implants of Kimber. We even seen a few quick shots of Quentin in the trailer.

The only one not seen of the regulars this year was Gina... (and Annie, to be expected). The season finale looks like it will definitely live up to the hype!

Check out the TVSquad Summary

Nip/Tuck: New Carver Video (#4) Posted!

Check it out at the Carver's Website
Nip/Tuck Fanatic's Video Analysis containing another faint picture of a face!

What do you guys think???

Nip/Tuck: Gossip! Hints! Spoilers? Beware!

via Kristin at E!Online

From brewser: Need Nip/Tuck! Where is Kimber?
Getting some work done. And that is far more than I was supposed to tell you! Let's just say it makes my toes curl to think of how she'll be when Señor Slicer (like Voldemort, I can no longer say his/her name for s/he is that wicked) is done with her.

From fernando: Do you still stand by your clue that Kimber "has come undone"?
I would answer that the way Kimber should have answered the priest at the church. (Can you tell I'm really trying not to get in trouble here?)

From ruthiegirl: Can we get one more clue as to what's happened with Kimber? I'm scared for her.
Me, too. The hint is: chicken fat.

From taybug42: Can you gimme a hint who the Carver is?

From fattymcmanho: I just found out I got into the University of Florida! As a congratulatory gift, could you please tell me if anyone in the message boards has Nip/Tuck figured out?
Congrats! I'm so proud of my little fat man ho. I haven't looked through all postings, but the "adult fetus" thing is different than what I heard about what happens to Kimber, if that's what you're talking about.

From Janie: I was appalled at that storyline last week when Christian made the girl put her bag over her head. Please tell me that won't continue.
It will. And honey, please, who wouldn't wear a paper bag to score Julian McMahon? I'm stocking up at Costco right after the chat.

From cassandvon: Why is there a scene in Spain on Nip/Tuck?
Shut up. There is? Did Famke lie when she said she's not returning? I hadn't heard that! Are you yanking my chain?

via E! Online Archives

From nemofansmommy: Can you rule out Julia's mother as the Carver on Nip/Tuck?
Crap, what did that Little Engine say again?

From spygrl1210: Kimber was definitely kidnapped by the Carver, right? She wouldn't leave Christian.
You just wait. No, she didn't leave Christian.

From epc1658: Is Kimber dead?

From grygazol: Does Kimber go back in time, à la becoming a born-again virgin (with surgical re-hymenation) so she's pure on her wedding night? They do that now.
Good guess, but that's not what I meant by "going back in time" on the message boards.

From dj457_2000: Is the Kimber tragedy really mind-blowing?
I haven't seen it. But when I heard it, I was actually kind of sick to my stomach.

From chasebrin: So, am I completely off base or did I hear a rumor that Famke may be making her way back to Nip/Tuck?
I, too, have heard rumblings, but nothing has been confirmed.

Nip/Tuck: Julia's Pregnant

Tonight's Christmas episode is almost upon us. If you haven't voted yet, now is the time to vote for who you think got Julia pregnant. Visit my Nip/Tuck Fanatic and vote in the poll to the right...

So far, surprisingly... Sean is in the lead! I would have thought that everyone would have voted for Quentin! Quentin is running 2nd with Christian in 3rd! ;o)

If you check John Hensley's Fan Site, you'll see that in Episode 6: "Megan O'Hara", Sean Mcnamara gets a vasectomy but before he does, he stores he sperm at a sperm bank.

Episode Quote:

Sean: I’m gonna get a vasectomy.
Christian: What? Why?
Sean: Julia doesn’t want to have any more kids and I can’t handle another mistake.
Christian: That’s the most bullshit cure for depression I ever heard. If you want to shoot blanks, Sean, don’t get snipped. Do what I do. Take a bath.
Sean: What?
Christian: For every date, I sit in a 116 degree bath. Escessive testicular heat shuts down spermatogenosis. Teabag your testicles in a hot tub and I swear you’ll be sterile and squeaky clean.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Nip/Tuck: The Real Story

NIP TUCK ...THE REAL STORY (A very good read) (courtesy of Leslie..Thanks!)

