Friday, September 15, 2006

Episode 2: Blu Mondae

Now that's Nip/Tuck back to its old self! Christian back in rare form, Sean and Julia stressing over family matters, Sean emptying his frustration by helping others (the coffee guy), Matt...oh Matt.... being as confused as ever... and KIMBER! Yes, my girl was back! :)~

I am sure the ladies are enjoying all of the ass shots of Christian... he must have a new contract or something and get paid extra! LOL... They had to do something for him with the Christian wondering if he's gay theme behind the show this year ;)

I loved the confrontation between Kimber and Christian... as well as the stripjoint backdrop... Even the McNamara/Troy business issues were a nice touch (resolved quickly).

Man, the daughter telling Julia she's responsible for the baby was viscous!!! Again, we feel sorry for Julia... then what she do, go behind Sean's back again and gives Matt money. Sean is such a pushover...

All of the storylines tonight were great and I just cant believe I missed the Tues showing... damn hotels without FX!!! Im glad I was able to catch the rerun tonight.

I am checking into some new software that allows me to watch the show streaming so I'll keep everyone posted on how that goes. I'll be in that same hotel each Tues so I have to figure something out.

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Anonymous said...

hey! do u know the name of the guy who's gonna be operated, and he's bisexual, u know the cute one...well the perfect!! cause his face's like an angel! the one who troy took with him with blue mondae! pls answer!! pls pls ok!?