Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Episode 6: Faith Wolper, PhD

A wild episode indeed... It wasnt surprising to realize that the first 10 mins of the show or so was a dream. I dont think anyone really thought Christian and Sean would show up to an all male resort in their speedos. I liked the twist of bringing back Brooke Shields and making her a little psycho. It's a little odd that she started out as Christian's psychologist first though. The babysitter returns this episode as the little midget got sick and Julia contacted Monica to fill in. Sean walks into the room and turns white... Monica is as crazy as ever and decides to help the baby by trying to breastfeed him!

Now, both Sean and Christian have their hands full. But wait, Sean took care of his problem!! Monica comes into the office after Sean first tries to pay her off. She says he nipple has gotten infected from the breastfeeding...... Sean is flipping out and starts seeing Escobar in the room! I have to admit, the dark humor of Escobar baiting Sean into killing Monica off while on the operating table was hilarious!! The next scene caught me completely off guard. It was very Final Destination-esque! Problem solved!

The show then just got a little weird after that... Christian finally decides to end things with Michelle. How did he come to this decision... well first Sean confronts him and makes him realize he's putting everyone in the office at risk if the practice is sold. Then for some reason, he confesses his situation to Brooke Shields (Faith Wolper, PhD) who just happened to come into the office to have a tattoo removed. Christian should have had his psycho-radar on for this one. Well things just got worse after that after we find that Brooke Shields thought Christian had interest in her. Well, the next thing we know Michelle's husband has found everything out (even though it's really over)... only he wants them to continue the relationship or he'll sell the practice and divorce Michelle!?!?! He feels that he cant satisfy Michelle and enjoys her "glow." Oh, and Brooke Shields is behind the whole thing

Yeah, if you havent seen the episode and you're lost... so was I. So now, instead of the madame blackmailing Christian... we have Brooke Shields running a scheme on him from behind the scenes acting as the old man's shrink.

Next thing you know we have Julia and Sean at the dinner table (minus Matt, Annie, and Conor)... Julia is as happy as can be and Sean begins to hallucinate thinking Escobar is sitting at the table with them congratulating him on how business has been handled. At the other side of the table, he sees Monica! LOL... Am I the only one that thinks Sean trips out way too much?

Common themes this year: Stalkers and nutjobs, Christian questioning his sexuality, Distorted Relationships, Urban Legends, Blackmail, and Dreams/Hallucinations. Anyone have suggestions for more?


Anonymous said...

Did Burt turn into JR Ewing for just a hot second or what? I loved his line:

"I will ruin you both before I give my blessing so that you can run away and play happily ever after!"

- Making dirty deals with the psychiatrist.

- And the threats of selling the business and raking Michelle over the coals in divorce court!!!

It was my favorite part of the episode. I loved it!!

Larry Hagman is the MAN!!

Mister Abrams said...

I did like the JR line.

From the beginning I thought that the whole Monica thing was a little too much Hand the Rocked the Cradle. I am wondering if the writers of that movie need to check on copywrite laws...

Faith is a real psycho! But this is getting back to classic N/T with the craziness without the spiral of wackiness. I thought the beginning was weird, but I didn't know it was a dream until the massaging of oil...

I am trying to figure out how the kidney ring will factor into Faith and Burt. If the writing holds true to its past, it will all work its way together.

Dave said...

Hey Nip/Tuck Fanatic! As always, great episode recaps and analysis! That whole bus thing was a bit jarring...not sure if I liked how conveniently she was offed...but I kind of saw it 55 mph apparently. :P

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The Nip/Tuck Spot

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Diviya said...

Hey, can you tell me where I can find episode transcripts for the show?

Anonymous said...

I was a bit puzzled about how Monica will end...I know Sean hasn´t got "what you need to have" to kill her, but all the Scobar thing maybe is going to drive him nearly psycho.It would be a great point if he would have appareances of Monica´s ghost hehe

And I´m really glad Matt doesn´t appear so much, he´s very anoying!

Keep on with this fantastic blog!