Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nip/Tuck Premiere Oct 14, 2009 - Welcome back!

Well, the first episode is in the books. What did you all think of it?

I think the idea of relating the state of the business to the state of the economy is quite brilliant! Mario returns and brings the competition and jealousy that really drives both Sean and Christian.

The best scene of the night had to be that commercial! That was classic and has to be on of my favorite scenes all time for Nip/Tuck! It was perfect! If you havent seen the episode, that scene alone is worth it.

Matt.... poor Matt. This guy is just a tortured soul. I can't believe what he is resorting to now. You really have to laugh. I thought he made the perfect mime though!

Sean's girlfriend doesnt seem to fit as well as the actress from last year. Curious to see how that plays out. Kimber was back and I was happy she was.

No sign of the kids this year in the premiere which is not all that surprising. I am just waiting for Annie to show up as a 16yr old mid-season! Wilbur was there and the kid is huge!!

It looks like Liz is going to make life very difficult for Christian. Good for her and her aspirations of the LezBoat! :)

The blind divorce lawyer was another funny scene with Christian. I thought it was going to get even raunchier than it did but thankfully it did not.

I am looking forward to this season and more things to come. There was a lot of cheesy humor in this one which made it worth while. It ended on a bit of a dramatic cliff-hanger but we all know what will happen next week anyway.

Drop me a line. It's good to be writing about Nip/Tuck again!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the old Teddy? Anyone know???

Mark Kruger said...

Rumor was that she did not want to return this season.

Mark Kruger said...

Check out the Nip/Tuck infomercial! LOL...

Fast forward to 1:57

spygirlfive said...

It is too bad that Katee Sakhoff didn't return. She is a great actress and it was jarring to have her suddenly replaced.

I also had a theory last season that Teddy Rowe was actually the niece of Colleen Rose and was getting close to Sean in order to revenge her aunt's death.

LegalMist said...

I love this show! said...

I thought you might like this, heard a funny about plastic surgery. ( Quote ) " If I had a face like that ... I'd have a pickpocket lift it! " ( Har. )

juan said...

i started watching nip tuck about 2 years ago and flew through all the seasons up until the end of season there going to be another season or is season six really the very last one

juan said...

i just started watching nip tuck about 2 years ago and flew through every season up until the end of season question is will there be a season 7 or is season 6 really the very end of the show?