Busy with a new film career — he's the writer/director of Running With Scissors, starring Annette Bening and Gwyneth Paltrow — Murphy discusses why he came back for season 3 of Nip/Tuck. (As told to Lynette Rice)

There was a day last season when Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh walked in my office unannounced and said, ''You have to stay on the show.'' I love those guys and I did feel an obligation to stay with them — I just didn't think we could make the new deal work. It wasn't just about wanting to make more money for myself. I also wanted more money for the show. I was at a point where I was begging for extra chicken fat for the surgery scenes. A network show costs in the $2 million-plus range and we were at $1.4 million. But it ended up well. I don't think I signed the deal until last December — two months after the second-season finale. The budget's at $1.9 million now, and the network agreed to let me do movies at the same time.

Even if I had left, I wasn't going to walk away and wash my hands of the show. We started the Carver story, so obviously it would be a part of season 3.

I was the only one who knew who the Carver was — now all the writers know. We signed a blood oath. The weird thing is, the Carver was a throwaway episode that immediately saw a spike in the ratings. People liked the gore and scariness of it. It's an interesting character because what he's doing is really no different than what plastic surgeons are doing. They are both carving and butchering people. Every time that character went on, from episode 7 to the end, our ratings grew.

This whole season will be about Carver madness. It will be somebody we know. It's always a horrible cheat when it's someone like a neighbor who you met once, and they're the killer. I like how this show has not done the obvious. The Carver can be a him or a her. The last scene of the final episode this season is when we'll learn who the Carver is.

I never feel like anything we do on this show spirals out of control. I heard that about the story involving Famke Janssen, who played Matt's transgender lover, Ava, last season. I never thought that story over-the-top, I thought it was a delight. Her character was designed for a year, but she was such a hit she's coming back this season. When anybody said that to me about her story being over-the-top, I reminded them how the pilot featured our two guys wrapping the villain in ham and throwing him into the Everglades, where he was eaten by alligators. Dylan Walsh always jokes about how we jumped the shark in the pilot, so it's very liberating.

People don't realize our medical cases are 100 percent based on fact. So when you watch the first episode of season 3 and see a 650-pound woman who is literally stuck to her couch, I'll show you the newspaper clipping that proves it actually happened. I don't make that s--- up. We have episodes that don't have any surgeries but people never remember that. They always remember the unadulterated madness. That's by design. This is a modern-day horror story with plastic surgeons as dueling Dr. Frankensteins.

If the shock value gets you into the show, welcome. But I hope the legacy of the show will be the storytelling. I always thought the show was about the love triangle of Sean, Christian, and Julia and how they keep redefining that triangle. The other thing I thought would be interesting was to do a love story about two men who are heterosexual. How many more obstacles can our guys endure and still remain friends? Sometimes we write things and say, They're never gonna get over this, we have to split them up. But we find a way of making it work.

(This is an online-only excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's Sept. 16, 2005, cover story.)

Nip/Tuck: Cherry Peck Episode Preview (TVGuide)

Episode Detail: Nip/Tuck Cherry Peck
The first of back-to-back episodes that end the third season begins with the Carver back in the picture---and Christian suggesting to Kit (Rhona Mitra) that Quentin should be her suspect. But first, Sean and Christian receive a bloody package. Its contents: Kimber's breast implants. Meanwhile, Matt asks Sean to redo the face of a transsexual he beat up, and Julia disappoints Sean yet again.

Nip/Tuck: New Carver Video (#3) Posted!

A new Nip/Tuck Carver video has been posted by the gang at FX! Check out the third in the series: Carver Rant Take 3

You also want to check out this page I put together on in regards to some facial reflections seen in the clips! There are also two images flashed at the end which may or may not be clues but I am focusing on these faint reflections.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic's MySpace

Friday, December 09, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Unofficial Carver Victims List

Since there is no official list... I thought I would put together an "unofficial" list as close to the real order as possible.

