Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Episode 8: Connor McNamara

Wow!! The highlights for next week look amazing!! I cant believe James is going to set Christian up and then try to force Michelle to do the kidney surgery on him! My jaw hit the floor.... Then you have Marlo wanting to get taller... LOL!!

Let's summarize this episode....

Christian went from the bad guy last episode to the good guy this episode, showing amazing bedside manner with Mrs. Grubman. What really surprised me was the empty funeral! I really enjoyed Mrs. Grubman's character the past few years. She'll always be remembered to me as the Crypt Keeper as Christian so kindly referred to her. ;)

We also got some insight into Sean's character as he grew up with a cleft palate. You had to feel bad for what his family went through. The flashbacks were a little weird at first but it made us wonder what was going on. It also made for a good storyline to go with Connor's surgery. That surgery looked tough for a little baby.

I also got a kick out of Sean's fight. I really thought he was going to take a beating in front of his kid. Instead, he knocks the guy out with one punch after insulting the guy's son... making fun of his nose and weight in retaliation to the insults made about Connor.

I want to hear from all the Sean bashers after Julia strikes again, getting involved with another man in her life... now Marlo!! I had to laugh but I knew it was coming. I just didnt think he'd re-appear so soon at the surgery!!!

A friend of mine and I were joking that they were going to make out in the waiting room since the surgery would be a while... I know... bad humor.

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought Julia and Marlo were going to "get it on" in the waiting room.
I really do think the characters are going through some major bi-polar issues...you don't know who's going to be the cruel person or the nice person. And I really think the writers are adding in so many "guest stars" and that's why we get some weird story lines. for example, brooke shields's story line could have ended in one show, but they decided to write her back in and turn her into some weird sexually driven person, who turns the old man into a pervert...and then they don't continue the story so that we (the viewers) can understand why she did it!