Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Gossip! Hints! Spoilers? Beware!

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From brewser: Need Nip/Tuck! Where is Kimber?
Getting some work done. And that is far more than I was supposed to tell you! Let's just say it makes my toes curl to think of how she'll be when Señor Slicer (like Voldemort, I can no longer say his/her name for s/he is that wicked) is done with her.

From fernando: Do you still stand by your clue that Kimber "has come undone"?
I would answer that the way Kimber should have answered the priest at the church. (Can you tell I'm really trying not to get in trouble here?)

From ruthiegirl: Can we get one more clue as to what's happened with Kimber? I'm scared for her.
Me, too. The hint is: chicken fat.

From taybug42: Can you gimme a hint who the Carver is?

From fattymcmanho: I just found out I got into the University of Florida! As a congratulatory gift, could you please tell me if anyone in the message boards has Nip/Tuck figured out?
Congrats! I'm so proud of my little fat man ho. I haven't looked through all postings, but the "adult fetus" thing is different than what I heard about what happens to Kimber, if that's what you're talking about.

From Janie: I was appalled at that storyline last week when Christian made the girl put her bag over her head. Please tell me that won't continue.
It will. And honey, please, who wouldn't wear a paper bag to score Julian McMahon? I'm stocking up at Costco right after the chat.

From cassandvon: Why is there a scene in Spain on Nip/Tuck?
Shut up. There is? Did Famke lie when she said she's not returning? I hadn't heard that! Are you yanking my chain?

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From nemofansmommy: Can you rule out Julia's mother as the Carver on Nip/Tuck?
Crap, what did that Little Engine say again?

From spygrl1210: Kimber was definitely kidnapped by the Carver, right? She wouldn't leave Christian.
You just wait. No, she didn't leave Christian.

From epc1658: Is Kimber dead?

From grygazol: Does Kimber go back in time, à la becoming a born-again virgin (with surgical re-hymenation) so she's pure on her wedding night? They do that now.
Good guess, but that's not what I meant by "going back in time" on the message boards.

From dj457_2000: Is the Kimber tragedy really mind-blowing?
I haven't seen it. But when I heard it, I was actually kind of sick to my stomach.

From chasebrin: So, am I completely off base or did I hear a rumor that Famke may be making her way back to Nip/Tuck?
I, too, have heard rumblings, but nothing has been confirmed.

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