Carver Victims

Nip/Tuck: Is Matt the Carver? (TVGuide Interview)

Nip/Tuck's Matt: Is He The Carver?
by Anthony Layser

When Nip/Tuck premiered on FX three years ago, the character of Matt McNamara, played by John Hensley, was your regular high-school student. Since then, things have become a bit more... complicated. Last season he was involved in an affair with his life coach, Ava, a woman twice his age. Next he discovered that his father's business partner is actually his biological dad. Then he found out Ava was once a man. (And you thought finding a date to the prom was stressful!) recently caught up with the closely shorn actor to get an idea of how things got so out-of-hand. The character of Matt had a pretty tumultuous run there on Nip/Tuck. Do you miss doing scenes that aren't extremely intense?
John Hensley: Quite frankly, I tend to have a hell of a lot more fun with the intense scenes. Part of it is the ability to sink your teeth into the material, but the other thing is that it's all make-believe and it's nice to go to work and have a situation where you can take big risks. Oftentimes, it's in those little moments of risk that things can be discovered. Show creator Ryan Murphy has taken Nip/Tuck's story line to some pretty outlandish extremes. Do you ever have any idea what's in store for Matt before you get the scripts?
Hensley: Not really. Occasionally I'll get a slight indication where the character is going, but when you get eight writers in a room, the story is bound to change from episode to episode. Well, did you know from the start that Ava would eventually be revealed to be transgender?
Hensley: I had no idea. As a matter of fact, we were given that episode one act at a time. I had no clue until I received the third act, so that was a big reveal for me, as well. The only thing I knew about Matt and Ava's relationship was that Matt falls head over heels for her. They told me, "Matt falls for this woman and she will turn out to be this season's villain." I knew that much going in, but I had no idea that Ava would ultimately be revealed to be a former man. Wouldn't Matt have known something was "slightly amiss" considering he was sleeping with Ava?
Hensley: Again, I didn't know [for] the entire second season, so when the reveal did come, what could I do? Did you ever ask the writers about the plausibility?
Hensley: The die was already cast, so what's the point? I did ask some questions, because Christian knew right away that she used to be a man. I asked, "Is this something that Matt's supposed to be into?" Their response to me was that Matt didn't have enough experience with women to know that there was something different; he just thought that's how she was made. Hey, you've got to take what the writers give you. Whose idea was it to have Matt shave his head this season?
Hensley: Well, I know Ryan's been toying with the idea of shaving people's heads since the show began. Though I'm the first recipient of the honor, I'm not the first person who was discussed as being a shaving candidate. Does being bald make the character edgier?
Hensley: Yeah, I suppose so. It takes away a lot of mask. You have nothing but a head there, so you don't have a lot of cover. I honestly don't miss my hair. I feel like when you commit to something, you commit to it you give what is asked of you. They wrote it in and that's the way it went. Do you know who will end up being revealed as The Carver?
Hensley: To be honest, I really don't know. That said, I can tell you that I feel very strongly that it's not Matt. I think he would make the least sense. There's no accounting for what they might choose to do, but if you watch the trajectory of my character, even though at moments he's been horribly misdirected and misguided, he's just not that type of methodical [killer]. If he ever did anything like that, it would be out of a fit of passion and he probably wouldn't get away with it. Other than that, I think it's wide open. My mom thinks it's Erica, Vanessa Redgrave's character (Julia's Mom). I'd find it hard to believe it's Sean or Christian, but other than those two, it literally could be anyone. Do you think Ryan Murphy knows who it is at this point?
Hensley: I think he does know. It's like finding out that Ava was a man - my mouth was wide open when I read that, I thought it was brilliant, a great twist and from out of nowhere. But then, if you go back and look over the show, it's not out of nowhere. She had Matt break into the office to steal these mysterious pills she needed. Christian even says to Matt, "Do you have any idea what these are for?" There were all these subtle hints that Ryan had sprinkled over that story line, so when he reveals The Carver, I think there will be all these traceable steps.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nip/Tuck: New Carver Video Posted!

