Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nip/Tuck Season 4 Rant!! Too many writers!!

Ok time for a rant after having far more interest in some episodes than others.

I think the writing really has been suspect this season but I think it is because of too many writers. I can tell because its obvious that each writer is coming up with their own ideas of how the characters should be drawn. It really is odd and I dont feel the episodes are coming together naturally. Here are some examples:

1. Christian falling for Michelle so quickly and then paying 500K to get her out of blackmail? Cmon... this isnt the Christian I know. How did that romance evolve??... I would have thought Christian would have hit and run (if you know what I mean). I can see Michelle doing this since she might be part of a bigger scam.

2. Point number is is eerily similar to how Christian was homophobic in one episode punching out some poor kid and then following another guy into the shower and checking out his ass in the next episode!! Speaking of the punch-out... maybe there's a violence streak going after the strike to the face of the model in the previous episode.

3. Julia's character is all over the place... one minute she wants all decisions to be family decided (after Sean gives Matt a car) but then wasn't she the one that gave Matt money for his cult... I mean scientology...Hmmm?

4. Kimber recovered awfully quick from her Carver attack and how did Christian get over her so quickly and turn to Michelle? Another few thoughts...How is Kimber making money these days and where did Matt get all these Scientology protectors??

5. The baby... oh my god, the baby. All this attention to his disease and then we dont hear a word about it while Sean and Julia are busy arguing over Matt. Annie makes an appearance and disappears but that isnt anything new. Why have the baby at all?

6. Where did all this incest come from this year? That's all new writing because it was never in any other episode in previous seasons. First the mother / daughter combo with Christian... then the husband /daughter scene in the last one. The sex went really dirty this season... think of peanut butter, lesbian encounters, Sean and the babysitter, Sean and a pregnant Julia..... What happened to Christian and supermodels!??!

7. Where's Gina? Where's Julia's mom... there was a new baby right? How did Matt and Cherry get away with shooting someone? Where's Ariel? What happened to the spa, the cream...? Big time continuity issues....

8. The episode where Sean gets pissed at Julia for having filled her meds and runs to the babysitter was classic Nip/Tuck... the hash brownies, the music, Escobar and Megan acting as good and bad consciences were definitely Nip/Tuck as I know it. We'll see Escobar in this week's episode again which is why I am expecting another great episode.

By the way, Julia still annoys me! ...and after Kimber went nuts last episode, she's on her way too... Kimber storms into the house like she owned the place and Julia does nothing as always... except blame Sean. Sean at least tried by hiring some special assistance (from where??) to go and get Matt.

Oh well... more ranting to come!
-Nip/Tuck Fanatic!


Anonymous said...

Also, I thought that Liz worked at the Spa while continuing to help out at McNamara/Troy. Yet Michele is the one giving her the boot?

Anonymous said...

Well,I think that they are trying to detach this season from the previous one, so to introduce many different new takes time.Anyway it´s getting more and more interest in each episode, and maybe we want another season 1 or 2 but I think this one looks to be one of the greatest!

Personally, I would die for Ava coming back!!

This is the first time I comment on your blog, so I have to tell you that I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Leslie said...

I totally agree with all of this.

Leslie said...

I also really miss the metaphorical surgeries.