Friday, October 20, 2006

Episode 7: "Burt Landau"

Ok, a little late on the episode summary but I missed the original airing on Tues so I had to catch the replay tonight. Christian goes from good guy wanting to donate his kidney to being the most vicious I have ever seen him after getting back with Kimber (briefly). He basically lied to her about finding out more about Scientology. Just before this, Kimber had turned down Matt... now she goes back to Matt in revenge!! That's a nice storyline!!

So, Liz has the worst luck needing a kidney after one of hers was stolen. Christian is the first to volunteer to see if he is a donor (while volunteering Sean at the same time). What's up with Sean though? Usually he's the nice guy but bails when he finds out he is the kidney match for Liz. He then blames the baby and not being able to go under the knife while watching Liz die? It turned out Rosie is the perfect match after Liz and her have a heart to heart in the recovery room... Sean confessed to Liz before the donation by Rosie but only after feeling guilty because Matt was a match and fully willing to volunteer... Weird.

Earlier Christian got pissed when the old man made a comment while he was doing his daily with Michelle while he watched. Christian bailed and the old man made his attempt to step up... although he almost croaked after taking some Viagra. Michelle is going to stay with him anyway even though Christian does his best to make her stay with him...

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