Monday, October 09, 2006

Dexter - The Serial Killer Targeting Bad Guys

I know this is off-topic but have any of you caught Dexter, the new series on Showtime?

Here are a few links to get you caught up as we're two episodes in:
Buffalo News Editorial

The show's main character is Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under). The Miami Herald / newsbusters writes: This new show makes a hero out of a sadistic serial killer, because his insatiable desire to kill is channeled into killing other bad guys. During the day, he helps the cops catch other killers by assessing blood spatter patterns. Brent writes "He’s a sociopathic killer-slash-hero, with the emphasis on the slash – he carves his victims up to fit into Hefty bags."

I cant put it any better than that!

The show is dark and mysterious... it's a thriller and a drama. Dexter won't leave you with a happy feeling when you watch it but it will leave you wanting more and give you a whole new angle on criminal investigation... from the mind of the serial killer himself!

The show is well written and the scenes are drawn together incredibly well. There's a lot of gore but Nip/Tuck fans are used to that.... if you can get by the opening credits, you're good to go. As a viewer, I also really appreciate the fact that the writers fill us in about how this character came about via flashbacks with his father.

Dexter isnt exactly a social butterfly but he does have a girlfriend. It is really interesting to note that he doesnt go after sex or really have any interest in sex. So how does this work out with his girlfriend... well, in many ways she's "as screwed up as he is" in the fact that she was a victim of rape so her sexual desire isnt all there either. However, in the few instances she did get interested in continuing the relationship... it was Dexter who pushed her away subtly at first by mentioning the kids in the next room and then when that didnt work.... getting fairly aggressive (groping) forcing her to relive her memories and back off rather than him. Very dark wouldnt you say? That's the show...

Dexter's character brings incredible insight to the criminal investigations he works on as well as his opinions. In a scene where he has his next victim on the table, he states that he isnt religious but feels that higher powers are in the room providing justice. Something to that effect.... the monologue was interesting.

The backdrop to this year (as it appears) is that there is an "Ice Truck Killer" out there and the interesting twist is that he seems to know all about Dexter and is leaving a lot of personal clues... at Dexter's house! Now a normal person might be freaked out by this but Dexter is enjoying it immensely and is beginning to admire the new killer's work.

I'm hooked for the episodes to come as we see this battle of bad guys unfold. Definitely a show worth watching!!

-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!


Anonymous said...

I saw parts of the show, at a friend's house. It looks really interesting. I was hooked, but unfortunately I had to leave and didn't see the ending. What time and on what channel does this show come out on?

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Check out the home page: Dexter