Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nip/Tuck Television Critics Association Tour 2007

At FX’s TCA session, Murphy said, “I feel we did things that are now being copied elsewhere, which I take great pride in." With the drama about two randy plastic surgeons, Murphy said he has pushed boundaries and explored “things in our society that are a little bit taboo. We’ve always done that. We’ve always been upfront about it and we try not to be gratuitous about it.” “The show is still as sexy as it’s ever been,” he added.
~ Linda Moss -- Multichannel News

"I think we have to notch up our kink level a little bit" ~ Julian McMahon

"McMahon convinced the director to change a scene in which he was supposed to be doing push-ups in his underwear in his bathroom to exercising on the deck in the buff." ~ Maria Elena Fernandez L.A.TimesBlogs

"We wanted to explore the theme of L.A., which is people who come to this city as I did, come to sort of reinvent themselves and go after their dreams," creator Ryan Murphy said at the television critics press tour in Hollywood. The move from Miami will invigorate the series about plastic surgery and self-image. It will also change the balance of power between Dylan Walsh's Dr. Sean McNamara and Julian McMahon's Dr. Christian Troy, as they become small fish in a big pond. ~ Joel Brown MeeVee

Bradley Cooper and Oliver Platt as part of a "show-within-a-show" subplot that finds Christian and Sean being hired as medical consultants for a TV series about, what else, plastic surgeons.

Murphy describes the fictional "Hearts & Scalpels" as "the worst medical show that has ever been made. It is run by Oliver Platt, who plays me — in a weird way." Alias' Cooper plays the show's lead, "the world's biggest cad/plastic surgeon." (Sound familiar?) Murphy says the fictional show "is kind of like Nip/Tuck, and not. What happens is that it's so bad that they hire our guys to be the medical advisers, which is fun" and it allows Nip/Tuck to satirize itself. "The show has always been a satire, and I think moving it to L.A. [is] even more so."
~ TVGuide Editor's Blogs: Roush Dispatch

The lead characters' relationship is also being turned upside down. Sean, who has been in a mid-life crisis since adolescence, preceeded his partner west and is established and thriving. Christian, who is used to being the dominant personality in any setting, finds himself trying to start over in a challenging environment. "In Los Angeles, he's running against a bunch of people, who are doing things better than he does. They're just as charming and better looking." ~ Tom Jicha Sun-Sentinel TVPlus

"I don't think this show is kinky enough so, I'm kind of trying to push for that kind of stuff consistently. For example, I did this thing yesterday that was scripted to do in my bathing suit---pushups in the bathroom---and then I answer a phone call; I decided to do them on the deck naked. I just want to push things further. I feel like when we started on the show, we were pretty explicit and out there, and it maintained that to a certain extent, but now I feel like we have to reinvigorate that a little bit. I think that all the characters have always had a fighting spirit inside of them. There's some fantastic places that we go to eventually, and there's some things that Christian does that go way beyond anything he's done on the show so far." ~ Julian McMahon [Nip/Tuck's Doctor Christian Troy] on Season 5

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