Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who's the better mother? Michelle or Gina?

I honestly had to laugh at some of the responses I am reading about Michelle being a much better choice as a mother than Gina. I've read many post replies stating that Gina shouldnt be a part of Wilbur's life and that Wilbur would be much better off with Michelle.

So let me get this straight... Michelle has continually lied, cheated, been blackmailed, murdered, conspired, married for money, and killed for more money is a better option than Gina??? In what world do you all live that think this?

Yes, Gina's a slut... we know this. She uses foul language to Christian and is HIV but cmon!!! Michelle must be playing the victim very well because you all are hooked on her act! LOL... It's Gina's biological kid!!

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