Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season Premiere - Ronnie Chase

It's good to have Nip/Tuck back on... it's been way too long. All in all it was a pretty good premiere. Nip/Tuck is full of it's usual surprises, some better than others. The one thing I have learned about the show is to be patient because sometimes the pieces don't fit together for several episodes.

Nip/Tuck used to be the show I couldnt wait to call a friend about and say "did you see that???" It's still a good show but it's lost a little of its magic from earlier seasons in my opinion. It showed some flashes in this episode.

Liz and Christian had some comical moments and it really was nice to see Liz have some more airtime. Sean's daughter made a brief appearance lying on the table as they picked up from last season. Matt popped in briefly but no real story there other than he's trying to get back on his feet and make his father(s) proud. Christian did take some pot shots about Matt's incestual relationship from last year.

Wilbur is getting big.... not sure if it is the same kid.

No signs of Julia... hip hip hooooray! Those of my regular readers will note that I am not much of a fan of her whiney character. I'm sure she's back next week but I am not complaining. She gives the show some contrast at times and she's part of the trio. ;)

The second half of the show really picked up in true Nip/Tuck fashion. It was only a matter of time before Christian got back to his usual tricks but Sean was the real surprise! It's great when Sean opens up and lets loose...

I wont give away any details of what happened last night as everyone gets back in their routine of watching the show.

If you missed it, go watch it. If you saw it, let's chat about it here:

Welcome back Nip/Tuck!


chelsea said...

I don't seems to be going around in circles to me... what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Very amusing and entertaining. I agree with the show kind of losing some of it's tenacity the last few seasons but I've gotten used to the new 'way' and was totally enthralled throughout. Seems like Sean is becoming the Christian this season in terms of being deceitful and womanizing. Oh, I wonder what will happen next!