Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nip/Tuck: Recent Carver Thoughts

I was just thinking over a few items on the Carver idea and had a few more comments on the possibility of a Gina/Quentin combination working in tandem.

Now, we know that Gina got upset with Christian when he refused to give her any more money. We also know that Gina tends to be a bit vindictive... car vandalization anyone? She also might not be too happy about Christian going against her in court when it came to Wilbur (the baby) and siding with the biological father.

With that said... Quentin was the only one who thought the spa idea was a good one. He is also a womanizer.... and Gina is a sex-a-haulic. Gina has also taken part in a gang bang... something Quentin might enjoy himself ;o) Doesnt it seem a bit odd that they haven't shown Quentin "bumping" into Gina at the spa? We've also seen Gina probing questions out of Kimber like she was searching for information. That same information was requested by the Carver for Kimber to write in the letter to Christian. She definitely has the motive for payback!

One last point.... Quentin, mysteriously hooks up with Julia and gets a job at the spa. Isn't Gina a partner with Julia? She would have had some say in the matter.... Again, we've seen no interaction. It seems like Gina might be spinning the wheels behind the scenes. In fact, we don't even know where Gina lives (nor Quentin)!

One more thought while I was brainstorming with too much time on my hands... The Carver was able to get right into Christian's apartment. How would he do that so easily.... It's quite possible that Gina had a key in all the time she and Christian were together. She could have easily passed that along to Quentin for the surprise attack. We also know the Carver was able to get to Sean pretty easily. I'm sure Christian would have a key to Sean's place since they are life-long friends.

Maybe I need some fresh air... maybe I am a conspiracy theorist. Just throwing it out there....

Just my thoughts... What's yours? ;)

Update 12/9/2005

The Carver made Kimber write about the conversation between Kimber and Gina. How would the Carver know about that conversation unless:

a) The Carver was in the room already
b) Gina is relaying information
c) Gina is the Carver herself
d) Gina is being targeted as well by the Carver

We also have not heard or seen Gina since Kimber was abducted. Why would the Carver want Christian to think Kimber just left? The Carver has been a glory-hound and enjoys the publicity. This is personal. Gina definitely has some personal grudges against Christian.

Gina even wants to be the Carver ;) ... Check it out in the Behind the Scenes Clip

Other Interesting Factoids
  • Julia's Boyfriend when Sean was attacked:
    D.W. Moffett - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0595631/
    "Nip/Tuck" playing "Kevin" in episode: "Sean McNamara" (episode # 2.15) 28 September 2004
    "Nip/Tuck" playing "Kevin Hodgekiss" in episode: "Trudy Nye" (episode # 2.14) 21 September 2004
  • When Liz meets Quentin for the first time...
    "They speak highly of you at shands medical "
    "they do? "
    "oh yeah. "
    "A distinguished residency, then you did a fellowship in pain management-- "

Here are a couple of links to other sites with recent Nip/Tuck "Carver" thoughts:

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People have been asking for this link of the Carver's voice analysis. Read into what you want but make not that not even the characters know if they are the Carver. The identity has been tight-lipped even to the cast so if one of the characters were doing the voice of the Carver, they would obviously know. With that said, here's the Carver's Voice Analysis Website


Melissa said...

I think you are on to something. I am convinced that Quentin has something to do with it. And Gina is a great suspect also. I can't stand her, and now that you put some things together it makes sense. I was wondering the other day if they had ever been shown together (but I couldn't remember). Maybe they are keeping them apart onscreen so we won't put them together in our mind so easily.

Tabloid Whore! said...

oooh! Great site!!! Now I have to read through all your Nip/Tuck stuff, I love it! Good points with Quintin and Gina...the only reason why I don't lean towards them is because it would be obvious because they are both such freaks. I like your idea of them working together though. But, I think in true Nip/Tuckian form, we will be shocked and blown away by whoever The Carver turns out to be! 2 more weeks!

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

tabloidwhore! Glad you could make it... I'm sure you gets 100's of requests each to day to visit sites. I'm glad you like the points I made. I'm not sure who it will be and I know we'll be blown away by it when it happens. I just like to stir things up. At this point, it's just too obvious that it is Quentin and I haven't heard much Gina talk which is why I threw it out there ;o)

2 weeks and then the season finale! I can't wait!

Analysis said...

Here is the theory I published on USENET in Oct 2004:


Sean is The Carver.

Sean is the only victim of The Carver who was not raped. His slashing
missed major facial nerves, damage that had made the other attacks
hard to repair.

It's established that Sean frequently hallucinates. Last season he
argued with a dead woman's head during his recertification. This
year, his Kimber "real doll" came to life as he explored its three
orifices. In the Finale, he engaged in fantasy involving knives, guns
and his drug lord nemesis Eduardo Escobar.

