Friday, April 21, 2006

Download Nip/Tuck Episodes!!

Ok everyone... It's been forever since I've posted a Nip/Tuck article and I am in misery without the show. I'm always asked about downloading Nip/Tuck episodes and while there are ways.... none were THAT easy. Well, everyone will be happy to know that it is now SOOOOOOO EASY!!! It's not free but for $9.98, you cant beat the price and you know you're not getting scammed.... trust me, been there done that.

Easynews makes the newsgroups accessible through the web. All files are searchable and you just click the link to download. I found a bunch of Nip/Tuck episodes to download in .mpeg and .avi format including the entire collection of Nip/Tuck Season 3. While you're there, check out the mp3s as well without having to install crappy software like limewire! :)

Just sign up here: Easynews

Here are the episodes I've seen on the site today (links typically last like 30 days as new stuff gets posted).

Nip/Tuck Season 3 Episodes 6-12 located in alt.binaries.boneless
Nip/Tuck Season 3 Episode 13 Joy Kringle located in
Nip/Tuck Season 3 Episodes 1 Premiere located in
Nip/Tuck Season 3 Episodes 14 & 15 located in
Nip/Tuck Season 2 Episodes 1 thru 16 located in

Once you've signed up, feel free to drop me a line and I'll help you navigate and show you where to look but it is really simple to use. It's all done through the web...nothing to download.

Oh by the way, if you're looking for the mp3s, check out this link after you sign up

Unused gigs rollover to the next month so if you dont see what you want this month, you can save your gigs for next month :)

Drop me a line once you're in so we can share search results :)


Anonymous said...

they used to show repeats of the last season's episodes around this time of year. i saw that they're just starting to show the shield instead. since i missed almost all of last season, i wish they'd show them again. the dvd won't come out for months!

Anonymous said...

you can preorder season 3 from, rel. date is 8/06

Karol said...

I went ahead and created an account on here but I have NO IDEA how to use it or find the episodes I need!!

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...


Check out Easynews Search Page

Just do a search for niptuck (no spaces) and sort results in descending size. This link might work for you:

My Results

Karol said...

Awesome! that worked great! I'm so excited!! Thanks so much ;)

Diana said...

I have tried and tried and I cannot get this to work for me. Can someone take me through step by step?

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Hi Diana,

Try this link to search results: Nip Tuck Search Results

Just login with your username and password.

Hope that helps. Look past all the french and german episodes and you should see a bunch still in English. ;)

rainyday2006 said...

This isn't working at all for me... are you sure this is isn't a scam??

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

rainyday, I just logged in with my account and found almost all of the episodes from Season 2 and Season 3.

Try this Easynews Nip/Tuck Search Link

Anonymous said...

I missed the premiere!! How can I access it now?

watch tv show episodes said...

The new season starts in December of January I think. I'll have to double check--but I'm looking forward to whatever new crazy storylines they feature in the next season of nip tuck.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...
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Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Some Season 5 Episodes are in this Nip/Tuck Search Query

Anonymous said...

Has season six already aired? Is it available on DVD? Are they showing it on FX again?

arnold said...

Carol u might check this too to download nip tuck tv show and u will find all others just a small cat in front of this site.