Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nip/Tuck: The Carver Website

Via "The Carver" Website

If this doesn't get you hooked, you don't have a pulse... You can view the clip at the website. Apparently, The Carver is a 100 years old, female (gender unknown, Carver website updated 12/7) from Miami, FL. The Carver has an athletic body type (rules Liz out!), catholic (rules Bobolit out), is a scorpio, and is a humanitarian/artist. The Carver enojoys 80's music among other things. It also specifically states that he/she "DOES NOT WANT CHILDREN."

That has to rule out Liz, Sean, Christian, and Julia. Liz already tried to get a baby and still might. Christian was really attached to Wilbur. Sean and Julia already have kids so I think its safe to rule them out. Gina seemed to want custody initially of Wilbur but it hasnt been mentioned since. I guess the same can be said about Christian but he at least tried to marry Kimber and start a family. Gina has shown no interest in that at all.

Nip/Tuck Fanatic Conspiracy Theory:

I was reading up a bit on the Carver video discussion and noticed something that I dont think
was mentioned in the forum. If you look at the 1st video clip (,
and view it at the 1 sec mark frame-by-frame and while rotating it as the image
linked below... you'll notice the reflection of a face approaching the video
camera. I've highlighted the identifiable portions below and put the image
by itself side-by-side so you can compare for yourselves. It appears to be
a female by the eyelashes seen and I think this backs up that the Carver is not
acting alone. Too much time on my hands.... I know...

Video Screen Capture

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rachel said...


How do you know the carver is a female? It doesn't say on the carver website. It gets really creapy to see that site and the video. I kinda feel he/she is real in life...

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

Rachel, they updated this site within the last couple of hours. It now says "Orientation - Not Sure" ... :) I've updated the post! Very interesting!!

rachel said...

Didn't notice it was saying female, really interesting. Maybe he's a female, like Ava. Could it be her?

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

I dont think its Ava... Sean and Christian finished her surgery in the episode Alec Baldwin appeared in. Now, it's possible that the Carver is female using a toy to rape the men.... I am not ruling that possibility out at all!

ronaldo30 said...

has everyone forgotten about merril bobbolit, the doctor who tried to kill christian and felt he was ugly. He dated Kimber and Kimber was snatched on her wedding day. He liked a girl at an AA meeting, but she was attracted to Christian, and finally, when Christian was accused of being the carver and it hit the news, the carver struck. Quentin knew about Christian's arrest. So did Liz, and gina has never had a problem getting laid. Merril bobblit always felt insecure. He tried to carve Christians face in season 1 and ran away. Where has he been? The carver hates McNamara Troy and planted a condom at the womans home that he murdered. Who hates them more than anyone else on the show? Besides, at the end of season 2, Gina was on the verge of death in the hospital. She wouldn't have been strong enough to rape Christian. how would she lift him. he was paralyzed w/ the drugs and couldn't move. Dead weight is very heavy. Anyone agree with me?
Ron c. G. Server, 30. NE philly