Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Episode 9: Hannah Tedesco - Last Night's Recap

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments. I didnt realize they weren't showing but now they are! I hope the look and feel of the site is a bit more appealing these days as well.

Last night's episode was entertaining. Quentin is living up to his reputation of being a slime ball. Doesn't it seem like he gets worse every episode. I know I have said all along that I felt Quentin is the carver but now I feel like I am being steered in that direction. Knowing the curveballs the writers of the show like to provide, I am thinking that it actually won't be Quentin in the long run. I know it sounds weird but wouldn't it lose a lot of shock value if it turned out to be Quentin at this point?

I'm glad the Kimber Doll was referenced... that still cracks me up. The poor woman was being neglected while her husband found the doll more interesting. Sad...

I knew Sean was going to back down from the Witness Protection Program as soon as his livelihood/hands were threatened.... he'll be back with Christian in no time. How did he think the witness protection program worked anyway? DUH! Not a moment too soon because it was soooooo good seeing him back in surgery. The face transplant was a bit rough to watch but I love it! It was a great idea for a patient too... I wish they would have shown the photo in the opening scenes. I felt a little cheated not knowing what the "before" look was but I guess that it left to the imagination.

I hate to say it but I am actually missing Matt's character the last few episodes. I wasnt a huge fan of him last year but I loved how he went off on Quentin! Priceless!

It looks like Gina will be back stirring things up next week... trying to end the Christian/Kimber relationship. You know Gina has a hidden agenda... especially if Christian was giving her money every now and then. Should be interesting....

Meanwhile, where's Kit (the detective who was attacked)? You would think she'd be able to she some light on the Carver story. I was also looking forward to Christian getting some revenge. Did she get her face corrected? Did Christian do the surgery? Also made me wonder where Bobolit is..... Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know the song that was played in last night's episode when Christian sleeps with the kimber wannabe?

Anonymous said...

I just need the terms of the Christian/Kimber prenup in writing.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see those terms as well :)

Anonymous said...

Music in Nip/Tuck episode

* "As The Rush Comes - (Gabriel & Dresden sweeping strings radio edit)" - Motorcycle
* "Dolly: Dolly" - Steve Reich
* "Proverb" - Steve Reich