Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Episode 10: Merrill Bobolit

The return of Escobar!!!

Well the show started off with a bang... Matt and Kimber come in for a consultation and tell Sean and Christian that they got married three days earlier... not only that but Kimber is pregnant! Matt believe he is the father but Christian is convinced that it's him! He'll go to great lengths to prove it. Kimber's consultation is about getting her silicon implants removed so she can breastfeed. Christian later agrees with alterior motives. While Kimber is under, Christian does a very dangerous procedure obtaining a DNA sample from the fetus to prove what he believes is already true. After the surgery, he confront Matt calling him nieve and a loser. He tells him that he should dump the bitch because she only slept with Matt to get even with him.

Just when things cant seem to get crazier, we see the return of Bobolit! That's right, Bobolit returns from prison with a message for Christian and Sean. However, first he details his experiences in prison as he became the prison bitch while he was there in an effort for survival! He talks about how he was passed around and used and abused! He finally got married while in prison and his spouse's name is tattoo'ed on his @ss! He drops his drawers to Christian and we see "Escobar" written across the cheek! Bobolit says that he needs an anal cavity repair and that he doesnt have insurance but he does have information! Information about the body that Christian and Sean left out in the Everglades. Bobolit tells them that Escobar told him the information and if they want them to keep the info quiet, they'll do Bobolit's rectal cavity and do some work for Escobar.

It seems that Escobar had his face burned off. Escobar wants Christian and Sean to fix his face back to the old face. Christian mentions that it will only make things worse, and end up even more time in prison. Escobar would rather go back to prison looking as he used to rather than going and living another day as a pervert behind the prison walls. This episode was about perception. Escobar forces Christian and Sean to rework his face that was severely burned by blackmailing them with the murder of Alejandro's brother (season 1) whom they fed to the alligators in the Everglades.

We later see Kimber and a Scientology coach teaching Kimber techniques to have a silent birth with no meds (better for the baby). Throughout the scene, Matt backs down to Kimbers every command fetching Kimber's water and basically taking a back seat like Sean usually does to getting treated like a peon. The funny part is Julia sees this and tries to warn Matt of what he is getting into. It doesnt help. Julia goes back home and confesses to Sean about her affair with Marlo only after finding out from Marlo that Sean confronted him.

Sean's confrontation with Marlo had to be one of the funniest as we end up seeing Marlo climb a ladder to get eye to eye with Sean asking him if it would make him feel better to hit him. Sean just ends it by saying that he painted over the mural. I had to laugh!!!

Sean, initially pissed at Julia ends up making out with her right after he finds out the news that Julia cheated on him. Weird but typical Sean! You have to love Sean asking Julia questions about how he was in bed, how big he was, did he make her orgasm.. etc.! He was pretty pissed for someone who did the exact same thing (Monica)!!

Christian and Sean begin the rework Escobar but Bobolit loses his marbles during the surgery grabbing a scalpel, turning up the oxygen and waking Escobar up during the surgery!!! The cops can't shoot because of the oxygen in the room (and fear of blowing up).. Bobolit babbles that he wants to kill the man that violated him over and over and shared him with the "entire penal system" as Christian so elegantly put it. Escobar would rather go back to prison as the man who killed Escobar and be treated like a king than stay on the outside like a piece of trash! Remember, this episode is about perception and image ;) Sean catches Bobolit with a punch and saves Escobar's life.

Escobar is in the recovery room when Sylvio's brother appears as a night nurse to change the bandages. He slips Escobar a gun and later make their escape. Christian finds dead cops everywhere and Sean, now at home, comes face to face with Escobar again (with a semi-old face because of the stitches). Initially Sean disregards as another hallucination but realizes he is face to face again. Escobar keeps his word and returns the evidence to Sean of the killing in the Everglades... Alejandro, Sylvio's brother, dead on the couch with a bullet in his forehead.

Sean calls the police to report the murder, Escobar walks free... Bobolit is back in prison. Christian finds out that while the DNA shows he has some similarity, he is not the father! Sean confesses to Julia that he slept with Monica!

Too many lines in this one for the quote of the night but the one that stuck out to me was while Bobolit was on the operating table getting his rectal cavity repaired and talking to Christian.... "she (Kimber) may have never had you from behind but she had you by the balls!"

Next week... we flash forward to 2026!! Can't wait as we enjoy the ride!!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the music that played during this episode? It seems like a comment on the show itself --- like a reference to a
a movie or something.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Check out the discussion link ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - that's really helpful. But the music I was wondering about was the atmospheric stuff played during the non-surgical scenes. Sounded kinda like the American Beauty score.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see this episode.. anywhere I can view it?

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Check out my post on downloading Nip/Tuck episodes

I actually just downloaded the last episode which I missed.