Thursday, October 12, 2006

Looking for Nip/Tuck Fanatic Site Feedback

Just a message to the regular vistors and readers.... I'm reaching out and I want to hear back!!

I am looking for some feedback regarding the discussion forum / message board I've added to the site (located on the right navigation):

It's been up a little while now... not really that easy to find unless you are browsing through the site but please take a look. Do you find it useful? Do you want to see more topics? Have you setup an account yet? Have you tried getting alerts?

I've seen a few of you chatting about the music from the episode and I think it's great that the site is becoming a place to chat or comment about the show. I really want to hear what you guys think... I dont want it to just be my soapbox :)

I havent purchased the full version of the forums because I wanted to test it out but it seems like a bunch of you really are finding it useful.

Drop me a comment or post a new reply in the discussions :)

Does anyone have suggestions for a poll? I am thinking of posting one about Julia. Who likes her? Heheheh... I'm interested to see if more people hate her than like her. Drop me some ideas.

This is just a site for the fanatics like me so I want to satisfy your addiction to the show!!! :)


Anonymous said...

A good poll could be "Does Sean really love Julia?" I´ve got my doubts, because I don´t know if he wants a perfect life but not loves her, or loves her in a really freaky way.


MaggaBest said...

I was just thinking this... In this season Julia really, really irritates me. I think she sucks. So you are not alone kid.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I hate her...but I really dislike her. Sean is not that far off my list either. I think Sean needs to grow some "you know whats" and show Julia who's boss..oh and he needs to decide what he wants in a woman. I think he's trying to hard to be a good husband, but missing out on the fun that Christian has. (They tend to feed off each other, what one has the other lacks).

Anonymous said...

For some reason everyone is focused on Julia. This reminds me of those old shampoo commercials that said, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" And blonde and thin . . . Anyway, Julia ain't the problem folks. It's the writers who went to far outside the dark comedy of the show's best focus. If it wasn't for Julia and her pregnancy we wouldn't have the two baby nurses, who have added a new and interesting dimension. The baby doesn't really fit in though.
The real problem is that Sean can't keep his pants zipped and can't act like a man who knows what he wants and what is right. At least Christian acts with confidence and certainty--when he screws up he doesn't whine and moan and groan, unlike Sean.

Polls--have one of characters of past seasons who viewers would like to see make a reappearance.

Kim in Arlington

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for an outlet for my disappointment, otherwise known as season 5, for, well, since episode one of season 5. I hope that someone affiliated with the show reads blogs and can thus skew it in a different direction. What was once a dark, thought-provoking, brilliant cinematic work, is now merely entertaining, if that. Plot lines are commercial and the revolving door of guest characters is unimpressive. May season 6 be an opportunity to revive the show's former intelligent intensity!