Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nip/Tuck Season 5 - Joyce & Sharon Monroe

Hey gang, sorry for the delay but I am out of town in Vegas at a convention and no, it's not the porn star or stripper convention. I did catch the episode last night and got many, many good laughs out of it. I love how Sean is becoming the big dog and how it is driving Christian nuts! What a strange twist with Kate??? I knew Christian would make a run at her. I also knew the Monroe impersonators would be a done deal. Gotta love Christian Troy!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this episode:

Fiona: "what are you? Leg man, ass man, tit man?"
Christian: "Tit Man, why?"
Fiona: "(while undressing) Mommy issues..."

Christian: "(with Sean operating on Kate) She seems very special, you just add a mast and a good wind and you can sail her around the planet."

Christian: "Careful where you poke down there, I'm going to need that for later (while getting tux adjusted and referring to his date with Kate)."

Liz: "A woman almost died under your watch today you deal with it by fighting over a Yoplait"
Christian: "Gimme the Yoplait..."

Liz: "They never listen to me anyway. I'm just white noise in a lab coat."

Christian: "(To Ollie regarding her kid) What about daddy, you pull him out of the drawer on Thanksgiving to baste the turkey?"

Christian: "After all these years, Julia was the reason for the biggest dick contest and now we find out she doesnt even like them. Julia is a dyke."

Sean: "She's the mother of our children"
Sean: "Too bad she didnt figure it out in college. I spent a lot of years barking up the wrong tree."

Sean: "I must be such a lousy lay that my wife went from dwarf humping to carpet munching"

Season 5, Episode 2 Music:
Henry Mancini - Blues for Mothers
Marilyn Monroe - I wanna be loved by you
Henry Mancini - Blue Satin
Human League - Dont you want me?
The Police - Cant stand losing you
Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden
Jed and Lucia - Perpetuate the Cycle

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Sean would even sleep with Eden. I don't care how hot the girl is she convinced his daughter to starve herself and go down on a guy at school! No real father would touch her!