Friday, December 30, 2005

Carver Good to "Nip/Tuck" via E!Online

E!Online: Carver Good to "Nip/Tuck"
by Joal Ryan
Dec 28, 2005, 3:45 PM PT

The Carver is sick, sadistic--and popular.

The two-hour season finale of Nip/Tuck, in which the serial disfigurer known as the Carver was revealed to be Dr. Quentin Costa, was braved by 5.7 million, a record for an FX original series.

The show easily outdrew broadcast network competition on UPN and the WB, and lured a season-high number of desirable 18- to 49-year-olds to cable. Overall, it was the fourth-most watched program on all of cable in 2005, Variety reported.

Nip/Tuck's Carver storyline dates back to season two--or around the time the bad Dr. Costa checked in to Miami.

Played by former Jesse nice guy Bruno Campos, Costa cut up models and defiled Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) in cahoots with his secret sister--the finale's final twist--police detective Kit McGraw (Rhona Mitra). It was explained that Costa and Kit had troubled upbringings. Also, Costa was vexed by his lack of a penis.

Nip/Tuck is due back for a fourth season.


"Nip/Tuck" also drew 3.9 million in the 18-49 demographic; no other cable series has generated that large an audience this year. The haul also enabled "Nip/Tuck" to rank as the No. 1 original cable series in the demo.

The episode also repeated strongly at midnight, bringing in a cumulative audience of 7.3 million on the night.

Despite switching its scheduled run from the summer -- where it spent the past two seasons -- to the more competitive fall period, "Nip/Tuck" managed to best its season averages in total viewers (3.9 million) and 18-49 (2.7 million) by 100,000 viewers in both categories over last year.

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