Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Premiere: "Carly Summers"

They're baaaack! Welcome back, it's been too long!

Sean and Christian return but this time they're little fish in a BIG pond. They've moved on to the west coast and are taking Hollywood by storm... well more like a little cloud up in a really sunny sky.

The guys havent gotten off to the greatest start and desperation set in when they went bar hopping for new clients. The only good that came with the embarassment was the fact that they hired a publicist to help get things moving. Her first idea... get the guys on TV!

Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers) has joined the cast appearing in this Season 5 premiere as a plastic surgeon for a soap opera entitled Hearts and Scalpels. Oliver Platt plays a producer/writer of the soap opera and is quick to point out that he cant keep stealing episodes of Chicago Hope or he'll get sued.

Sean and Christian are quick with new ideas and are quick to recap the pussylips surgery they did a few seasons ago. You've got to love the writers for that one! Stiffler's mom is the actress in the soap opera playing pussylips. Sean and Christian get a small role but its Sean who gets to reap the rewards. You'll love where this goes in future episodes.

We are quickly filled in that Hollywood is all about image and vanity, easily the theme for this year. Christian gets back in the bedroom rather quickly seducing an aging actress in an attempt for a complete plastic surgery makeover. The audience is even treated with a complimentary Christian ass shot.

Our favorite regulars have begun to return. Liz was the first one to return followed by Nurse Linda (without any lines and very quickly slipping in). Matt is in this episode in spirit as he does voiceover for the letter he sent to Sean with pictures of his new baby. Kimber is also mentioned. Wilbur is back! He's getting big too and Sean became a temporary nanny with the boys struggling financially and Christian making his moves on the town.

Tia Carrera makes an appearance as a dominatrix that Sean will soon get involved with. Sean is going to tear the town up and I have a feeling Christian is going to struggle adapting to hollywood and ultimately become a bit jealous of Sean.

Next week's episode brings back Julia. I wasn't a fan of her character before she left so we'll see how that goes. I have a feeling Sean will move on to bigger and better things and hopefully leave Julia in his past where she belongs.

The season has a fresh feel to it with a new city, a new business, new sets and backdrops to go along with tons and tons of guest stars!


Bonnie said...

hey you didn't happen to record it did you? I'm a HUGE fan and my apartment complex just cancelled FX. I'm desperate to find the premiere anywhere. My email is bonbonicplague@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Any chance you know the song that was playing in the background towards the end of the show last night while Sean and Christian were playing basketball.



Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Music for the first episode of season 5 was posted in a new blog entry... You can also check the chat/discussion which has a whole section on music.

Best place to get an episode if you missed it is at easynews

The first episode is already posted there.

arlynn said...

I really need to download the first episode of season 5 to use in a project I am working on, does anyone know how i can do that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there, I never liked julia myself and hope that she's gone for good. Sean deserve better than the way she has been treating him. blaming him all this time for not finishing college when it was her treachery sleeping with Christian that made her pregnant in the first place. She should be full of love and gratefulness not coldness and dreaming of Christian everytime they made love. ugh! Sean is just so good for her.