Sunday, November 06, 2005

Frankenlaura Episode

I read these comments on the site:

I really thought the episode was slow and think that the storyline of Gina and Julia takes too much away from the Christian/Sean combination. It's almost as if I am watching two shows when I only prefer to watch the one.

Although I do agree that the show needs to focus on the business needs, let's get some real characters on the show as patients again! There use to be a boob or butt job in every episode!

I am hoping the show gets back to the more superficial lifestyles of plastic surgery in Miami... where we see models and movie stars. I loved the fact that Sean and Christian kept finding themselves mixed with the wrong crowd and the internal struggles they have with each other.

Let's get back to Matt and see if he can get back on the right path and let's get Sean with the Kimber doll again!! That is one of my favorite episodes!

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