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Dish Of Salt: "Nip/Tuck" Tease (June 22, 2006) via Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood :
Dish Of Salt: "Nip/Tuck" Tease (June 22, 2006)
by Laura Saltman

One of my favorite shows, "Nip/Tuck," is back in production and Access Hollywood got the first visit to the set. Read on fans because I got the chance to hang out with the cast at their "Miami" digs. OK, really it was soundstages # 1 and 2 on the Paramount lot in Hollywood but that's just as cool to me. I've got all of the Season Four scoop for you months before the show returns.

Last season, the show took a very dark turn with the Carver storyline and the show's stars, Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh, will admit things got a little off track. Dylan who plays the struggling to hold onto his family, Dr. Sean McNamara, muses, "The premise of the show last year was a little bit of a stretch. My joke last year was that we were the only plastic surgeons who should carry guns and wear badges because there was so much of a criminal element."

This season, Julian, who plays the sex-crazed, Dr. Christian, told us the show will get back to its roots, "It's that light atmosphere that we had you know. I drive a fast car. We've got a lot of beautiful women. It just gets back to the original taste of "Nip/Tuck" which I think we missed a little bit last year. He (Dr. Troy) was so depressing last year!"

To shake things up with Dr. Troy, producers have brought in guest star, Brooke Shields, as a therapist who takes his womanizing ways to task. The scene I watched, where the two squared off during a therapy session, was intense -- with Brooke's character, Faith Wolper, suggesting that maybe all of Dr. Troy's female issues are because he's really in love with Sean. I can just see the nightmares Dr. Troy will be having over this. Though both Dylan and Julian insist there will be no fantasy hanky panky between them. Tell that to the writers boys. You are only in episode one! Of course, this being "Nip/Tuck" there will eventually be some action between Dr. Troy and his contentious therapist.

Considering she just had a baby, Brooke was not surprisingly nervous about her return to acting, "I was freaked out at first because I thought, ‘Can I step up to the plate. Can I do it?' I claim that I want to and it's great to sit there and dream when you are just in vacation mode. Then all of a sudden you are on the set and marbles are in your mouth and you are thinking, ‘God, it would be so much easier if I was just home."

Brooke brought a little bit of home with her though. She had her adorable brand new baby girl, Grier, on the set with her. I thought maybe it was because she couldn't stand being away from her, but turns out she is still breastfeeding. Brooke proved she's just like every mom out there and had no troubles giving baby Grier her own snack during lunch joking, "I will whip it out wherever it's needed!"

Also guest starring this year is the gravely-voiced, Kathleen Turner, who is perfectly cast as a phone sex operator. Oops sorry. Make that phone sex "artist," which is how Kathleen jokes she wants to be referred. Needless to say I can't really tell you much about our interview with Turner since most of it was X-rated! She does spill the beans that she'll stick around for more than one episode: "one of the doctors gets hooked on calling me. So, I'll be back."

Larry Hagman also returns to TV in the series, as the wealthy businessman (hopefully playing a cad similar to JR Ewing) who comes in to buy the practice, which Dylan says plays into what Dr. Troy and Dr. Sean have been wanting, "which is to have a little more time with family. I am about to have a kid and the idea is to take the pressure off of us. And for them it's a way to make money again. At the beginning it sounds like a great set up of course. It won't be. It will be certain doom." I'm guessing Sanaa Lathan, who plays Hagman's young sexy wife, will be part of the certain doom.

Hopefully, sometime this season we will be seeing, Sandra Bullock, pop up as a guest star. Dylan had a role in her new film, "The Lake House" and Dylan was not above asking Sandra, who is a fan of the show, to make an appearance. "She sounded willing. We will see if we can make that work," he told me. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, we all have to wait to see how everything plays out. "Nip/Tuck" returns to F/X in September.


jenn said...

Thanks for the spoilers. This is a great article. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked last season just like I liked all of the seasons. Season 1 NIP/TUCK
established the tone that it could go anywhere,do anything. NIP/TUCK is not a dramatic look at real life plastic surgeons. It is peering into the lives of two beautiful F'd up men and the dysfunctional world they live in. Last season was just especially perverse :-)