Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My thoughts on Julia - Yes, I am being cruel!

For everyone that says I am being harsh on Julia's character.... doesnt anyone remember that Julia slept with Christian, had Christian's baby, lied to Sean for 18 years about the entire thing, lied to Christian, her son, her daughter....then expected everything to be perfect when she spilled the beans...

Sorry, Julia is sick, twisted, and cruel. Let's recap off the top of my head:

She thought she killed her mother after the plane crash because she couldnt accept the fact that she might have survived (instead killing someone else's family member)... she flushed her child's hamster down the toilet (alive!), was jealous of Sean so decided to start her own business and came up with her own product line of facial cream, sperm. (another lie to everyone)... She was even a hypocrite about Gina's tactics of sleeping with men to get what she wants.. Julia even went after Quentin, fully knowing he was Sean's partner.... Great choice there Julia, having a romantic interlude with a killer!! LOL... oh and she slept with the model (Jude) that she forced Sean to take on as an intern... She had another brief encounter with some other guy... If you think about it, she's giving Gina a run for her money in partners and Gina had a sex party a few season's ago! Oh and forget about her motherly skills... she had no problems letting Matt go out with a white supremecist and sleep with her in the bedroom next door. She also had no problem with Matt's restraining order against Sean or the fact that child services came and took Annie away from Sean.

I guess I'm kinda fed up with her character and hope the worst happens to her ;)

I am glad Sean cheats on her... I just wish he'd stop crawling back to her. He definitely needed the kiwi sized implants because apparently Julia has them.

PS: The thing with Julia is that she speaks so kindly and softly and she plays the victim sooooo well. Can anyone really think of an example where Julia has shown to be caring?

The difference between Matt's character and Julia's is that Matt, despite all the trouble he gets in, has shown to be caring. He wanted to help the girl who was involved in the hit and run. It may have been out of guilt but he stayed by her side and worked to get her medical help. He also helped Cherry when he didnt have to. He's cared for Ava as well and showed that he can understand right from wrong. Matt is a lot like Sean in that he manages to get himself in trouble often, and is treated like a doormat most times...but he has a good heart down in there. I cant say the same for Julia.


Anonymous said... succinct. I just did a total 180 on Julia. That bitch!

beRecruited said...

No Way is that cruel - she stinks. But the real question is who wins the battle of the Doctors?!

Vote - Dr Troy is winning badly!

beRecruited said...

Terrific post and definitely not cruel - just honest! The real question is which Doctor wins the Battle of DRs!

Anonymous said...

Not cruel at all! She's had one too many moments of being a heartless bitch...I just keep thinking she'll tell Sean that the baby really isn't his. Maybe its Quentin's!!!

Anonymous said...

The baby can't be Quintin's he doesn't have a penis, remember the photo shoot, and he never got off in her. Julia is bad but that is why we all love her. I love Julia, is has slept with Quintin, Sean, Christian, she never slept with Jude! I own the first 2 seasons I should know. Who else did she sleep with? I don't recall anyone else. That is a little harsh to say you wish the worst for her, her baby is already going to be messed up. I fell bad for Sean too. I want Julia and Sean together forever, they deserve each other. Christian needs to get with someone for a few weeks, and Matt should get with Kimber, at least she is all woman, not like Ava. I hated her. As for who wins between doctors, Christian is totally hot, but Sean is the better doctor, when he is not freaking out about aging. Peace to all, and love to the Nip/Tuck gang!

Jen said...

I totally blanked out and missed the premier on Tues, although I've been waiting for months... does anyone know when it will air again, or if it's available online anywhere? Please email me if you know of somewhere I can see it!

Johnny said...

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