Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Episode 3: Monica Wilder - My thoughts

Several more male ass shots in this one... I guess this is a theme this year for the ladies.

The most shocking thing for me came in the previews for next week... it looked like Julia was banging the midget???!!!

I think the baby storyline is kinda boring to be honest but we'll see how it plays out. Did anyone think the lines the actors were using were unnatural this week... example: Christian talking about the lack of choices comsumers have to eat... just thought it was out of character.

Overall a decent episode but nothing to write home about in my opinion. I really liked last weeks episode. I guess FX was going for the shock effect with the Christian home made porn movies on utube but it wasnt too far-fetched for me.... I just love how he was more concerned about how he looked than the movie itself ;)

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was a bit "off". Christian has always been self absorbed, but he always comes through for Sean & Julia. For him to miss the birth was a bit out of character.
And as for Sean, I am just so sick of his hypocrytical, self rightous, zero backbone character. His character annoys me almost as much as the daughter's.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was a bit boring this week...Lot of shots of Christian's ass (he needs a tan)..I'm not sure what's up with the Black Girl that owns the business??? Is she gay, what is she hiding? And is Sean and Julia really going to perform surgery on the baby?? I dont know...seemed a bit lost this week.

Anonymous said...

I thought Christian's encounter with Mario Lopez was supposed to be "homo-erotic"... not so much. It was just two dudes in the shower. Yes, Sean kills me... he gets a motel room with some psycho nanny chick after he talks to her for all of 5 minutes. I think the most exciting part of the episode was the previews for next week!

Matt said...

Not bad, but the weakest episode of the season. Christian's probably distancing himself from Sean on purpose, given the gay thing.

Lobster Boy won't be good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I think the baby plot(Conor) is totally off the wall. Julia was going back to medical school and running a very sucessful business. Why wouls she give that up to go back to doind what she hated being a housewife/mother. Sean and Julia are terrible parents why another child?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the episode was more emotional than sexy. The only sex came from Sean who I thought was daydreaming at first. I cannot believe he'd do that to Julia who is just beginning to act like she has a heart! That definitely will come back to haunt him. The only thing I feel really bad about (besides the baby) is the fact that I couldn't stop looking at Mario Lopez instead of Dr. Troy! That is one hot dude--I didn't know which way to look-perhaps Dr. Troy's "experience" will be with him! I just hope it is not with Richard Chamberlain who is looking really bad (far cry from The Thorn Birds)! I don't think Liz will take that sitting down from Jr Ewing's wife!! Go Liz. That's a little weird with Jacqueline Bassett. As for Matt, as long as he is acting "normal" as he is lately, he can practice anything. He is at least bareable to watch (more than Sean these days).

Anonymous said...

Julia deserves Sean banging that psycho nanny in the motel after she got knocked up to his best friend 18 years ago, and Sean married her b/c of it. And even more so since she's going to go all self-righteous and make her child suffer with deformity b/c some midget nurse said something about his soul and "look him in the eyes." But speaking of the nanny, good lord, she ruined the episode for me! She is the absolute WORST actress! She was on some stupid reality show about struggling actors trying to make it in LA, and I thought she sucked in that as much as humanly possible (when they showed her trying to act and not whining about how the showbiz world pressures actresses to be thin), but she proved me wrong in this episode! So far as the new owner woman goes, she's clearly being blackmailed. My guess is she's a former prostitute and that older lady is her former madam. Now for Matt - Matt as a character drives me crazy - he's so weak-minded and has no strength (which I'm sure is no accident overlooked by the writing staff - they made him just the way they want him). His new need for Scientology should be interesting to watch, as the show will probably take him to extreme depths with it - probably stealing money from the family to pay for his new cult, running away, hooking up with Kimber, etc. While I would hate Matt if he were a real person, I love watching his insanity on the show and the crazy story arcs the show writes for him - the actor who plays him is fantastic, too.