Thursday, January 05, 2006

Julian McMahon Discusses Dr. Doom

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If Julian McMahon (Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom in “Fantastic Four”) ever finds himself without an acting gig, there’s a career ahead of him in public speaking. McMahon had the packed crowd eating out of his hand at the 2005 Wonder Con held in San Francisco the weekend of Feb. 18-20th.

Answering questions from anxious comic book fans who were looking for a little insight into his take on the “Fantastic Four” villain, McMahon (sporting a Von Doom cap) made each of the brave souls who approached the mike feel like they were the only person in the room. By the time McMahon’s “Fantastic Four” presentation was over, the crowd had been given the opportunity to check out a new clip from the upcoming movie and had been reassured that Dr.

Doom was in the hands of an actor who knew and thoroughly enjoyed the source material.
After finishing up his “Fantastic Four” panel, Julian McMahon took the time to sit down for an interview with a small group of journalists. Seeming to genuinely relish the part of the bad guy, McMahon talked at length about taking on the role of the “Fantastic Four” villain and about the physical aspects of getting into character:

You joked with the audience about being blatantly evil. Are you?

(Laughing) I am. My characters aren’t. They are not so blatant.

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