Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ryan Murphy: Joely Richards will be back!


I just want to make a statement now. Why all the pessimism, guys? You all at this point must know I am extremely loyal not only to the fans, but the show. I am still in negotiations for seasons five and six, and am extremely optimistic a deal can be made. I just finished editing the finale, and it hit home to me how much the crew and cast means to me, and how much I want to stay on. And when you SEE the finale, and the resulting twist, you will see how much I truly want to continue to take the show in shocking fresh new directions.

So please. Until you hear it from me, consider me in -- loyal to the show, and you guys, who have made the show what is is. Of course, I will continue to post on this forum on the OFF season as you guys updates, ideas, thoughts for season five, etc. And I want to hear from you what YOU want. After the finale, which I hope you all will worship, I would really like to hunker down on this site with my beloved Diane, Luby, CJ, Richard AM, etc. and see what direction YOU would all like to take the show...after this season's finale, I think you will agree the possibilities (new characters, etc.) are LIMITLESS. I will use you guys to help me come up with new ideas. And please, trust me -- Joely IS coming back. Enough with this doom and gloom about our beloved blonde-tressed actress. Trust me on this. I have never lied to you guys before, and I never will.

So again....let's all be positive and hopeful, until the fat lady sings. I think this year has been a great collaboration between me and the fans -- you guys. I couldn't have done it without you. And as for the future...I won't do it without you, either. I need you guys, as much as you need me and this show you all love. I'm not leaving the show -- how's that for an Xmas present?

OPTIMISM rules. I'm tired of cynicism, and bad vibes. Lord knows the world is hard enough as it is. We all need something positive to cling to in these trying times. Trust me.



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D Z said...

Big Fan of the Show and wanted to pitch a new character for SEASON 5 NIP/TUCK.

Having been a South Floridian for many years and now living in Los Angeles, where male models are featured on countless magazines with perfectly chiseled bodies and look godlike is all too real. The Adonis Complex has always been prevalent with gay men but now this disturbing growing trend has crossed over to the metrosexual man as early as boys in their teens due to our culture placing an enormous emphasis on the male body image. I believe it’s imperative to showcase a character (refreshing to see someone who is not the typical mainstream on TV) such as a gay asian man as a professional who joins the McNamara/Troy Team as a doctor who specializes and reaches out and helps those who struggle with the Adonis Complex, something he knows all too well having been treated himself.