A new Nip/Tuck Carver video has been posted by the gang at FX! Check out the second in the series: Carver Rant Take 2

Nip/Tuck: The Carver Website

Via "The Carver" Website

If this doesn't get you hooked, you don't have a pulse... You can view the clip at the website. Apparently, The Carver is a 100 years old, female (gender unknown, Carver website updated 12/7) from Miami, FL. The Carver has an athletic body type (rules Liz out!), catholic (rules Bobolit out), is a scorpio, and is a humanitarian/artist. The Carver enojoys 80's music among other things. It also specifically states that he/she "DOES NOT WANT CHILDREN."

That has to rule out Liz, Sean, Christian, and Julia. Liz already tried to get a baby and still might. Christian was really attached to Wilbur. Sean and Julia already have kids so I think its safe to rule them out. Gina seemed to want custody initially of Wilbur but it hasnt been mentioned since. I guess the same can be said about Christian but he at least tried to marry Kimber and start a family. Gina has shown no interest in that at all.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic Conspiracy Theory:

I was reading up a bit on the Carver video discussion and noticed something that I dont think
was mentioned in the forum. If you look at the 1st video clip (,
and view it at the 1 sec mark frame-by-frame and while rotating it as the image
linked below... you'll notice the reflection of a face approaching the video
camera. I've highlighted the identifiable portions below and put the image
by itself side-by-side so you can compare for yourselves. It appears to be
a female by the eyelashes seen and I think this backs up that the Carver is not
acting alone. Too much time on my hands.... I know...

Video Screen Capture

If you liked that, you gotta check out: Complete Video Analysis on Nip/Tuck Fanatic


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nip/Tuck Episode 12: "Sal Perri" - Dec 6, 2005 Recap

Was anyone else wigged out by the body of Julia's mom lying there... BREATHING!!?? Cmon... A better camera angle or something would have helped but Im sitting there watching the blanket move! LOL... Julia finally gets emotional and I'm busy watching the dead body breathe!

Then, it comes alive and scares the living daylights out of me (as I am typing this)!!! The next thing I know Julia suffocates what's left of her... she must be taking notes from Quentin! WEIRD...

Quentin is such a tool... "let me give you massage..."

Line of the night:
Quentin: "You're a bitch..."
Julia: "maybe, but at least I'm not yours"

OMG!! WTF.... Julia's mom is on the couch!! I got chills!!!! Holy Crap! Julia just smothered someone else's mother!!!!! OMG!!!

Check out the Carver commercial!! Sweet! The Nip/Tuck marketing group is really teasing us!
Here's the URL for "the Carver": The site includes a video message that will freak you out too. The Carver even has a profile and already done 3 blog entries, check them out!

I also created a site on and guess what... The Carver was my first contact/"friend?" on the site! Check it out!

Episode recap by Jonathan Toomey at

Nip/Tuck: Recent Carver Thoughts

I was just thinking over a few items on the Carver idea and had a few more comments on the possibility of a Gina/Quentin combination working in tandem.

Now, we know that Gina got upset with Christian when he refused to give her any more money. We also know that Gina tends to be a bit vindictive... car vandalization anyone? She also might not be too happy about Christian going against her in court when it came to Wilbur (the baby) and siding with the biological father.

With that said... Quentin was the only one who thought the spa idea was a good one. He is also a womanizer.... and Gina is a sex-a-haulic. Gina has also taken part in a gang bang... something Quentin might enjoy himself ;o) Doesnt it seem a bit odd that they haven't shown Quentin "bumping" into Gina at the spa? We've also seen Gina probing questions out of Kimber like she was searching for information. That same information was requested by the Carver for Kimber to write in the letter to Christian. She definitely has the motive for payback!

One last point.... Quentin, mysteriously hooks up with Julia and gets a job at the spa. Isn't Gina a partner with Julia? She would have had some say in the matter.... Again, we've seen no interaction. It seems like Gina might be spinning the wheels behind the scenes. In fact, we don't even know where Gina lives (nor Quentin)!

