Tuesday, September 05, 2006

20 Hours to go... Here's what we know about this season

Lots of new faces... Sean and Julia are back together but have to learn to deal with some serious news about the baby. The fx website says its a handicap of some sort.

We know that McNamara/Troy gets bought out and the guys apparently have a new boss to report to. Ms. Lathan joins the cast married to a very old, very rich, white guy who she is deeply in love with (Hagman). We know Christian will be on the prowl but first he deals with his shrink played by Brooke Shields.... Hmmmmm... Christian will definitely be back to his old self.

I have to say that I am most surprised about what I read about Kimber!! She apparently finds God and then... finds Matt??!?!??! Yes, Kimber and Matt begin a relationship of some sort.... Matt is still exploring his sexual side after the Ava mis-adventures... as well as Cherry... LOL... and now he apparently is finding the real deal! Go Matt!!! :)

We also know that Liz is about to have her first Lesbian experience... tons of guest appearances including Mario Lopez, Kathleen Turner, Richard Hamilton, Rosie O'Donnell.... and I am guessing that Sandra Bullock might make a brief appearance just knowing that Dylan Walsh was filming a movie with her recently.... if she's a Nip/Tuck fan, I'm sure they will find room for her :)

I'm just happy the gang is all back... including Kimber! I do have some dark side wishing that we hear from Dr. Costa (AKA The Carver) as well as Kit ;)

Drop me a line and let me know what you're hoping to see, think you will see, or where you'll be watching the premiere tonight 9/5 at 10PM EST!

-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!


jenn said...

I would kind of want to see Kit back and of course I would love to see Escobar really come back again. But I don't think either will happen.

Everything I have read sounds and looks like season four is going to be awesome.
I saw an interview on a local station with Ryan Murphy and where he said that what he has in store for this years season final, he's not sure the show can come back from. So this just might be the last season. I sure hope it's a good one.

lellies said...

Hi There!
I am down under in New Zealand and they are SO far behind here its frustrating! I managed to get season 3 from the UK sent over to have my fix as this programme is SO addictive, I LOVE IT! me and Hubby stay up til 3am watching it and the box set is usually finished with in 24 hours!!! hahahahah

Im dying to see season 4...would anyone tape it for me!!! HELP! be your BEST FRIEND EVER!

Louise Nugent