Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Carver Blog - "True Beauty"

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9:33 AM - True Beauty
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Hola from Spain, or is it bom dia from Lisbon, or is it ni hao from Beijing, or is it guten tag from Berlin, or is it bon jour from Paris, or shalom from Tel Aviv? We really could be anywhere couldn’t we? And that’s the point, isn’t it? Not the messenger or the language he speaks or the city he lives in or if there are two or three or a thousand of us – it’s the message. True beauty is not a curse on the world. True beauty radiates from a leper’s hope or a victim’s resistance. True beauty does not exist in the symmetry of a face or the flatness of a belly. True beauty lives in the musk of sweat that forms after a good hard screw. True beauty is raw, ugly, human. True beauty throws up on your shoes. True beauty’s eyes are bloodshot from being up all night fighting. True Beauty leaves a scar. True beauty hurts to look at – because it reminds us how ugly we all are. It holds a mirror up to our mediocrity; our need to blend in, to conform, to believe in the craven imagery sold to us at the checkout line in the supermarket. We hunger for True Beauty because we are feeding ourselves with dust to fill our need. We are gorging ourselves at the buffet table of illusion and wondering why we never feel full, never feel satisfied, never feel beautiful. Turn away from the mirage and feed with me. Put down your Us Weekly and turn off your “E!” -- they are the Devil’s banquet. Yes, my methods are extreme, but my message is not. How I communicate what I believe isn’t for everyone – in fact it isn’t for anyone but me – but what I am saying is universal.

For those that see my true identity as some kind of disappointment, a let down, I ask – who did you think I was? I am the Carver, I have always been the Carver, I was never anything but the Carver. You knew that. Who I was behind the mask was never important. It was what I did when the mask was on that mattered. Like a great knight, it was what I stood for when I donned my armor that made the difference. Yes, it was important to me that everyone knew that I wasn’t some lunatic, some uneducated psychotic with nothing but rage and revenge as my guides -- that I wasn’t being controlled by the neighbor’s dog or compelled by the Devil. But at the end of the day, it was never about who was doing it, it was about what was being done. I am simply the one that was chosen to be given the gift of enlightenment -- just as Siddhartha, Mohammed, Abraham and Jesus were all just men, chosen for reasons unknown to them to deliver the word of God. Do not focus on the “who”, focus on the “why.” The “who” is a distraction. The “who” helps us forget the lie that the “why” is trying to destroy. It makes us think that because someone has pretty eyes what they say is important and because someone has no teeth they are a rambling idiot – even if both are saying the exact same thing.

Kit and I will always be out here, somewhere, maybe on the other side of the world, maybe hiding in your closet. Where ever we go, though, we will be bringing our message of True Beauty and confronting those that resist it. I might even pop in here every now and then to give my good friends a personal hello, maybe explain a few things. It has been a pleasure “educating” all of you. Let’s do it again sometime soon. Just leave your back doors open for sis and me. We’ll be over as soon as we can…

Until we meet again, my beauties…

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