One more thought while I was brainstorming with too much time on my hands... The Carver was able to get right into Christian's apartment. How would he do that so easily.... It's quite possible that Gina had a key in all the time she and Christian were together. She could have easily passed that along to Quentin for the surprise attack. We also know the Carver was able to get to Sean pretty easily. I'm sure Christian would have a key to Sean's place since they are life-long friends.

Maybe I need some fresh air... maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. Just throwing it out there....

Just my thoughts... What's yours? ;)

Update 12/9/2005

The Carver made Kimber write about the conversation between Kimber and Gina. How would the Carver know about that conversation unless:

a) The Carver was in the room already
b) Gina is relaying information
c) Gina is the Carver herself
d) Gina is being targeted as well by the Carver

We also have not heard or seen Gina since Kimber was abducted. Why would the Carver want Christian to think Kimber just left? The Carver has been a glory-hound and enjoys the publicity. This is personal. Gina definitely has some personal grudges against Christian.

Gina even wants to be the Carver ;) ... Check it out in the Behind the Scenes Clip

Other Interesting Factoids
  • Julia's Boyfriend when Sean was attacked:
    D.W. Moffett -
    "Nip/Tuck" playing "Kevin" in episode: "Sean McNamara" (episode # 2.15) 28 September 2004
    "Nip/Tuck" playing "Kevin Hodgekiss" in episode: "Trudy Nye" (episode # 2.14) 21 September 2004
  • When Liz meets Quentin for the first time...
    "They speak highly of you at shands medical "
    "they do? "
    "oh yeah. "
    "A distinguished residency, then you did a fellowship in pain management-- "

Here are a couple of links to other sites with recent Nip/Tuck "Carver" thoughts:

Popbytes: who is the nip/tuck carver?
"The Carver" Website

People have been asking for this link of the Carver's voice analysis. Read into what you want but make not that not even the characters know if they are the Carver. The identity has been tight-lipped even to the cast so if one of the characters were doing the voice of the Carver, they would obviously know. With that said, here's the Carver's Voice Analysis Website

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nip/Tuck: More on Kimber Henry...


Here is a great article giving some insight on Kimber Henry (played by Kelly Carlson) via Ryan Murphy, the show's creator. Some of this information was new to me and the end of the article didnt make me too happy since I can't imagine not seeing Kimber in another Nip/Tuck episode.

The Character: It Wasn't True Love Until He Rebuilt Her Nose

IN the series premiere of "Nip/Tuck" in 2003, Kimber (Kelly Carlson) got breast implants, abdominal liposuction, cheekbone enhancements and a nose job, at the suggestion of Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), a plastic surgeon who is one of the show's lead characters. The already beautiful Kimber thought - after a one-night stand with the womanizing, manipulative Christian - that getting the surgeries was the way into his heart. But when she didn't hear from him after the operations, she appeared at his office, hyperventilating so much that she blew out her stitches.
Ms. Carlson said she assumed that the single episode would be her only appearance on the FX series. "She's the pretty girl, a little bit of tragedy, she gets her heart broken," she said. "She's dumped and gone." But in this week's show (Tuesday at 10 p.m., Eastern and Pacific times ; 9, Central time), Kimber and Christian will move toward a more permanent partnership after two seasons of sporadic, twisted coupledom.

Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, said directing Ms. Carlson during her maniacal scene in the pilot changed the character's fate. "I remember coaching her through it while the cameras were rolling, telling her to breathe deeper and get more hysterical," he said. Ms. Carlson responded exactly as he had hoped, and Mr. Murphy paid her what might have been, in this context, the ultimate compliment. "I was so into Kelly and her performance that I got a nosebleed," he said.

So later in Season 1, he brought Kimber back, as Christian's girlfriend. "Nip/Tuck" is known for its elaborate, explicit sex, and Ms. Carlson and Mr. McMahon have engaged in near acrobatics. In one scene, while she pretended to be a prostitute, they had sex in his car, but she kept hitting her head on the roof. "I'm a model, not an actress," Kimber said to Christian. "This is totally uncomfortable."

