Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Episode 9: Liz Cruz

Julia... Julia... Julia... Well, Ms. McNamara did what everyone thought she would. She slept with Marlo and managed to give him a complex over his..uh... short-comings? All of a sudden, Marlo (Mr. Confident) is interested in lengthening his legs, an extremely painful procedure and all for Julia! Wow, the girl has power! Marlo even went so far as to ask Sean to do the procedure!!!! It's been an interesting ride with the babysitters at the McNamara household. Julia sorta confesses near the end of the episode but doesnt give all the details other than calling Marlo a friend that she was visiting.

Well, we finally got to see Alanis Morissette! She plays Liz's new girlfriend named Poppy. We find out that she's kinda cruel too. After convincing Liz to go in for a little Nip/Tuck of her own, we find her critiquing Liz while she's under. Poppy happens to be an anesthesiologist (like Liz) and was in the operating room with Sean and Christian while they were performing the procedures. I think Poppy's comments even managed to creep Christian out as she was asking them to do more work on her. Lipo wasnt quite enough!! Oh and you had to love Christian's comment to Liz at the "Tell me what you don't like about yourself" consult. Liz tells Christian and Sean about her new girlfriend and Christian says something to the effect of "I must have missed the news, I didnt realize hell froze over." Classic Christian!

Poor Liz... She always has it the hardest but at least she has a cute girlfriend!

Oh, and one the other side stories was Christian almost losing his kidney... yes, seriously!! How does Christian keep getting involved with James. She ends up drugging him after first seducing him into having/wanting to have sex with her. You see, a few not too friendly assassins visited James earlier and they want a kidney in 24 hours. They poured gasoline on James and brought out the ciggy!! James happened to be at a gas station pumping gas by chance. Well, she got her 24 hours.... called Christian up and drugged him. Little did she know that Michelle wouldnt follow through on her part.

Michelle isnt all that kind... she had a little scene with Burt and left him crawling for mercy on the steps!!! He just wanted some pills man! Michelle apparently has a lot of feelings for Christian that the money apparently cant hide.

Well Christian got back to business and got even with James by putting some "waste" in her 100K car. Christian commented that a lottery winner had paid him 4X that to ride him and that James still owed him 300 more. With that, James offered Christian a truce... a female with long legs and seductive eyes. Of course Christian took James up on the offer. He commented that god gave him an organ and he wants to play the music! (Something to that effect) ;) I'll update when I watch the replay.

I cant wait for next week. It's the return of Escobar coming in with a really, really torn up face!!! .....and.... The return of Bobolit !!! We also find out that Kimber is pregnant!! Wow, didnt see that coming. We'll have to wait to find out if it's Christian's or Matt's.


Anonymous said...

wow i am so angry at myself that i missed both shows and the replay on sunday...thats ridiculous...but yea how do you find out kimber is pregnant???????

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

We found out during the previews for tonight's episode.