Was he also hallucinating in the Finale when we "saw" him get into
bed, handgun at the ready, awaiting The Carver?

We've seen split, multiple personalities on the show before. Sean
even asked one patient's child split-personality "Sassy" how to
develop his *own* split personality, and hide beneath it!

Did you notice that Sean persuaded the police, who had been sitting
vigil inside his home, to wire up cameras and vacate the premises --
purportedly so he could "trap" The Carver?

Convenient, if he's The Carver! It enabled him to slip out that night
to attack Christian. (The field of view of the cameras was obviously
limited, and Sean knew where each had been placed).

Imagine. Sean is on the local TV news playing the brave hero,
standing up to The Carver, when he is The Carver himself. Brilliant
-- and mad.

Sean has probably suffered a severe breakdown, between his
shattering-in-slow-motion marriage to Julia, the loss of his beloved
Megan, Eduardo Escobar, his non-parentage of Matt, and Matt's affair
with an (oh-so) surgically enhanced middle-aged "woman" Eva.

"Beauty is a curse on the world".

Plastic surgery -- and "beauty" -- are at the center of Sean's life

As a plastic surgeon, he never had the respect of his wife, whose
opinion matters to him the most. Plastic surgery reinvigorated
Megan's cancer and killed her. It brought the rapist of Escobar's
daughter to their doorstep. At Sean's hands, plastic surgery
brutalizing Escobar's Colombian girls.

Christian's "beauty" attracted Julia -- and the resulting pregancy set
Sean's life on its course, and enshrouded it with deception. Eva's
"beauty" -- discovered to be even more unnatural than even Sean had
suspected -- took Matt away from him in ways not even the truth of his
parentage could.

If Sean is The Carver, look at how far he had to go, just to get Julia
to tell him -- for the first time in her life -- that she admires him
and his work! That Julia ... she's a piece of work.

Was attacking Christian the culmination of all of this -- with the
most ironclad alibi imaginable? Destroying Christian's "beauty"
without even *Christian* (let alone the police) able to conceive that
he'd done it?

I don't believe Sean is conscious of what he's doing. Not yet. Will
Sean figure this out on his own?

It's more likely that Christian will realize that Sean is The Carver.
Christian might even escape injury, somehow, in the cliffhanger, and
unveil Sean.

Will Christian convince Sean to seek treatment and *keep* *quiet*
about what he's done? Christian would be saving his *own* behind, of
course, along with his friend's.

Whatever happens, can you think of a more profound deepening of the
relationship between Sean and Christian -- known to be the focal point
of the entire show -- than such a conspiracy of silence?

Nip/Tuck Fanatic said...

You make some good points but why would he do all that pro-bono work fixing up these same victims.

Sean's hallucinations are a good point but what character those same hallucinations. Julia envisioned her life with Christian... Christian just did the same with Kimber...

It's an interesting thought and I appreciate the argument but I don't see it.

Sean has had a lot of issues in his life but having a split personality is hard to swallow... We did see the Carver in the mirror with him... I know the entire argument is the hallucinations but I just cant see it.

Also, there was another victim while Christian was in jail after he revealed the story of the Carver being caught. You dont think Julia was with Sean at some point that night?

Sean was also the one who almost didnt believe Christian when he said he didnt do it. I also dont think Sean is going to get a DNA sample from Christian.

Think about it... Sean was the one Christian entrusted to scope out his @ss after the rape. Do you think Sean just got a kick out of his work? Nah... this one was a creative thought but I'll take my chances on someone else.

I just think the show would lose a ton of credibility of it were Sean. They would have to keep him on the loose in order for the show to go on.

Rebekkah(ShaneSoRocks) said...

I also find it rather odd that we know VERY little about Sean's upbringing really.. his parents? Brother's? Sister's? I just think that most points to Quentin at this time.. no matter what.. we have to keep in mind that the voice were hearing..#1..that isn't female..#2 they are VERY well educated... when it comes to Gina having anything to do with it.. eh..it's hard for me to believe a woman who gang banged JUST to get pregnant, would have anything CLOSE to the mental capacity to do something this sketchy.. toodles..BeX

Anonymous said...

Why I think The Carver is Liz.

All indications point to The Carver having surgical skills and knowledge of proper use of the Drug used to paralyze the victims.

This drug is used by Anesthesiologists to paralyze a patients throat to allow easier insertion of the breathing tube. if not given in proper doses it can kill the patient. In fact it was used by a nurse in TX to kill a number of her patients.

Anesthesiologists ARE MD's and they have to do a surgical rotation while interning.

There were only 3 people in the ER during Rhea's surgery to repair her face after she was "attacked" by The Carver, Quentin, Liz and Christian.

Liz administered the drug to Rhea so she would feel everything during the surgery. Only after Rhea was sedated did Christian mention the scars weren't The Carver's work.