"The sex was, at first, a hint unnerving," Ms. Carlson said. Mr. Murphy said: "There's a lot of nudity, there's a lot of vulnerability, there's a lot of sex as intimacy. Her stuff is hard."

But gimmicky sex was the least of Kimber's problems, once Christian betrayed her by trading her to another plastic surgeon for a Lamborghini. "Kimber Henry would make a perfect mother for my children," Dr. Merrill Bobolit (Joey Slotnick) proposed to Christian. "My DNA mixed with hers all but assures a blond Jew."

When she found out what Christian had done, Kimber tied him up and threatened him with a knife. "Cry for me!" she begged him. "Why couldn't you just love me?"

After leaving him, Kimber ended up with Merrill - the ultimate debasement - and a cocaine addiction. In an episode in Season 2, she dug through her purse on the floor of a restaurant bathroom, in search of leftover drugs. "You need to go to a place when you're performing a cocaine binge where you really don't care about yourself very much," Ms. Carlson said.

Kimber's habit eventually led her back to Christian - he reconstructed the nasal passages that her cocaine use had ravaged. In better health, she embarked on a successful career in pornography. By the end of Season 2, and now in Season 3, she is a mogul, and Ms. Carlson is now a series regular, no longer a guest. About Kimber's transformation, Mr. Murphy said: "It is fun to come up with those, 'What horrible thing can Kimber endure?' But more fun than thatis what she can overcome."

By "Nip/Tuck" standards, Kimber's relationship with Christian is stable. "They have the same faults," Ms. Carlson said. Mr. Murphy said, "She is the only woman that Christian Troy should really be with." But he warned viewers. "In typical fashion, it won't end well," he said with a laugh. "We can't have a happy ending on the show."

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thoughts on Upcoming Nip/Tuck Episode - Sal Perri

New Episode Preview from The Insider Online with a clip from Joely Richardson

Courtesy theINSIDER

Call me an @ss but I keep seeing the previews and I can't help but think... Does anyone really care about Julia or her mom in this upcoming episode? It seems like there's a lot of hype about this plane going down and previews seem kind of ER'ish with sooooo much drama. C'mon. I'm a FANATIC and I'm even saying... "get real!"

The episode information on FX also says that Sean, Julia, Liz, and Christian will be trying to save lives of surviving passengers... Well, two questions come to mind.. 1) How often are there even survivors from a plane crash and 2) How come Quentin isn't mentioned especially if he is dating Julia. I would think he would rush to help Julia's mother just to rub it in Sean's face.

I just hope this isnt one of those episodes that is sooooo drastically out of place that you can actually afford to miss it and not miss a beat on the show or the existing storylines.

I'm sure part of my disinterest in this episode is because I already can't stand Julia's character. I find myself wishing for bad things to come upon her character. I wonder if Annie will make an appearance this week since it is her grandmother that might have been in the plane... LOL... Yeah right!

Here's my twisted thinking.... Since Annie is not on the show regularly anyway, why not just have her on the plane with Julia's mom. This way they can kill two birds with one stone . I know, warped thinking... but it's always been a pet peeve of mine that Annie is even on the show while never appearing. Why have her character in the first place? Although, the episode where family services comes to look at her was pretty good.

Curious to hear what everyone else thinks... If they do find Julia's mother alive, I hope they bring the weed that she loves :o) puff puff... pass... That would be funny! Warped thinking... I know but its late and I was bored.

Great writeup by Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nip/Tuck Season 3 Music (Episodes 7-11)

Source -

Note: This information is obtained from a community forum of contributors and may or may not be complete or accurate. Updated to include Episodes 1-6...

