Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Julia's Pregnant

Tonight's Christmas episode is almost upon us. If you haven't voted yet, now is the time to vote for who you think got Julia pregnant. Visit my Nip/Tuck Fanatic and vote in the poll to the right...

So far, surprisingly... Sean is in the lead! I would have thought that everyone would have voted for Quentin! Quentin is running 2nd with Christian in 3rd! ;o)

If you check John Hensley's Fan Site, you'll see that in Episode 6: "Megan O'Hara", Sean Mcnamara gets a vasectomy but before he does, he stores he sperm at a sperm bank.

Episode Quote:

Sean: I’m gonna get a vasectomy.
Christian: What? Why?
Sean: Julia doesn’t want to have any more kids and I can’t handle another mistake.
Christian: That’s the most bullshit cure for depression I ever heard. If you want to shoot blanks, Sean, don’t get snipped. Do what I do. Take a bath.
Sean: What?
Christian: For every date, I sit in a 116 degree bath. Escessive testicular heat shuts down spermatogenosis. Teabag your testicles in a hot tub and I swear you’ll be sterile and squeaky clean.


RichardAM said...

Voted in the poll last night. Until i'd seen it though i'd never thought of it being Jude, so I thought that was pretty cool.

Should he be the father though, it gives him a reason to return!

Anonymous said...

I think Sean is the father. Are we sure that Sean went through the the operation?
PLUS operations are even 100%

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

You never know who Julia has "been with" these days....

One thing to note.. she asked Quentin why he hadnt tried to sleep with her in the month they went out...