Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Nip/Tuck Season 4 Argument in the Making

Many of the regular readers know that I dont have a good feeling as many others do for this season. We're 7 episodes into Season 4 and while it's had some ups...

I just read a great write-up on last week's episode: Please, Sir, May I Have Your Kidney?

I enjoyed reading this as it comes from a different perspective from my own. I also feel that it makes for a great argument and discussion. Which side of the fence are you (the readers) on?

The Rebuttal:
I've been glued to this show since it's pilot and while I enjoy my Tues nights, I feel the writing has taken a turn for the worse.

Are we as viewers really supposed to believe that Kimber would allow of a sudden become so vulnerable to Christian after she's been so strong in each episode due to her Scientology studies? Kimber wanted no part of Christian or Sean and even went so far as to warn Matt about them, eventually helping Matt move out right in front of Julia and Sean. Now, on a whim, Christian appears in a drunken state throwing a few lines at Kimber and bam they're back together... at least until Christian turns his back on her. I agree that those were the harshest lines I've head on TV! In retaliation, Kimber goes back after Matt (which was the only writing in this episode that made sense).

Are we also supposed to believe that Sean, the good-hearted one who always does pro-bono, doesnt have a guilty conscience about the babysitter situation and will allow Liz to die right before his eyes? Are we also believe that Matt, the most self-conscious of them all is willing to part with his own kidney realizing Liz is family? How bad was the writing that both Julia and Christian (Matt's biological parents) were not matches to Liz but yet Matt and Sean both were? Did the writers even bother to see if this was even possible?

I also do not share the same opinion about Rosie appearing on the show. I think her character is ridiculous and she's gone through this metaporphisis of a character in less than 2 episodes.... This is the same character that only a few episodes ago brought her husband in for a penile enlargement, her daughter in for a boob job, volunteered herself for superficial surgeries, slept with Christian, and now she has become the savior for Liz???? That's quite a turn of chracter and one that I am not able to swallow. Yes, it was a touching moment that I saw coming. I was expecting Liz to put out her hand about 5 minutes before she actually did it.

I also do not understand the whole Christian / Michelle romance. It makes no sense and it has gone too quickly. Christian falls for this woman who I think everyone would admit is much less than other women he's dated. Their romance escalates (for some reason since the writers didnt fill us in). Then Christian, completely out of character, pays her blackmail debt off but yet nothing changes. In fact, now Christian is the one being forced to perform sex acts like a puppet in front of Burt. Oh and Brooke Shields is behind the whole thing???? Get real. The writers are loosely putting these pieces together and expecting the viewers to swallow it whole. It's been a disappointment to me as an AVID fan of the show.

Dont even get me started on Julia who fights with Sean over the baby but lets Matt run amuck.... "Matt, go ahead and sleep with the white supremecist in the next room.... go ahead and study scientology... here's the money..... go ahead and donate your kidney... go ahead and put a restraining order on your father for hitting you as you almost beat me." It's no wonder that Sean's character has finally lost his mind. With a wife like that, I would too!!! I just wish he'd grow some gonads and leave her once and for all. This baby storyline is only going to cause more friction between them. This is the child that might as well not be Sean's since he has absolutely no say in its life.

Sorry for venting but its just how I feel when I watch episode after episode this season. Maybe I take it personally because I am a fan of the show and hate to see it run sour as I believe it is.

I enjoyed reading a very different perspective as I am sure you all will too but I just dont feel the same way about it.

Looking forward to everyone's feedback either via comment or in the Discussion Forum.

-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!


Anonymous said...

about the kidney thing. Christian (matt's biological father) WAS a 5 of 6 match. Matt was also a 5-6 match. Christian could not donate because he's screwed the southeastern seaboard. But both were compatible 5 of 6's. Rosie's character was a perfect 6 of 6.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Thanks for the reply :)

Hmmm... I'll have to double-check but I dont recall Christian being a 5 out of 6. I remember him saying that he wasnt a match at all. Matt was the 5 of 6. I'll see if I can get another look at the episode.