“Abby Mays”: (Episode 11)

  • “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen (Abby Mays lower-body lipo surgery with Christian & Liz)
  • “War” – Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Corporal Oliver Brandt's face-shrapnel removal surgery with Sean & Quentin)
  • “We Come In Peace” – Sam Black Church (Sean & Julia argue outside Matt’s door {music coming from within Matt’s bedroom} at Julia’s apartment/Matt argues with Sean/Matt tells Ariel he loves her)
  • “Paz” - Troubleman (Quentin & Julia in the 'soaking' tub at De La Mer/Julia confronts Quentin about Corp. Brandt/Quentin denies it)
  • “Love to Hate You” – Maria Lee Carta (Sean & Christian in surgery/Quentin proposes to pay out on his contract at McNamara/Troy - Sean signs/Quentin informs them he's now working for Julia at De La Mer)

“Madison Berg”: (Episode 10)

  • “Wishin’ and Hopin’” – Ani DiFranco (Christian performs stomach micro-lipo on Kimber)
  • Instrumental/Score - (Gina waxes Kimber at De La Mer/argue/Gina says Julia is Christian's 'favorite'/Kimber confronts Julia about the nature of her relationship with Christian)
  • “This is Not a Love Song” {Public Image Limited cover} – Nouvelle Vague (Christian asks both Sean and Matt to be his best 'man' at his apartment/Matt asks Christian to do 'interview' with Ariel for her term paper)
  • “Cherish” – The Association (Christian/ Sean sample wedding cakes)
  • Instrumental/Score (Matt &Ariel make out/address Ariel's racism issues)
  • “Atomised” - Forss (Ariel pierces Matt's ear with the same earring she wears)
  • “Honeydew” – Tom Quick (Christian looks at Sean &Julia's wedding photos/Kimber confronts Christian/argue/Kimber informs she's staying at hotel to observe wedding 'tradition')
  • “Canon in D Major” – Pachelbell {NOTE – this is library production music} - (Christian practices wedding vows with Sean outside church waiting for Matt/argue with Matt/Matt leaves)
  • “Ava Maria” - {This is also library production music} - (Kimber receives 'gift' from Gina)
  • “Jesu O Joy of Man’s Desiring” – Bach (Julia visits Christian as he gets ready for wedding)
  • “Jesu O Joy of Man’s Desiring” – Bach {REPRISE} - (Julia/Christian kiss)
  • “Jesu O Joy of Man’s Desiring” – Bach {REPRISE} - (Christian/Sean/ Julia share a toast)
  • “Canon in D Major” – Pachelbell {REPRISE} - (Kimber waits in dressing area before wedding begins)
  • “Bridal Chorus” {Library production music} - (Christian waits for Kimber at the alter)
  • “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” – Otis Redding (Sean informs Christian that Kimber left segue to Matt/Ariel hugging after stealing patient files from McNamara-Troy segue to Sean sitting w/Christian in church/Sean reveals he'll come back to the practice)

"Hannah Tedesco": (Episode 9)

  • "As The Rush Comes - (Gabriel & Dresden sweeping strings radio edit)" - Motorcycle
  • "Dolly: Dolly" - Steve Reich
  • "Proverb" - Steve Reich

“Tommy Bolton”: (Episode 8)

  • Instrumental/Score - (Dr. Sagamore & Sean at Nicky and Austin's post-plastic surgery 'reveals' segue to Nicky announcing to Sean that Austin's missing) – NOTE: This same instrumental was used throughout this episode
  • “Whatever Lola Wants” {Gotan Project Remix} - Sarah Vaughn (Quentin visits Julia at De La Mer to discuss previous business proposal {Costa snorts 'substance'}/Quentin invites Julia out for dinner)
  • “Cite Tango” – Astor Piazzolla (Julia/Quentin at dinner/Quentin tries to convince Julia for her business/dance)
  • “Family Affair” – Sly & The Family Stone (Tommy Bolton's rhynoplasty surgery flipping to Christian putting together photo album)

“Ben White”: (Episode 7)

