Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's next for Sean McNamara?

This past week we saw a heartfelt goodbye to Julia. I definitely think her character will be missed. This left me thinking... what will happen with Sean's character next? We saw a glimpse of him in the future but didnt get a lot of details.

Will Sean become a bit more like Christian... trading in the hybrid for a luxury sports car? Will he start to date again? I think that the Michelle/Christian relationship will ultimately wear on him as well as Julia's departure. We've heard the rumors about Nicole Kidman wanting to get in the script... maybe a new girlfriend? Will we Sandra Bullock next year after her recent movies with Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon? Maybe Sean will revisit an old relationship (i.e. Nikki Morretti played by Anne Heche)....? Maybe Sean is content being alone and accepts everything happy to possibly become a grandfather to a Kimber/Matt child even if he isnt the biological grandfather (LOL...).

Where do you think Sean's character will end up? Drop me a line at the Sean McNamara Discussion Topic...

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Anonymous said...

Well from the last episode they tell u that shaun gets remarried..and I'm pretty sure they say that he has another kid though I am not sure of that.. Whether they follow that line I'm not sure but it seems like it with Christian marrying Michelle..they make that comment about marry the two girls at the dinner w/ conor..