Thursday, December 07, 2006

Episode 14: Willy Ward

This Nip/Tuck episode was all about change... plain and simple.

We start out seeing that Sean is starting to get over his holiday depression but still feeling the effects of Julia leaving him. Everything anyone says seems to trigger a memory that he can relate to.

Michelle is in the midst of a change of her own... falling for Wilbur. They almost made her look human pushing the little guy on the swing.

Welcome back Gina! I couldnt get over how nice she was when she first got into Christian's office. Christian baited her as much as possible but she didnt give in... but then it wasnt long before she stormed into the restaurant and became the psycho Gina we all know and love. It was pretty cool to hear the spa mentioned... I think that's first time we heard it was sold.

Willy Ward was an absolute nut but then again, so is everyone else that comes in for surgery these days. I loved the music they played during the surgery (“I'm Your Puppet” - James & Bobby Purify).

I think James killing herself caught everyone by surprise did you see the way she called about the child kidneys? Just cold and ruthless... she pulled it off without a hitch.

I absolutely died laughing with the whole Matt/Sean scene. Matt comes into the office to speak with Christian about some intimacy issues with Kimber... yeah that conversation would have went well.... but ends up talking to Sean. Sean stumbles all over at first mentioning the Kimber doll and wanting to bring it out. I loved Matt's comment about Sean sounding like Doctor Ruth!! "Christian will tell me how to make her hot. You make me feel like I'm talking to Dr.'s totally embarrassing." Then Sean goes off his rocker and starts telling Sean how to give her anal and be confident about it! OMG!! Sean turned into Christian!

She's a former pornstar. You've got to be assertive, be a man. When she says she wants you to give to her in the rear...and believe me... Kimber will say that ! You tease her first with your tongue. She'll beg you to stick it in but you hold off. Wait till she rithes and screams till she cant take it any more and only then do you give her what she wants! You pound her so hard she'll beg for mercy! The neighbors will either move out or send flowers. That's what I did with her... ....what I'd do...


Quote of the night came from Matt to Sean after this little chat: "If that's what you did with her, I can't imagine what Christian and Kimber did together."

So Michelle will be Wilbur's mom.. we'll see how long that lasts. She got a brief moment to gather herself and think she was free when James blew her brains out... but then our old friend Escobar made an appearance surprising Michelle in her own car. You see, he was James' boss and now Michelle will have to take her place! LOVE IT!!

The real twist of the show came when Sean felt left out again regarding Wilbur being missing and not knowing about James being Michelle's madam. He wants Michelle and Christian to buy him out.... he wants to be on his own and find himself.

It really seems that Sean is becoming Christian and vice versa. Christian is focused on family while Sean wants to find himself and it appears he is ready to let loose. I cant wait to see the new Sean!!!

Great episode in preparation for the finale!


Anonymous said...

OMG!The way James dead it´s not as stylish as she has been during all her role!!I think it´s one of the evilest villains in the series, but she has something...that french thing maybe hehe

I think this episode it´s a kind of "taking possitions" one, I mean we are prepared to the finish of some storylines. I hope Sean not to leave M/T because, at the end we know he will be back, so why to go?

It was a bit freaky the Matt/Kimber thing, please Kimber when will you realize that Matt is a loser and a absolutely boring guy? I´m a girl, so I recognise them from far away LOL

Thinkin about the whole season I have discovered that many character from season one has their role totally ended, like Merryl, Mrs.Grubman,Julia, and maybe Escobar (it´s only me that find his prosthetic a bit awfull?)

It would be nice to have a discussion topic in your board to recall thing about this season : )

One of the worst things about Nip/Tuck's season finishing, apart from the series itself that is a weekly need LOL, it´s not seeing your fantastic reviews here!!I´ll miss you a lot!


Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Thanks Anna! Appreciate the compliment and kind words. I agree with everything you say and it is funny how they've gotten rid of many of the old characters. Maybe Escobar is next? Would be kinda weird without him though. I'll make sure to add a new discussion board topic. ;)

Jamie C said...

I'm happy how Christian and Sean are changing roles-- it's funny how things work out.

and I can't wait until trampy Michelle's true colors come out!