  • Instrumental/Score - (Julia on the phone at “De La Mer” trying to build the business/talks to Liz)
  • Instrumental/Score - (Julia/Liz/Gina discuss facial semen 'treatment' possibilities)
  • Instrumental/Score - (Christian visits Ben White at his house/discusses Ben's BIID {Body-Integrity Identity Disorder} condition and possibility of doing his surgery/Ben shows Christian his 'contingency' plan)
  • Instrumental/Score - (Kimber & Christian discuss Sean ‘situation’/Kimber tells Christian to 'move on' from Sean)
  • Instrumental/Score - (Nicole {Nicky} and Austin Moretti's 'Witness Protection Program' surgeries with Sean & Dr. Sagamore)
  • “Lover’s Spit” - Broken Social Scene featuring Feist (Christian asks Kimber to marry him)

“Frankenlaura”: (Episode 6)

  • N/A

“Granville Trapp”: (Episode 5)

  • "Brother Where Are You" (Matthew Herbert Remix) by Oscar Brown
  • "I Melt With You" by Nouvelle Vague

“Rhea Reynolds”: (Episode 4)

  • "Ride the Pain" by Juliet (First surgery)
  • "Those Were the Days" by Susan Lainey (Ellie's pre-surgery facial mapping and played during her surgery with Sean)
  • "A Cry For Love" by The Black Heart Procession (Surgery on Rhea Reynolds after her "Carver attack")
  • "Numb" by Sia (Sean cuts himself / Liz puts Christian under / Rhea Reynolds is attacked by the Carver)

“Derek, Alex, and Gary”: (Episode 3)

  • "All We Are" by Fischerspooner (Christian and Quentin go to frat house and meet Derek/Alex/Gary)
  • "Stuck On You" by Elvis Presley (Christian and Quentin perform surgery on Derek/Alex/Gary)
  • "What’s Rally Goin’ On" by Marz (Sean and Quentin go to the bracelet party)
  • "Release" by Timo Maas (Sean meets Amber at the frat party, drinks and dances with her)
  • "4 Ur Ears" by Timo Maas (Sean makes out with Amber and gets a blowjob, Quentin enters and watches then winks at Sean)
  • "Stuck On You" by Lionel Richie (Christian and Quentin surgically repair Derek Jordan's butt)
  • "Chunga’s Revenge" by Gotan Project (Christian,Kimber,Quentin and Kit at dinner)
  • "Wait (The Whisper Song)" by Ying Yang Twins (4-way sex between Christian/Kimber and Quentin/Kit)

“Kiki”: (Episode 2)

  • "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Marlin's laser surgical removal of tattoos w/Quentin & Sean / Kiki's scar removal w/Christian & Liz)
  • "Sick Like Me" by T. Raumschmiere (Julia finds 'book' in Matt's bedroom)
  • "If You Want It" by Scream Club Matt smoking pot with Erica and talking about Ava)
  • "Strawberry Letter #23" by The Brothers Johnson (Matt at club imagining Ava speaking to him)
  • "Since I Fell For You" by Nina Simone (Matt meet Cherry at club, goes to her apartment, beats her up)
  • "World of Pain" by Shaper (Matt shaving head) "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky (Christian/Sean argue during surgery/Liz interrupts notifying Christian that Kumba killed Kiki post-surgery)
  • "Makambo" by Geoffrey Oryema (Cherry and gang chase Matt / Marlon is chased by gang members / simultaneously both Matt and Marlon are beaten)

“Momma Boone”: (Episode 1)

  • "Stuck in the Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel (Sean performs silicone replacement surgery)
  • "Dance Me to the End of Love" by Madeleine Peyroux (Momma Boone's wall at her house torn down/ removed from house)
  • "Any Day Now" by Elbow (Momma Boone's initial surgical procedure with Christian/Sean/Liz)
  • "I'll Look Around" by Madeleine Peyroux (Sean/Christian/Liz 'meet' to discuss next steps for Momma Boone's surgery segue to Momma Boone flat lining/dies)
  • "Love's Almighty" by Telepopmusik (Kit questions Christian further at his apartment about his 'Carver' attack)
  • "Last Train To Forever" by Telepopmusik (Kit's 'reenactment' of Christian' s 'Carver' attack/have sex)
  • "Inside And Out" by Feist (Christian/Kit/Kimber's 3-way)