Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Abby Mays" - November 29, 2005 Recap

OH MY GOD.... Kimber....I can't believe they did this to you. I want the Carver to go down worse (and for that matter quicker) than Quentin goes down. What a scumbag! I was hoping that I wouldnt be right about last week but unfortunately I was. Man, I just cant believe the Carver got Kimber. I'm shell-shocked!

Then, you have Quentin taking it from behind and loving every minute of it. I think that was the most graphic homosexual scene I've seen portrayed on cable!! Man... talk about stepping over the line. You can't help but be addicted to the show! Then how in the world does Quentin take down our war hero with one swift move? Cmon, the Corporal just killed another guy in combat with his bare hands and then gets taken down by Quentin so embarrassingly!!???

All signs are pointing to Quentin being the Carver but he just can't be. It just doesnt make sense. It can't be Liz because the body types just dont match. I'm starting to believe that it truly is a tandem of people after reading some of the feedback posted on this blog.

Why couldnt they take down the whiney slut, Julia. At least the previews have Julia's mother dying.... Let her suffer! I'm just not a fan of Julia's. She is sooooo detached from reality and I think I am just sick of her falling for Quentin's BS lines. Instead, they attacked my innocent little Kimber. (Innocent.. she's only a pornstar.. LOL). She better live!!

Christian makes Abby wear the bag over her head and then she's willing to do it not just once but any time Chrisitan wants!!! Then Abby puts her number on the bag... what a sick, twisted individual she is.

You have the confrontation between Sean and Quentin... Quentin tells him he's going to go bang his ex-wife... Man... If looks could kill!

Sean looks like he's lost Matt permanently and there's no way he'll end up with Julia. Sean is going to end up alone just like Christian. They need each other.

Hey, now that Quentin is going to be working for Julia at the spa... I wonder if he'll be donating a "sample" as the special ingredient in their new found facial cream! ;o)

PS: I added a new poll to the site... Who do you think the Carver is?

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Vert said...

I'm leaning towards the carver may be one person but he is in cahoots with someone. I think the Carver is Quentin but someone else is helping him. Quentin was a hot shot surgeon in Georgia so why would he start all over to be second or third fiddle at someone else's practice. Why would he work for someone else if he was so good? Maybe, he wants to be the best plastic surgery and he wants to eliminate Troy-McNamara
as competition. So someone is helping him by telling him about Christian's past to frame him. Maybe, Julia is helping Quentin. The Craver just happened to attack Sean when no one else was at home. Interesting. Quentin probably never was in Georgia when he said he was.
For all we know he was running around craving up people. Julia said her and Quentin had been together for a month. Where is that relative to the other episodes? I don't remember Julia really getting that freaked out about the cravings. For all we know Julia could have been doing the cravings in the beginning and passed the baton to Quentin. What was she doing while the kids were at school? Besides, what happnened to the little girl? It's amazing how Sean isn't even that concerned about his daugther.

Anonymous said...

After last night's episode, I was starting to think the same, namely, that the Carver is actually two people working together. I don't know who the physical embodiment of the Carver is, but somehow I think Gina is the other person. Aside from Sean, she was the only person who knew where to find Kimber (and that she would be alone) before the wedding (and they clevely cut right to Gina sitting in the aisles so that we wouldn't suspect her). Also, in Kimber's letter to Christian she was forced to write something about Christian making her choose between him and her career, which she tells Gina right before the wedding (and I don't think it was mentioned to anyone else). Also, Gina would have intimate knowledge of Christian and his apartment, as well as where to find Sean. And finally, the creator of the show mentioned that the Carver would be someone we have seen in all three seasons. Just a theory.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Anonymous... you make a great point with the following:

"Also, in Kimber's letter to Christian she was forced to write something about Christian making her choose between him and her career, which she tells Gina right before the wedding (and I don't think it was mentioned to anyone else). "

I was pretty much ruling out people who were sitting in the isles. But if you take into account the possibility of two people working together, Gina would have the priviledged information while someone else could have abducted Kimber.

Excellent point. Now I need to create a new poll with Gina on there and the possibility of more than one Carver! ;o)

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

To go along with the previous response we should also think about previous Carver victims and the fact that the Carver doesnt want anyone taking credit for what he has done. The Carver also was not too happy about the patient lying about being a Carver victim. Quentin was one of the only people to know about that besides Christian and the lawyer in the room.

Gina could have a huge grudge against Christian which we have seen. She would have the ability to frame him as well.

So here I stand... at this point in time thinking of a Quentin/Gina combination. Hmmmmmm......

Macnamara/Troy's Latest Client said...

Quentin seems like the obvious choice for the Carver, he is obviously demented and it seems like he enjoys causing people pain. It seemed to me in last nights episode that he wanted someone to walk in on him and the soldier...those doors have locks on them Sean just walked in...but....because he is the most obvious choice for the Carver, that makes me think he's not...the show's producers want us to look one way and slam us in the face from the other......I can't wait!!!! every week this show gets better!!!

nip bass said...

Guys just something to ponder over! You know the carver took Kimber from the wedding. Who was the only person not at the wedding! MATT!!! Remember he left early because he was pissed at Christian. I think it is Matt.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Nip Bass, Liz was also not at the wedding as was Quentin.

DrTroy47 said...

"Then Abby puts her number on the bag... what a sick, twisted individual she is."

That's what I would say about Christian, not Abby.

Abby is simply a victim with no sense of self respect - she's an example of someone who is tortured by society because of her looks, which obviously ties in perfectly with the Carver's message.

I had to say that because I thought you calling HER and not Christian a sick, twisted individual was a very bad interpretation of her.

Though this blog is cool. ;)

JustBeBob said...

I think Quentin is a red herring. The writers are making him look very appealing to be the Carver, which means he probably isn't. It's too obvious now.

I also don't think it is Matt. Matt is certainly disturbed enough, but he doesn't have the control of the Carver. Matt does things out of anger, not control.

Most net infomration I've seen suggests it is Liz. She would certainly be a suprise. She has had the opportunity and the skill. The only thing that is hard to explain is the different body type between the Carver and her.

Melissa said...

WOW! What a great episode this week's was! Poor Kimber, I just KNEW that she didn't leave willingly! Even if she was having second thoughts and worried about giving up her porn career, I still think she wants to be with Christian regardless. I think she loves him as much as she could ever love anyone (besides herself LOL)

And I just HATE HATE HATE Quentin!!! And Julia is my least favorite character, along with Quentin and now Matt.

I was so mad at Christian during the parts with the "bag" girl. But then they showed him crying, and my heart almost broke. He IS a bad sex addict, but still a good person underneath it all (as evidenced recently by his interactions with his birth mother and also the sween Down-Syndrome boy patient).

I think Quentin is a perfect Carver, but it's too obvious. Nip/Tuck is all about SHOCK value, so I think they want to throw us all off and surprise us. Can't wait!

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Melissa, couldnt agree more with you... I think we're both in line in our perferences of characters. I do like Matt's character a bit but he can be such a @ss when he is a follower. I really liked the way he dealt with Quentin though.... comprende ese'? LOL I cracked up!

Christian does have a soft side and I think he and Kimber do belong with each other... then again, I am a huge Kimber fan so I am slightly biased ;)

Thanks for the post! Time to get back to the Wedding Singer on TBS :o) He's seeing his dedicated song... LOL...