Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thoughts about Season 5

We're a few episodes into this season and I cant help myself but wonder what happened to the personal relationships that the guys used to have with the patients? I was watching some older episodes and just noticed that a lot has been lost this season from a personal aspect. The characters are still here and have their issues. However, there is a disconnect somewhere as this season feels more like a soap that way the main characters interact and hurt each other on a regular basis. I think an important aspect of the old episodes was that cosmetic surgery doesnt heal you or fix your insides. That feeling is lost this year.

I know it is more interesting to have characters fighting and causing drama but at some point you have to change the channel because it gets old. I am personally tired of Julia and find myself distracted when she makes her episode appearances. I liked the change with Sean and Christian and really think that gave the season a fresh outlook but we're only a few episodes from the premiere and you can feel things starting to shift back to their old ways. Poor Sean ran away from his family and his business just to get away and now everything has followed him.

Message to Sean: Kick Julia to the curb and go enjoy the west coast! Please!

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josh said...

I completley aggree, the patients used to form some kind of backdrop to the episode, but this season, in particular ep3 the main patient of the episode seemed to have become and afterthough... After the chin surgery we didnt even see a follow up... maybe the new surgery is just to big and theyve forgotten about the patients sleeping out back in the recovery room. On a side note, where Wilbour... I havnt gotten a chance to see ep 4 yet, but I think they need to explain whos looking after him! clearly not christian!