Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nip/Tuck: Allegra Caldarello Chat

Well, here we are closing in on the end of Season 5 (Part 2). It's nice to see Liz have an episode dedicated to her. I thought she was great. It was also a nice touch to have Lizzie's surgery be Christian's last.

I am starting to see how this is going to hurt Sean (and now Liz) and it has to make you feel bad as a fan of the show. I know a lot of the feedback is that Christian won't die and that there is a plot or foulup causing a huge mixup. I honestly do think that his character will die as we close in on the end of the show. My gut feeling is that this is drawn out into Season 6, Part 1 and ultimately ends with Part 2 showing how Sean is able to cope. I could easily see Sean having visions of Christian or using Christian in a ghost-like manner like they did with Escobar.

While there was a lot of doom and gloom in this episode, you have got to love the nutty doctor, Logan Taper! I have no idea what sexual disorder he had but it was hysterical!!! You had this weird feeling that he admired Christian's taste in furniture a bit too much but I had no idea it was leading to that! I am still getting a laugh at how he spread the couch pillows apart and left the slightest crack between them.... OMFG!!! Of course, it can't just end there... Christian is getting his furniture professionally cleaned when Logan comes back because he forgot some of his things. The real reason of course is to have a repeat performance with surgery table! For those that haven't seen the episode, this alone is worth the laugh!

Liz finally stood up to her mom and Christian made her feel like a million bucks by getting her a brand new dress to wear on her wedding day. I think this was the first episode ever where Christian wasnt a smart ass! ;) Liz tells her mom that she is not invited to the wedding.

All of this chaos was going on at the same time an old friend came back to the show. Allegra Caldarello returned... you remember her right? "Put pussylips back on the schedule!" That had to be one of the classic lines of all time in Nip/Tuck. Allegra was in for some additional surgery. In turns out her husband is terminal as well and wants to make sure she is able to find a new man to take care of her and provide for her. He doesnt go about it in the best way, much like the way Christian forced Logan on Sean but it works out in the end.... much like it will for Sean.

The show closes with Sean looking at old movie clips of himself along with Christian and Julia when Teddy comes in. Sean admits to feeling as though he is losing everyone when Teddy promises Sean that he wont lose her.

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Music from this episode:

"Stranger In The Night" Sergi Vicente
"Time Can Never Erase" Hatfield Jazz Quartet
"You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" Dean Martin
"Kiss They Sky" Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Ending of the Allegra Caldarello episode)
"Strangers In The Night" Knights Bridge
"Theme from Come September" Bobby Darin
"Strangers In The Night" Beegie Adair Trio

Updated 2/26. I went off an incorrect list of titles. Thank you anonymous for pointing it out. I apologize for the error.


Anonymous said...

It's really ending, like forever, ending?

This show is the only reason I watch FX, and I think killing it is horrid. But I guess they can't come up with all new craziness forever.

I am glad that they brought back
"breast" lips (that cracked me up) last night. the moment was a little bittersweet.

I'm gonna be sad when it ends, but all good things must before they out run their welcome I guess... one more week.

Roberta said...

I loved this episode. I knew something was up with that doctor when he was so detailed about the upholstery on the furniture.

I loved what Lizzie said to her mom...she was really mean to her...

I laughed really hard when Allegra's husband brought Tito for her to get married to when he's gone...too funny

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out the song played at the very end of the episode. It's just a snippet of the actual song. I know I've heard it before but I can't put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Fanatic? You could at least get the name of the episode correct....