Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nip/Tuck Final Nine - Season Premiere Dan Daly

Nip/Tuck is coming to an end and it looks like the path will lead to the end of McNamara/Troy. This episode basically highlighted all the tension that has been brewing between Christian and Sean (mostly felt by Sean). Flashbacks in this episode give us the impression that Christian has manipulated Sean from the very beginning while they were in college. Sean was at the top of the class while Christian was just having a good time while he skated by. This episode revealed that it was Christian's idea to be in Miami and get into plastic surgery. Sean wanted to go to Harvard and become a doctor in order to "make a difference." Ultimately, it was Christian who sabotaged those dreams.

Sean and Christian were honored with a presitgious award from their alma mater for all the ground-breaking work they've done - sort of a lifetime achievement award. Things were going smoothly until Sean found out that it was actually a donation by Christian on behalf of the both of them that ultimately led to the honor. Christian said that this would keep them in business for another 25 years and while his intentions were good, Sean just felt it was another backstab and sham that Christian has done to him time and time again.

A couple of weird plot points came up:

-Christian who always practices safe sex apparently got his interior decorator pregnant leading to his "snip/snip."

-Christian appears to be on a spending spree since forging Sean's name on the line of credit against the business. Not only is he remodeling the office but he also made a 200K donation in order to receive the award in the episode.

-Kimber/Christian are now married. We went from proposal to marriage without the whole marriage episode inbetween. Kimber is apparently already on the lookout for Christian's cheating ways but missed his first trist with the decorator.

Highlights of the next episode look pretty wild as Sean and Kimber start to heat up!

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james said...

Who composed the classical music piece with the piano at the end of episode 3 season 7 and the fourth episode also. It plays when there's a scene about kimber's suicide and death.